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J'ai mis à jour la version d'android, et depuis quand j'active la position, un message Cocktail Bar Service c'est arrêter qui apparait sans arrêt ?


je n'arrive pas à résoudre ce problème...


Pouvez-vous m'aider ?



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Découverte ce matin d'une nouvelle section dans la rubrique "applications" du Play Store: "Applications à essayer", sous-titrée "Recommandations":


Dans cette dernière, exclusivement des applications *déjà* installées sur au moins un de mes appareils!

Quel peut-bien être l’intérêt de me recommander des appli que je connais forcément déjà?

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Je me suis fait la même remarque quand j'ai découvert cela il y a quelques jours, sachant qu'on peut tout retrouver en allant dans "Mes Applications"

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Autre truc bizarre, je ne comprend pas comment est établi le classement des commentaires "le plus utile en premier" .

Exemple, comment cette note de 5/5 donnée *sans le moindre texte de commentaire*, qui plus est datée du jour même (ce qui fait que son classement n'a pas eu le temps d'être influencé par les votes utile/inutile/spam) peut-elle se trouve en pole position?


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Posted (edited)
Le 01/09/2011 à 08:28, GuichenZeDinJ a dit :

Vu que vodafone était lié à Vidmate iTunes Notepad++  SFR, je pense que le premier opérateur à autoriser le payement facture sera SFR

y a t-il des nouvelles du paiement grace au forfait du tel pour la france ?


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On 9/1/2011 at 2:50 AM, CastleRoad said:










MARCH 2012! Android Market becomes Google Play Store and includes MOVIES



Hello everyone,

The topics that are titled: "Serious Problem of Market Download" surely tell you something ...: emo_im_lips_are_sealed:

By dint of seeing a kind of mess of topics in all sections of the forum about the MARKET and problems with it, I decided to start creating a topic that centralizes everything about the MARKET .

Therefore, when you encounter a topic about the MARKET in the sections you are attending, do not hesitate to invite the member to visit this topic.

I think that Frandroid can only gain in terms of readability.





Version 3.5.15 (in progress deployment):

The applications part is now divided into two distinct tabs. The first one groups the applications installed on the androphone and the second one, gathers the history of the applications installed on the androphone.

Here is a direct download link to install as a classic APK: http: //www.4shared.c...nding-3515.html (Android Police Link)

Version 3.4.6:

Android Market becomes the Play Store!

The first version of this new store is 3.4.6

Nothing new compared to previous versions except the change of name and logo.

Here is a download link. To install as a classic APK: http: //www.4shared.c...ePlayStore.html (Android Link Police)

Version 3.3.11 :

Connections :


Version 3.1.5 : Bug fixes

It's a simple APK to install via an Astro Explorer or ES File Explorer

Old: 3.1.3

This version is currently being deployed in a so-called silent update. If some of you are in a hurry to get it. Here is the APK to manually install via a file explorer (Astro, Es File Explorer etc ...):

In relation to the different previous versions, this one has as novelty; among others:

  • A new design
  • Multiple account management possible
  • The possibility of adding a PIN code to protect your purchases
  • Google +1 integration
  • Better visibility of changelogs
  • A clearer app rating system


There is also a leaked version that is 3.2.0 (the Ice Cream Sandwich version). For advanced users !

To get it you have to be Root and follow the next step (source ):

  • Download http: //www.mediafire...vd8cmyxd546t8r4
  • Move this file through your Root Explorer in / system / app and press the R / W button then paste the file
  • Find the Vending.apk apk and rename it to Vending.apk1
  • Do a long press on Phonesky.apk and rename it to Vending.apk .
  • Make a new long press and choose Permissions and modify like this:


Press Ok, reboot and enjoy! ;)





To access the basic settings. Go to your Market and do "Menu"

So you have to end up with this screen:





To change your account, enter "Accounts"

To access the settings, enter "Settings"; and you will access this screen:





The first choice will allow you to enable notifications if your application updates are available.

The second will allow you to clear your search history

The third will allow you to apply the filtering criteria of the display of the apps according to 3 levels (strict, moderate or wide)

The fourth will allow you to set up a PIN code to prevent anyone from making purchases if they fall on your Androphone.

Finally the last one will allow you to activate or not the possibility for Google to target advertisements according to your centers of interests.





Technical issues

Here are the problems most often encountered:

  • The application you want to buy on the store already appears in "Purchased" status for various reasons:


Solution extracted from this topic: http: //forum.frandro...stallee-resolu/

  • - the following error message: "A server error has occurred ... Try again or cancel ..";
    - blocking status "being downloaded";
    -Download in "failure status";
    Here are the first checks to make if you encounter any of these messages.
    - Are you well connected to the internet (an E, G, 3G or H) in your notification bar?
    - If yes, try WIFI
    If it goes into WIFI is that there is a problem with your mobile plan. Example: Your package makes you use an access point incompatible with the port that allows the download on the MARKET. Check this point with your operator.
    If on the contrary it does not go into WIFI, the problem comes from elsewhere.
    Try to go into the general settings of Android and in "Applications" and go into "Market" then force the stop.
    Go back to the MARKET and restart your downloads.
    If the problem persists. Go back to the settings to re-force the shutdown but empty this time the cache then.
    Go back to the MARKET and restart your downloads.
    If the problem persists, explain the problem in detail. We will try to help you :)
  • Market 3.1.x slow: Method given by Squalow: Attention may in some cases cause problems on the WIFI connection


  • If during your search for applications, you find that there are missing applications.
    This is probably related to your device, your ROM or your operator.
    First, check in the MARKET settings that you are on the least restrictive filtering criterion.
    If so, you can try using the MARKET Enabler app. Be careful, your Androphone must be in ROOT mode.
    First and foremost, do not forget to click on "Save Current Settings" to find your settings later.
    This application will allow you to put yourself on a Filter by Country and thus display all applications according to the part of the globe. Grossomodo, you make the Market believe that you are in country X with an operator Y.
    Business problems
  • When you buy on the Market, you are charged fees by your bank:
    This concern appears when you buy an app in a foreign currency. Some banks apply exchange fees.
  • Can not find how to pay by Paypal?
    The integration of Paypal has been advanced for a long time but for now nothing seems to see the light of this side. A payment via the operator is also envisaged and becomes even more precise because Vodafone UK has now done. Which leads us to believe that SFR could follow soon. To be continued ...
    More info: http: //www.frandroid...rket-en-europe/
  • Your very first purchase is blocking?
    Very often you must first set up your Google Checkout account directly on the Google website and register your credit card.


Attention under no circumstances Frandroid or myself can not be held responsible for bugs, crashes or others following a manipulation described above.

That's it, I tried to launch hostilities by creating this first post that tries to go around. I am not at all a specialist of tutorials and company so be indulgent ...

If you notice errors or on the contrary you have ideas on points to add, especially on the problems encountered. I am open to your proposals. I would be happy to take into account your remarks. I will try to keep this first post updated so do not hesitate.

Thanks to Kuroshinta for the pictures.


Merci pour cette aide monsieur.

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