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APK Enregistrement appels EMUI 3.1

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Trouvé sur le Facebook du groupe Honor 6 international, un apk qui permet d'enregistrer les appels (pas de façon automatique, hélas).


Il suffit de télécharger le fichier apk:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9EKeqAx6XkfMVhLaWZTZFI1dVE/view ou https://mega.nz/#!mVIDmJ4K

puis de l'installer.


(virus Total donne un ratio de détection 0/54)


Je viens de tester ça fonctionne !


Hi Guys,
Those who are looking for stock call recording option pls go through.

1. Download the hwcallrecorder.apk from mentioned link and install like normal apk.

2.Restart ur mobile.

3. Now u can see the record options in call ui.
Tested in H60-L04 emui 3.1 (B510,520,521)

Note: Working fine no issues. But its not automated call recording app. If you want to record press record button on incall ui manually.


B Shyam
Balaji SP B Positive (Huawei Honor 6 Users India) for his post...

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