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[TUTO] Comment remplacer un OnePlus One 2 écran cassé?

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If you have a OnePlus two smartphone, and your phone display screen is broken, then you may need to repair your phone. Firstly, you will need to purchase a high-quality original OnePlus Two LCD display+ Touch screen Assembly replacement for your phone, and you need to know how to install them. If you are confused, come to here and do it according to the following steps:

Heat Gun/Hair Dryer
Phillip Screwdrivers
Spudger Tool
Case Opening Tool
Screen Suction Cup Tool
Ejector Pin

How to replace a broken Oneplus Two screen:

Step 1: Remove the back cover.

1. Turn off the device

2. Insert your fingernail into the opening slot on the bottom left side of the device, and run it around the edges to release the back cover.


Step 2: Remove the SIM card tray.


Step 3: Release the rear housing.

1. Use Tweezers to remove the 6 black rubber caps and 1 white rubber cap.

2. Remove the 18 screws. Please place the screws in groups so as not to mix them up.

3. Gently pry up the rear housing to remove it.




Step 4: Pry up the flex connector to release the battery.


Step 5: Remove the cameras.

1. Pry up the connector to release the back facing camera.

2. Pry up the connector to release the front facing camera.



Step 6: Pry up the charging port flex connector and then pop up the motherboard.



Step 7: Release the charging port flex assembly.


Step 8: Pop out the loudspeaker assembly.


Step 9: Release the LCD assembly.

1. Heat up the device to soften the adhesive.

2. Use a suction cup tool to pull up the LCD assembly, insert the case opening tool and run along the edge to separate the LCD assembly from the frame.

3. Reassemble the Oneplus Two with a new screen replacement in reverse order, and then your done!





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