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Daemon Controller v4.0 beta 7 !

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Introduction à andrev_oc et Daemon Controller v4 beta 7

Désolé si la traduction n'est pas faite j'ai voulus faire partagé au plus vite vue l'évolution du programme.

Liens direct de l'apk => avatar3551383_1.gif

What it does:

It checks your device's screen status and configures your governor, minimum frequency and maximum frequency based on pre-configured user settings.

Supports most ROMS using kernels that have cpufreq compiled into them.


  • Deamon Controller v4 beta 7
  • Version reporting (andrev_oc --version)
  • Configure all cores of device. (Tested up to dual core)
  • Changes OC settings based on screen state.
  • Added logcat support.
  • Instantaneous OC settings.
  • Small footprint
  • Fixed bug "MIUI not changing frequencies and governors"
  • Fix all problem

How to install

There lots of ways to install

  • Daemon Controller v4 beta 7 and above (Recommended)
  • Manually (Advanced)
    • Download the files below
    • andrev_oc - daemon binary
    • md5sum "f7595490ceefa85031741321a87e4518"
    • 83oc - init script
    • Follow the instructions below
      • move the daemon binary in /system/xbin/
      • move the init script to /etc/init.d/
        note that you can rename the file as long as you put 2 numerics at the start. the numbers are run by init.d sequentially
      • in a terminal (emulator or adb shell) type the following commands
        $ su
        # chmod 755 /system/xbin/andrev_oc
        # chmod 755 /etc/init.d/83aroc
        # mkdir /etc/andrev_oc
        # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies
        sample output:
        122000 230400 307200 384000 460800 537600 614400 691200 768000 844800
        921600 998400 1075200 1152000 1228800 1305600 1382400 1459200 1536000
        this output is kernel specific # echo 230400 > /etc/andrev_oc/sleep_min # echo 307200 > /etc/andrev_oc/sleep_max # echo 230400 > /etc/andrev_oc/wake_min # echo 1228800 > /etc/andrev_oc/wake_max *you can choose your preferred values here... above code is what I usually use # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors
        Sample output:
        smoothass smartass interactive conservative userspace powersave
        ondemand performance # echo conservative > /etc/andrev_oc/sleep_gov && echo ondemand > /etc/andrev_oc/wake_gov # /system/xbin/andrev_oc # exit And you're good to go. :) note: I will try to include the binary and init script inside the installer so no more failed downloads.
        Click here to download a zip of the binary, init script and a directory with all the configuration files.

    [*]Auto-magically using the apk below... (Discouraged)

    WARNING!!! As Daemon Controller has been redone to allow both virtuous_oc and andrev_oc to coexist. It is not advised to use this installer as it removes virtuous_oc...

    download Deamon controller v4 beta 7 here

    install this app and run it. It will download and install the following

    1. andrev_oc - main binary coded in c, dynamically linked and stripped for smaller size.

    2. arrocchek - a text file containing the md5sum of the above binary.

    3. 83aroc - a small script file that loads this binary whenever you reboot.

    it will also download the Daemon Controller 2.10.apk to your sdcard. up to you to install or not. this app will help you change the settings for the daemon.


Quote: Use terminal emulator.

Type "logcat ¦ grep andrev_oc"

note that the pi** symbol "¦" can be printed by holding volume up and pressing L (upper or lower case doesn't matter).

At this point toggle the power button on/off.

When its on check the the terminal app screen if the "Screen is on." Message is displayed and if it changed your settings.

to stop viewing the log press volume down and c.

Then you can exit terminal emulator normally.


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