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[Add-on][Tweaks/Mods/Apps]█ PIMP MY ROM █ v1.5.2 {Tout Device // Toutes Rom}[AROMA][WIP]

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Attention ceci n'est pas une rom

Pimp my Rom est un script d'installation basé sur Aroma qui vous permettra de choisir entre une multitude de réglages sympas, mods, & applications, des thèmes et des fonctionnalités à ajouter à votre rom actuelle.

Vous choisissez les options et quelques réglages à appliquer, tout cela avec une interface tactile agréable, même si vous n'êtes pas en cours d'exécution d'un écran tactile de récupération, grâce à Aroma.

Vous pouvez maintenant exécuter ce script sur ​​n'importe quel appareil Android !!! (GB/HC/ICS/JB)

PmR was originally created for the Galaxy tab 7.7 (p68xx), but it has now evolved into a universally usable script !

Lifehacker article :http://lifehacker.co....way-imaginable

Voici la liste des fonctions que vous pouvez activer et désactiver à volonté ( nous y en ajouterons de plus en plus au fil du temps):



Quote: Init.d Scripts :

- Faster internet browsing

- Better Battery consumption

- Miscellanous kernel tweaks

- Ondemand governor tweaks

- Dalvik VM tweaks

- Defragmentation of sqlite3 databases at each boot

- Disable android-logger

- Disable kernel Normalize Sleeper

- Use strict minfree handlers

- Flags blocks as non-rotational

- Enable data_writeback for ext4 partitions for better i/o

- Force GPU rendering on 2D operations

- Improve multitasking by tweaking system task-killer

- run Vacuum & Reindex at each boot to optimize sqlite

- Use Adblock hosts to block in-app advertising

- Improve External sdcard I/O performances

- Zipalign all apk at each boot

- Install Thunderbolt's s98system_tweaks

- Tweak CPU and GPU tuning values

- Tweak the behaviour of the Complete Fair Scheduler (cfs)

- Tweak TCP buffers for better internet speed

- Optimize all sqlite3 databases to increase speed of apps that use db

Build.prop Tweaks :

- Better jpg image quality

- Better camera recording quality

- Lock launcher in memory

- Battery savings

- Disable kernel error checking

- Dalvik VM tweaks

- Faster scrolling

- Better touch responsiveness

- Faster browsing and download speed

- Allow purgeable assets

- Reduce dialing time

- Misc 3G tweaks

- Deeper sleep

- Reduce black-screen time of proximity sensor after a call

- Smoother video streaming

- Faster wifi connect/disconnect

- Overall smoothness improvements

- Increase the size of VM heap



Quote: - Enable hardware video acceleration

- Enable gpu UI rendering

- Enable HSUPA

- Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm

- Enable surface dithering

- Disable Boot-Animation

- Disable usage-data sending

- Disable volume buttons wake

- Disable adb notification icon

- Buttons backlight always enabled when screen on

- 16bit Transparency



Quote: - Install an alternative launcher : Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher

- Install latest Solid Explorer

- Install Adobe Flash Player for JB

- Install Rom Toolbox Lite

- Install Script Manager

- Install Hulu+ hacked to work on any device (Both portrait & landscape version)

- Install Smart Stay EX



Quote: - Add support for OpenVPN connections

- Install Awesome Beats Audio dsp manager for a greater sound experience

- Install Adrenaline Boost Script

- Install Sony Walkman suite : Music Player & Visualizer, Clearbass soundfx and Image Gallery & Editor

- Install S-Voice, the famous app from Galaxy S3 hacked to work on any device

- Install Touchwiz UX Launcher & Widgets (Weather & Dialer) from SGS3 hacked to work on any device



Quote: cm10 themes :

- Miui v4

- Holo (white/blue/cyan/Tangerine)

cm9 themes :

- Blue Infinitum

- Black Infinitum



Quote: You can flash this on top of any custom rom with init.d support

- Download the version of Pimp My Rom that corresponds to your device's screen resolution (Not sure what res your device is ? Here is a well-furnished list of android devices with their screen-res)

- Make sure you are running a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP)

- Make a nandroid backup of your current ROM, just in case

- Do the following :

  • Open the zip of the rom you are running (the .zip file that you flash in recovery)
  • Inside this zip, navigate to : META-INF/com/google/android
  • Extract the file called "update-binary" and rename it to "update-binary-installer"
  • Open Pimp my Rom's zip (i.e : PIMP_MY_ROM-v1.4.1-Universal.zip)
  • Inside this zip, navigate to : META-INF/com/google/android and delete "updater-binary-installer"
  • Now copy the "update-binary-installer" file you extracted from your rom to Pimp My Rom's zip (still in META-INF/com/google/android)

