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  1. What you get(v11.0):

    Quote: Based on the lastest stock firmware: Android 4.1.2 XXDMD2 (build date: 18/04/2013)

    Modem: DDDLK6 Or XXDLK7 Or UBDLL3 Or DXDLK5 Or UBDMB1(Choose in the aroma)

    Stock Kernel XXDMD2

    Multi CSC(135 CSC) Set to EUR. If you want to change CSC:

    Quote: First, install Stock Android Recovery

    Second, select your CSC and install.

    Third, Install PhilZ/TWRP recovery

    Enjoy Fully Deodexed

    Added latest BusyBox

    Added latest SuperSU+Bin files

    Added GenieWidget

    Added Flashplayer support

    Added ES File Explorer

    Added Facebook

    Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps, Google Earth, Chrome,Play store etc.)


    • Call Recorder
    • Phone with no increasing ringtone
    • All supported languages enabled
    • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
    • Enabled init.d scripts
    • Hacked camera: Able to take photoes at 0%. - thx indie smile.gif
    • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
    • Big APN list
    • Call Delay After call End Reduced to 0ms
    • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
    • Added exit menu to stock web browser
    • Option for custom bootanimation. put it in data/local/
    • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
    • data/app enabled
    • Enable call button in contact list
    • Disabled Converting Effect Between SMS MMS
    • Multiwindow Control + app - thx to LegenDK95 - his thread
    • Task Killer shortcut - thx to cb56 - his thread
    • Exclusive! Only to PhoeniX ROM!:
      * RTL Menus when you select Arabic/Hebrew as your default language. (Pictures at post 4)
      * New Amazing Wallpapers in Wallpaper Chooser Wallpapers! Beautiful Wallpapers! How to use? Click on Menu-> Set Wallpaper-> Home/Lock/Both-> Wallpaper Picker/chooser-> Select your Wallpaper! (Picture at post 4)
      * New Settings app: Now will be only 1 shortcut in the Settings, to PhoeniX Settings App with the following fetures:
      Samsung Secret Codes
      Fast Dormancy
      Faster Fix GPS
      CSC Select
      CPU Spy Plus
      Idle Wifi Time Manager
      OS Monitor
      PhoeniX OTA Center - now you can update the rom without plugin into the computer!
      The OTA Center can be found in PhoeniX Settings.
      The downloads will be save on the internel SD card(if you use my memory script so it will be saved in the externel sd card) undr the folder OTA updates.
      And more coming soon smile.gif
    • http://tdroms.com/samsung-galaxy-note-ii/phoenix-rom/downloads

  2. v16

    - New Camera (Sense 4.1 Camera)

    - Camera Fully Working (Even Burst Mode)

    - Fixed HDR & Panorama

    - Fixed fusion.apk for Matte Skin

    - Added 3D Cube Animation

    - Updated Superuser

    - Updated SU Binary

    - Added init.d Tweaks

    - Updated Google Playstore to 3.10.14

    - Added virtuous Setup Optimize

    - Added Wake Up By Volume Button To Aroma Installer

    - Updated Adobe Reader

    - Updated Dropbox

    - Updated Maps

    - Updated PolarisOffice

    - Updated Talkback

    - Updated TuneIn

    - Updated Twitter

    - Updated YouTube

    - Updated Facebook

    - Improved Performance

    - Added Matte Skin

    - Removed Mirror App

    - ZipAlign With Latest Android SDK

    - Build With Latest Tools

    - Improved Battery Life

    - Something More That I Can't Remembered

  3. ViperDHD v2.2.0-v2.1.4 OTA ViperDHD 2.2.0 (androidfilehost)

    Fixed LockScreen Ring not following the finger

    Fixed HTC Sense Long Time Loading

    Added option for Sense Lite Rosie with Tweaks (Full ROM)

    Improved WiFi signal bars display

    Fixed Device Lag / Low Memory

    Fixed HTC EverNote Widget

    Fixed Messaging app

    Fixed HtcRingtoneTrimmer app

    Improved Battery Life

    /framework improvements

    /app improvements

    Updated GooglePlay

  4. C'est a nous tous de faire vivre cette section,comme les autres section.

    chacun de nous apporte ses connaissances qui complètent celle des autres.

    Concernant cette section j'ai voulu faire partager le travail des dévellopeurs que je trouvais pas mal concernant cette rom.

    En ayant des connaissances que très basique.Je ne fais que reprendre ce qui peut se dire sur XDA.

    Et je tenais a remercier le travail des dévellopeurs qui font un travail de fou en maniant et remaniant sans cesse les roms et nous permettent dans profiter et d'en tirer du plaisir.

    On sent que le travail commence a s'éssoufflé concernant le désire HD et oui la petite bête commence a prendre de l'age mais tient bien la route.

    D'ailleurs de moins en moins d'internautes interviennent dans les sections du desire HD sur frandroid mais bon profitons encore

    de ce super boulot

  5. Attention avec la SR19, c'est une grosse refonte de la ROM et elle est extrêmement bugguée !

    De plus, TitaniumBackup ne fonctionne pas sur cette release.

