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  1. USB Tethering not working

    Hello guys, I have a ZTE AXON 7 A2017G and want to use it as personal hotspot on my PC via USB. The interface MUI of this phone is not so good not intuitive and when I switch the USB Tethering supposed to do just that it's bringing a screen of how I want to connect by USB and not working to share the 4G connection to my PC. I tried all options to ‘only charge’ to ‘MTP’ etc. I use Windows 10 64bits, already installed the driver from the phone and I tried many solutions like changing the network adapter driver from device manager to RDNIS 6 or ZTE RDNIS ect. But it still doesn't work actually it does stuck the UI screens related to network when I connect the phone. Anyone has a solution to make this work without rooting the phone? I still have a warranty so I don't want to root it while I still have it. Thanks ! PS: j'ai ecris en anglais mais je peux traduire si besoin
  2. Bonjour, j'ai un HTC sensation version Android 4. Mon probleme depuis longtemps est que le wifi s'active tout seul des que je sors du mode avion. Quelqu'un a t'il ce probleme aussi? Peut on desactiver ce fonctionnement dans les parametres? Merci !