- Wipe cache and dalvik cache in recovery

- Flash PmR in recovery

- A wonderful touchscreen interface will pop-up

(devices need different touchscreen calibration, if the touchscreen doesn't work, use the menu button of your device, select "Calibration Tools" and follow the instructions)

- Follow the on-screen instructions, make your choices between all the different features to Pimp your Rom

- Select "Reboot my device" on last screen (or reboot from recovery) and enjoy wink.gif




>>> v1.5.2 <<<

Quote: XHDPI Devices :

Link : http://tinyw.in/MVm6

md5 : 61a0213cfcaab300f7ad10e228bbce78

Size : 121.3 mb

Quote: HDPI Devices :

Link : http://tinyw.in/fdqL

md5 : 1e055c25d15dcc13b2ac4983a2b39400

Size : 121.3 mb

Quote: MDPI Devices :

Link : http://tinyw.in/Nfui

md5 : d08f4e2540b9d077f00951b556fec203

Size : 121.3 mb

Quote: LDPI Devices :

Link : http://tinyw.in/ooBX

md5 : e48ecd149aae6425d937ab1be75bcdbf

Size : 121.3 mb

Older versions




Quote: v1.5.2

  • Changed installer theme to ics, hopefully this should fix the weird colour issues
  • PmR is now declined in 4 versions, one for each screen-res family (ldpi/mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi)
  • Instructions updated, please use the update-binary-installer from your current rom, as explained in the OP's instructions section (will make this easier soon)

Quote: v1.5.1

  • Updated Aroma to v2.56

Quote: v1.5

  • Updated Aroma to v2.51
  • Added Sony Walkman suite : Music Player & Visualizer, Clearbass soundfx and Image Gallery & Editor
  • Added S-Voice for any device (the voice recognition app from Galaxy S3 - ics & jb roms only)
  • Added Touchwiz UX Launcher and Widgets (weather & dialer) for any device from Galaxy S3 (jb roms only)
  • Added Hulu+ video service working on any device in Portrait and Landscape versions
  • Added Adrenaline Boost Script
  • Added Smart Stay EX (app that prevents your screen from turning off while you look at it - sgs3 alike)
  • You now choose which version of android you are running (jb/ics/gb) and if it's stock-based or aosp-based
  • new build.prop feature : 16bit transparency
  • Fixed the installer progress bar (formerly passed from 5% to 87%, it's now progressing normally)
  • Definitely removed gapps and inverted gapps, was taking too much space only for jb users
  • Light version to follow shortly with S-Voice and Touchwizz UX launcher & widgets removed (these are heavy)

Quote: v1.4.1

- Removed V6 Supercharger Script as requested by the author (zeppelinrox)

Quote: v1.4

- On/Off toggles for init.d tweaks

- build.prop backup (to do only the first time you pimp a rom, in order to be able to un-pimp it later if you want to)

- Fixed build.prop tweaks/features and extra features menus not showing for stock roms

- "Un-pimp my Rom" aroma script to follow shortly

Quote: v1.3

- Merged both aosp and stock versions, you now choose what type of rom you are pimpin' at the beginning.

-You can now choose between all the build.prop tweaks

- Added a Lot of build.prop tweaks

- Enable/Disable Features through build.prop (disable bootanimation, enable video hw acceleration, enable gpu ui render, and many others...)

- FIxed non-working inverts (including google now)

- Fixed gapps being installed when you didn't ask

- Removed Thyrus soft-button mod for PA as it's not up to date anymore

- Removed the installer's paranoid theming to avoid confusion for users

- Fixed themes (maybe ?)

- general clean-up in dialogs

Quote: v1.2

- Now working on any Android device

- Fixed Awesome Beats Audio installation

- Added cm9 & cm10 themes

- Added Script Manager as extra-app

- Removed efs backup option





Quote: - Include an option to modify build.prop dpi (To allow users to choose their workspace layout depending on their screen res).

- Include an option to remove options you selected previously - Half Done

- Include cm9 and cm10 themes - Done

- Installer Language selection

- Dedicated build.prop tweaks selection screen - Done

- Add Script Manager to extra apps - Done

- Make this script usable on any device - Done

- Add Google now to stock roms options

- Got suggestions ? Please post them !



Remember that results might differ on the same device, depending on the rom, kernel and recovery

Quote: - Asus Infinity (TF700)

- HTC Amaze (codename ?)

- HTC Incredible S (S710e)

- HTC Thunderbolt (ADR6400L)

- HTC Evo 4G (Supersonic)

- HTC MyTouch 4G Slide (codename ?)

