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  1. Glad I could help!
  2. Sorry, don't have a C93A, is your tablet running anything right now? Can you flash back to the stock ROM? 311.7 MB!KMw0SBAZ!fRy0gW7KgadNBU8Cch7Iy2DicvgWx8RlZuIbnX1uppc
  3. If you remove the sdcard and just hold the power button, does anything different happen? Update says they made the turning on button hold longer to 5 seconds or more...
  4. Stock 0911 ROM: 213.0 MB!ecYn0T4K!HmfN-D3LaEqJ4G8ErblGTG_eDMBbeZBO8_DDSPKAj7Y My modified 0911 ROM: 260.7 MB!XNIW3AIa!SQkSySpUWR-woJT_IXIHXVVuRx4Yx3x73IR_SFxvMxY or