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Hiking is a great way to boost one's health as it brings energy to your physical and emotional wellbeing, but to make hiking comfortable, one needs good hiking boots.


Why are specific boots for hiking necessary?


The reason why you need to pick proper footwear is that if you are wearing walking boots that are not cushioned along your feet, high chance that you will suffer from foot fatigue during hiking. Hiking boots deliver better performance thanks to their extra grip and stiffer soles. Most of them are also water-resistant, giving you confidence and comfortability to deal with most terrain. So a pair of the best hiking boots is one of the most important investments you will make if you really take hiking seriously.


➾➾➾ Selected For You: Top Rated Hiking Boots Thekinglive 


How to make the right decision?


When coming to choose your hiking boots, two of the most important things to consider are "best suited for the activity" and "good fit".

Generally speaking, hiking boots that weigh under 500 grams are suitable for speed hiking or trail running, while heavier boots with thicker cushion are more appropriate for multi-day hiking when you need more support. Every pair of boots are designed for different purposes and terrains, so pay attention to the style but pay more attention to the features.


The boots' shape varies by brand, so it is worth wearing around the store to see if they fit your individual foot shape. Remember, there are always boots that match you to a tee, so keep trying until you find the perfect ones. In case you bought your boots already but have not used them for a long time, do not forget to try them on before embarking on an expedition.


If you are not sure whether your preferred pair of boots is a smart choice, it is worth spending time to check online hiking boot reviews and ratings. People will give you lots of useful suggestions that help to lessen your time of choosing boots.




Our suggestions?


We also give a hand to help you make your decision easier by listing five best rated hiking boots in the market. It does not matter if you are planning for long-distance trekking or a trail running; this guide will lead you to the wisest choice.




Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is one of the best hiking boots of all time. The boots are designed with Contragrip sole that dishes out mega traction on various terrain and EnergyCell EVA midsole to reduce shock impact. Their SensiFit tech provides a secure fit for users while their gusseted tongue prevents debris from sneaking into the boots. With Salomon Quest 4D, your foot and ankle will be fully supported, and foot fatigue will no longer be a problem. The boots are also breathable enough to be used in the summer. Salomon Quest 4D promises to companion you through rain and shine over any mountain.




Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Parley is an environment-friendly product of Adidas and Parley. Elements of the Free Hiker Parley are recycled from plastic collected in coastal areas as an effort of the two companies to raise awareness of environmental protection. This product is designed with an elasticated sock-like fit to avoid friction blisters. While its midsole makes use of Adidas’ Boost material to deliver comfortability and energy on each stride, its outsole is mounded from Continental rubber to provide stability. At around 400 grams for men’s and 350 grams for women’s, Adidas Terrex are the best lightweight hiking boots in the market right now.




Merrell Zion Mid is one of the best waterproof hiking boots that comes at a very affordable price. The boots come with Gore-Tex on board for waterproofing, a rubber toe cap, and a bellow tongue to protect your feet from small stones and debris. They are made from gripping materials to keep you upright on slippery terrain. There is also a Vibram Megagrip sole with 5mm lug depth to boost traction. Weigh 1500 grams, Merrell Zion Mid Gore-Tex are perfect quality hiking boots that will satisfy you.




Inov-8 Roclite 335 is seen to be the best hiking boots for women thanks to its lightweigt and flexibility. At only 335 grams, you will feel like wearing nothing. The boots are flexible to the extent that they can accommodate any swelling in your feet, givng you complete confidence to wear them for a long hike or walk. In fact, reviewers said that it was a pleasure to wear Inov-8 Roclite as they experienced less foot fatique, even compared to those with higher prices. Inov-8 Roclite are good hiking boots that are water-resistant but notice that they are not 100% waterproof so do not submerge them in streams.






If you are looking for the best hiking boots for men, you may not want to miss Asolo Falcon GV. Asolo Falcon is a perfect combination of hiking boots and approach shoes that are lighter but deliver exceptional performance. Weigh around 980 grams, the boots are lightweight compared to traditional boots, making them ideal for multi-day hiking and packaging. Their dual-density EVA midsole is firm, and their self-cleaning Vibram Megagrip soles can handle various terrains: on and off-trai, steep rocky passes, bogs, mud, even water.


The bottom line


Salomon Quest, Adidas Terrex, Merrell Zion Mid, Inov-8 Roclite, and Asolo Falcon are all top-rated hiking boots that deliver exellent performance. While Salomon Quest wins our first place thanks to their super fit and durability, Merrell Zion Mid is something more technical and always ready for the challenge. Each pair of boots has different unique features to serve different needs, but similar to all other types of outdoor ger, you will get what you pay for.


Hopefully, the provided information is helpful, and ideally, you can make your decision after going through this list. Share your experience with us if you are wearing one of the five boots mentioned. Also, comment to let us know if you have other great options in your mind, we would love to discuss with you in the comment section.

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Bonjour !!


Pour sauvegarder toutes tes photos sur ta carte SD, c'est avec Google Take Out 


Dans Take Out , tu sélectionnes que Google Photos en cliquant sur tout désélectionner en haut, puis tu coches Google Photos 

Tu peux sélectionner tes albums en cliquant " les albums photos inclus" 





Tu valides avec au choix une archive ponctuelle ou une archive planifiée.


Dans l'attente de ton retour.

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