- HTC Tattoo (Click)

- HTC Vision (T-mobile G2)

- HTC Desire Z (codename ?)

- Huawei Ascend (g300)

- LG G2x (P999 DW)

- LG optimus one (P500)

- LG Optimus 3D (P920)

- LG Optimistic V (VM670)

- Motorola Bravo (MB520)

- Motorola Defy (codename?)

- Motorola Droid X (MB810)

- Motorola Droid 2 (DW2E)

- Motorola Photon Q (codename ?)

- Motorola Triumph (Virgin Mobile model)

- Nexus 7 (Grouper)

- Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)

- Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G (Verizon)

- Samsung Nexus S (i9020)

- Samsung Nexus S (SCLCD - i9023)

- Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)

- Samsung Galaxy S (I9000)

- Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100)

- Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile T989)

- Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch (SPH-D710)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (ATT 1747)

- Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7.0 (P3100)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G (P6800)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wifi (P6810)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon (i815)

- Sony Live with Walkman (WT19)

- Sony Xperia Arc S (LT18i)

- Sony Xperia Mini (ST15i)

- Sony Xperia Neo (codename ?)

- Sony Xperia Play (R800i)

- Test it on your other devices and report your results here please !



Quote: - Some init.d tweaks "Off" toggles don't work properly (i.e. some tweaks don't actually turn off)

- Build.prop tweaks that have been selected twice will be written twice in build.prop (doesn't cause any problem however)

- You tell me



Quote: - The installer flashed properly, you chose the features you wanted, but the installation process is blank ? Then do the following to fix that issue :

  • Open the zip of the rom you are running (the .zip file that you flash in recovery)
  • Inside this zip, navigate to : META-INF/com/google/android
  • Extract the file called "update-binary" and rename it to "update-binary-installer"
  • Open Pimp my Rom's zip (i.e : PIMP_MY_ROM-v1.4.1-Universal.zip)
  • Inside this zip, navigate to : META-INF/com/google/android and delete "updater-binary-installer"
  • Now copy the "update-binary-installer" file you extracted from your rom to Pimp My Rom's zip (still in META-INF/com/google/android)
  • Close the zip and flash it, the installation process should now work normally so you can Pimp your Rom ! victory.gif

- The installation process stops and tells you that some temp file doesn't exist ? here is a patch until v1.5.3 is released :

XHDPI : http://d-h.st/w0N

HDPI : http://d-h.st/qVw

MDPI : http://d-h.st/9Xl

LDPI : http://d-h.st/Mga

Here is how to apply this patch :

  • Open pimp my rom's zip (i.e : XHDPI-PIMP_MY_ROM-v1.5.1-by-Androguide.fr.zip)
  • Navigate to META-INF/com/google/android and delete the file called "aroma-config"
  • Now take the downloaded patch (which is also called "aroma-config") and copy it in PmR's zip, at the place of the other one that u deleted
  • Close the zip and flash it

- The installer's gui isn't scaled to your device's screen-resolution ? Make sure you downloaded the right version (ldpi/mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi)

- Want to report a bug or an issue ? Please attach the install log to your post (Press the "Save Logs" button after the install is completed). There is no way I can fix your issue without this log.

- The touchscreen doesn't work "out-of-the-box" ? Press the menu button of your device, select "Calibrating Tools" and follow the instructions to calibrate your touchscreen.

- The touchscreen doesn't work "out-of-the-box" and your device doesn't have a menu button ? You can use the volume up/down buttons to navigate and scroll and the power button to select.

- Scrolling up and down lists with the touchscreen can sometimes be a bit hard, you can use the volume buttons instead.

- PmR will only display the options that are compatible with your rom (i.e you won't see the gapps options if you're running a stock rom)

- You didn't install every tweaks/mods/features/apps you wanted the first time you Pimped your rom ? You want to remove some tweaks ? Then simply reflash PmR and turn on/off what you want, you can flash PmR as many times as you want on the same rom.



Quote: - amarullz for Aroma Installer

- ...Awesome... for Beats Audio

- ImbaWind for Adrenaline Boost

- Rizal Lovins for Sony Walkman apps

- blunttedsmurf for Hulu+ hacked

- Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker.com for the Thread top image.

- The creators of the included themes of which I couldn't find the names

- Every galaxy tab 7.7 users who provided constructive feedback to help improving this project to its current state

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Je fais partagé pour ceux qui ne vont pas souvent sur XDA tout simplement !

Les tweaks sont plutôt satisfaisant donc profité ! Pas besoin d'être anglophone pour comprendre les 3/4 de se qui est marqué c'est des termes souvent employé par tout les Dev !!!!

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