    CodeFireX est maintenant basée sur AOSP OpenMaster, les résultats sont très encourageants mais je vous conseille fortement d'attendre une release plus stable ;)

    Merci a toi je confirme d'attendre quelques temps

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  6. ViperDHD v2.1.4-v2.1.3 OTA

    ViperDHD v2.1.4

    • Reoptimezed /app and /framework for better performance
    • Removed a load of debug code
    • Zipaligned with latest sdk
    • Added some Ville C2 widgets which were missing
    • Added transparent clock widget
    • Fixed Wifi full bar bug
    • Fixed Weather sound bug
    • Improved Lockscreen touchscreen sensitivity
    • Fixed some remaining translation issues in Dialer and Phone
    • Fixed Open VPN?
    • Fixed some apps not working out of the box (Evernote, Handcent, etc.) (Imonol)
    • Fixed weather sounds during start up
    • Fixed Clock bug (timer)
    • Fixed Google TTS
    • Improved Beats and Sound enhancers
    • Improved Statusbar
    • Improved Auto Brightness
    • Added smooth calendar (4x1)
    • More

  7. SR15

    • Built completely in ISOC++11 mode (performance improvement)
    • libc: many small performance improvements
    • Swipe the top of a fullscreen app to show status bar (as in iOS)
    • Using Koush's SuperUser
    • Weather tile now customizable (from interface -> lockscreen -> widget)
    • Tons of translations and small fixes as always :

  8. ViperDHD v2.1.2 ViperDHD 2.1.2 (androidfilehost)

    • Fixed all remaining translation issues (really now!!) (mygamers)
    • Added option for Enhanced Sense 4+ Camera by lyapota resized from One X
    • New Pacha kernel as default kernel
    • Fixed that AROMA extracts wrong gps.conf
    • Fixed Venom SuperUser
    • Fixed Auto Brightness
    • Removed option for choosing kernel (caused some issue)
    • Added option for evernotes app as play store one does not work (Saluco)
    • Fixed OTA popping up even if on latest version
    • Other small changes performance related!!
    • (Full WiFi bar and touchscreen (lockring not following finger) is kernel issue, try others if it is not good for you)
    • No OTA for this one, I do this that all users are again on a clean base because many flashed patches from the thread etc. (easier for tracking bugs!)

  9. SR12: Download Stable Releases

    Download Nightlies

    Check Nightly Status

    Download Gapps

    • Fully merged with AOSP 4.2.2 JDQ39 (cfX are the first source built 4.2.2 roms available on XDA)
    • Ace: kernel updated to v3.1
    • Reverted power button fast torch temporarily to fix screen off problems
    • Navbar auto hide handle default set to 35%

  10. SR11:

    • Ace: kernel updated to v3.0
    • Ace: better optimized for cortex-a9
    • New DPI change method persists on new flashes, and doesn't affect Play Store
    • Added Quick Record tile (****ty images right now - longpress to record)
    • Interface: Buttons: Allow using torch on power longpress with screen off
    • Interface: General: Allow disabling low battery notifications
    • System : Performance : Memory Management: Add swap option for low ram devices with a swap partitioned sd card
    • zlib merged with upstream development branch
    • Now tracking CM-10.1 Browser
    • Now tracking CM-10.1 Calculator
    • Fixed keyboard sound preference behavior
    • Tons of misc fixes from the AOSP
    • Many other small fixes and optimizations
    • More translations from the kickass crowdin community <3
    • Download 4.2 builds

  11. Oui, j'ai bien fait une instal super clean! Je suis passé sir JellyTime! Au top! Merci

    jellytime n'est pas mal non plus,sinon je pense que le prochain post devrait régler les problèmes de bluetooth

    SR10: Fixed games (reverted a small zlib optimization)

    Fixed strange bluetooth audio (reverted a bluedroid commit)

    Since SR9, backuptool now works - no need to flash gapps if dirty flashing


  12. n'ayant vu aucun post concernant cette rom qui vaut le coup d'etre installé je me permets d'ouvir ce post.

    cette rom est assez complete.

    SR8: Fully merged with AOSP J0P40G 4.2.1_r1.2


    • Ace: Fixed TTS and Angry Birds
    • Ace: More performance oriented ext4 flags
    • Ace: Kernel updated to v2.7
    • Keyboard swipe bug fixed
    • Lockscreen custom shortcut ability added
    • Interface: Buttons: Headset button remapping
    • Display: ability to toggle crt on/off animations
    • LatinIME merged with CM
    • Telephony now local to fix Canadian VM notifications, group mms, and phone number display
    • TabletUI notification date display fixed
    • Added volume adjust sound preference
    • Favorite contact fc fixed
    • Misc other fixes (volume key music controls still not fully fixed)
    • More translations thanks to the great crowdin community

    Download Gapps

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