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  1. Version 5.4.0 dispo!

    change log:

    - Merged with new 1.29.401.16 Base (mike1986)

    - Updated Kernel

    - Improved Audio by HTC

    - Improved Smoothness by HTC

    - Improved WiFi by HTC

    - Improved Touchscreen Sensitivity

    - Added Full Sprint Support (needs testing)

    - Fixed Exchange Mail Mod (Calendar Issue)

    - Added more menu entries in Launcher (hestheone)

    - Added Quick Settings App by laehmic

    - Cleaned AROMA and removed some stuff for stability

    - Added modded Contact Widget by hansbert

    - Fixed the HTC issue that USB debug gets disabled automatically (viperboy)

    - Removed Kernel option (Custom Kernels don't work on new base)

    - Fixed SqLite option (viperboy)

    - Made Wallpaper Extraction to sdcard optional

    - Made NFC Screen Off mod optional

    - Way more

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