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[eZee'Tab 805] Original firmware and recovery

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original firmware:



that is my image downloaded directly from storex.
storex has a terrible customer support and dosen't offer this kind of tools like other brands.


CWM recovery



here is the CWM Recovery for the ezee'tab 805 compiled by my friend AbduL from the android portuguese forum.

the rar includes the rkandroidtool and drivers
instructions are similar to installing the firmware, but in rkandroidtool uncheck all boxes except "recovery".


How to enter recovery:
Start the tablet pressing (vol+) + (power) for 5 seconds and release both buttons.




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Do you have the image for Storex ezeetab 785? I think i killed my tab when i was editing the gold.fstab. Can you help me? Thank you

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@Spiderweb :


FrAndroid is a french-speaking forum. Only messages in french or bilingual with an understandable french translation are accepted. Only important contributors may post announcements in english, but questions and answers should be french/bilingual. Kindly add a french translation to your message. Thank you.


FrAndroid est un forum francophone. Seuls les messages rédigés en français ou bien bilingues avec une version française compréhensible sont acceptés. Les contributeurs importants peuvent éventuellement poster des annonces en anglais, mais les questions et les réponses doivent être en français ou bilingues. Merci d'ajouter une version française à ton message. Merci.

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