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  1. Je viens d'acheter le S7, justement pour sa taille pour 250 euros neuf (avec l'offre de remboursement samsung) J'apprécie le coté compact et la qualité de l'écran.
  2. Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes Introduction: Created by Faceroll Games and published by Activision, Call of Duty: Heroes is an F2P, RTS (Real-time Strategy) and Single-player video game. This game has the similar gameplay to Clash of Clans and puts the player in control of the unit. The game is held in the stunning environment and lets the player create his army, places his units and commands them to destroy enemy units. Besides that, it is known as a military-themed game, so the player can use various tactics to smash his foes and destroy their bases. And different playable characters are available such as John Price, Wallcroft, Yuri, Outrider, Reaper, Mike Harper, and more. This game is featured with two different types of elements such as Training and Machine and two different facilities such as Technology and Ballistics Lab. And the player has to earn oils and golds while building mines and unlocking new content. Moreover, the player can compete against other players around the globe in PvP matches and can defeat them to earn huge rewards. Call of Duty: Heroes will bring key features such as Multiple Units, Upgrades, Achievements, Lead your Army, Earn Golds, Level-up System, and more. Call of Duty: Heroes So, what if you miss out the list of Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes, you will feel regret right away. Thus, give them a try. Then let’s join us to see what’s inside below! Epic Battle Simulator 2 The first game in this Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes is Epic Battle Simulator 2. This is a game developed and published by Rappid Studios for IOS and Android which is a Real-time Combat, Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer Simulation game. This game has the fabulous strategy gameplay where you have to recruit your troops, train and place them on the battlefield against another team of the player. When the game process, you have to improve your abilities, enjoy the ragdoll effect and play against friends and other players in multiplayer mode. Then you will experience the ultimate battle simulation with the improved intelligence of AI and enhanced graphics. This game is featured with an online ranking system which enables to compare your points with other players and declare your position. And many other powerful troops and weapons will be unlocked as you advance through the game. Epic Battle Simulator 2 Discover More : Find games like your favorite? Battle Command Battle Command which developed by Spacetime Games is a legend mobile Strategy free to play game. This game is a special combination of Strategic and military skills and allows you to combat the battles against your antagonists in an imaginary era in a futuristic settlement. Battle Command has a similar gaming experience as Clash of Clans and countless other games of the same nature. This game allows you to customize dissimilar genres of ground forces, military vehicles, air-crafts etc. In order to have an advantage over your antagonist, however, the opponent is also not too weak to defend themselves. Battle Command Battle Beach The third game in our Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes is Battle Beach. Developed by Ember Entertainment, this is one of the best epic mobile strategy video game. It is set on a great number of stunning beaches and lets you combat against your antagonists using your skills, capabilities, and resources. Besides, it features a destruction world that is left in ruins after a mega-plot of devastation and all the remaining humanity is forced to live on the Tropical Islands known as the Battle Beaches. And Battle Beach lets you make you combat against the pirates, raiders, and marauders by creating structures like Barracks, Labs, Workshops, Train your troops etc. Just try it! Battle Beach Samurai Siege The next game in this Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes is Samurai Siege. Samurai Siege is developed and distributed by Space Ape Games, which is one of the wonders in the world of Combat MMO-RTS games. The game has a stunning combination of strategy, tower defense, and social gaming. And this great game comes with a really impressing and eye-catching story, beautiful graphics and gameplay. Thus, Samurai Siege is a marvelous game to play with challenging campaigns. Just like Clash of Clans, you can rule and customize brilliant alliances to defeat the opponent ninjas. You also can create cities, train the ninja troops and gather resources to purchase out more lands, supplies, and upgrades. Samurai Siege Total Conquest Total Conquest is developed by Gameloft. This is one of the most brilliant games currently. It features MMO-RTS and Social elements that you must not ignore. The game turns around the Might of Roman Empire that makes the story more interesting as you play. And Total Conquest is an exhilarating and tactics phenomenon of wonder. Same like Clash of Clans, in Total Conquest, you have to govern over your kingdom and guide a mighty military with an astounding power and terror for the antagonists. Besides that, with the death of Julius Ceaser, you are forced to join the powerful legion to take down the opponents, preserve your lands and monarchy. Total Conquest More Info : http://www.scoop.it/t/games-like-finder Clash of Clans This is one of the most marvelous combinations of Strategy, War-based MMO and Combat video game which is created by SuperCell. Clash of Clans allows you to increase a military involving the Glorious Barbarians, Vikings, Knights, and Wizards in order to take down the antagonist and conquer the world around you. And Clash of Clans also challenges you to use all the available resources, customize your own village, prevent it from the horrendous antagonists, monsters and a great number of thousands of online players. You will make grand alliances with friends to get strong in the army might, threaten your opponents and conquer their worlds, resources and loot the gems. Clash of Clans Boom Beach The last game in the Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes is Boom Beach. Boom Beach is developed and distributed by Supercell which is another Freemium Mobile Strategy game for you to enjoy. And this legend battlefield fantasy is not only available on Android but also iOS platforms. And just like Clash of Clans, you can create empires, gather resources, train troops and fight to conquer the lands of your legend rivals. This game kicks off with you introduce on an island with a bunch of troops; you must conquer the island in order to go any further. Boom Beach Final Verdict: The list of Top 7 Games like Call of Duty: Heroes is waiting for you to explore. Take time to enjoy them. By the way, if it is not enough for you, let’s head to https://coolgameslike.com to find out more information.
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