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[A510][ROM][2012-09-06] NoThrills A510 "Franken700" Stock ROM

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testée et fonctionnelle


[A510][ROM][2012-09-06] NoThrills A510 "Franken700" Stock ROM

NoThrills A510 "Franken700" Stock ROM

version 2012-09-06, built on Acer_AV043_A700_1.061.00

First off: Yes, this ROM is for the Acer Iconia TAB A510. The software is taken from A700 tablets and modified to run on your A510 tablet, thus bringing Android 4.0.4 and other goodies (like the new 'power profiles' in the 'settings' menu) to your fingertips!

Here's what's visually changed from the original A700 ROM:


Here's what's changed on the inside:

  • Multi-language support: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • Kernel with CIFS and NTFS support (experimental).
  • A510 drivers and additional A510 files added.
  • Rooted: SU (3.1.1), BusyBox (1.20.2) and SuperUser (3.1.3) installed by default.
  • Fully Deodexed: Both system apps and system framework.
  • Zipaligned: For better RAM usage.
  • /etc/init.d support: Allows you to run your own scripts or mods on boot.
  • System apps updated: Clear.fi Music (, Clear.fi Photo (, Clear.fi Video (, Gmail (4.1.2), Google Play Store (3.8.17), Google+ (, Maps (6.11.1), Street View (, TalkBack (3.1.3), YouTube (4.0.23).
  • FlexROM apps updated: Amazon Kindle (, AUPEO! (2.89.12), Barcode Scanner (4.2), EquiView (, Evernote (4.2), TegraZone (2.6), Zinio (1.90.5997).
  • AGPS Patch applied and LTO downloadservice installed: This should get you a faster satellite lock.
  • Ad-blocking HOSTS file: Makes your browsing experience faster and less annoying.
  • Added English TextToSpeech files: Why were they missing in the first place, Acer? German, Spanish, French and Italian were included by default...
  • Various performance tweaks: Faster file access, less logging, better response overall.


  • Step 0:
    Check this thread to see if you can help the community before you let us help you!
  • Step 1:
    If you don't have it already, install my CWM-Based Recovery.
  • Step 2:
    Download the ROM from this post, extract the .RAR files and put the .ZIP file on your internal or external SD Card.
  • Step 3:
    Start Recovery by powering down your device, holding the Volume down (**) button and turning it on again.
  • Step 4:
    Make a Nandroid Backup. I can't stress this enough. Select backup and restore and choose one of the backup options.
  • Step 5:
    This step is optional, but recommended when you first install this ROM. Select wipe data/factory reset. Note that this will wipe everything from your data partition, including downloaded apps and settings. Files on your internal or external SD Card are safe.
  • Step 6:
    Install this ROM by choosing install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard or choose zip from external sdcard.
  • Step 7:
    Wait for the installation to finish (this takes a few minutes). Spend your time reading the text below these installation instructions!
  • Step 8:
    Select reboot system now, and enjoy!

Please read the following carefully before installing this ROM:

  • I am not responsible for anything you do to your tablet. Whatever you do, you do it at your own risk!
  • This ROM is NOT intended to be flashed on a A700 tablet. It won't boot!
  • This ROM is a BETA. It should work without issues, but if you want to be sure of a stable ROM, check my optimized A510 stock ROM.
  • This ROM is pre-rooted. Do NOT attempt to install BusyBox or SU manually or you might break root.
  • When installed, this ROM will reboot the tablet on its own once, before Android fully boots. This is normal, it's not a boot loop but it's ensuring your tablet becomes rooted.
  • First boot (after the automatic reboot) will take a while (5 minutes is no exception). Just be patient, it will boot faster next time.
  • When the tablet has completed booting for the first time, give it another few minutes to get 'up to speed'. It should be much faster after about 5 minutes.


  • Want themes? Get them somewhere else! I probably don't like your taste, you probably don't like mine. So why pretend? Use this ROM as your base and start theming yourself!
  • Want mods? Your ideas might be good in your situation, they probably aren't in mine. Again, use this ROM as your base and start modding yourself!
  • Found bugs? Let me know! Although I can't promise I'll be able to fix them all, at least I will try.
  • Want to use this ROM as base for your own? Go ahead, make my day. But do credit me with a link to this thread, so people can also taste my flavorless contraptions.
  • Want to give me your first born baby? I'd rather not have that, but if you really want to give me something: Either click the 'Donate to me' button on the left, or simply hit the 'Thanks' button on this post.


The download is split in two parts: You need both!

No Thrills, No Frills! Just plain ROMs...

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