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H1N1 ROM by wwengima

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H1N1 v4 ROM Realased

Téléchargement : http://d-h.st/tKn

H1N1 v4 changelog:

- try fix camera flash

- voltage table revised (to avoid rare RR)

- governors fixed (try fix audio crackling)

- ramdisk revised (removed broken symlinks)

- embedded map fix (for SW using embedded map)

- music app fix (char. encoding, etc)

- FM radio fix

- updated applications (Google music player,Google play, etc)

- APK optimalisations for faster loading

- deodexed

- removed unnecessary apps

For more changelog, evolution of H1N1:

H1N1 v1/2 - H1N1 v3

Installation instructions:

1., Download H1N1 v4 ROM file

2., Copy H1N1_v4_aroma.zip to SDcard

3.a, Download CWM recovery img,reboot phone to recovery (turn on phone in fastboot mode - power on+volume down + connect USB cable - then in command prompt run fastboot boot recovery_machfix-2012.06.09.img )

3.b, If you dont like push buttons, type to command prompt, simply download this package, extract it then connect USB cable to phone and run recovery.bat

4., MAKE BACKUP if needed, all partitions will be wiped. (excl. SD card)

5., Install zip from sd card menu then select H1N1_v4_aroma.zip and follow instructions

I have the same issue sadly...

EDIT: oke I have fixed it! Running H1N1 V4 now! What I did was actually just install via Aroma and after that I pressed rebooted in CWM. But I pulled out my battery and put it back in. Then I entered bootloader (volume down + power button), connected my phone over USB and entered cmd on my pc. In cmd I typed:

cd C:\"folder wher you put fastboot"

fastboot flash boot h1n1_ICS_boot.img

fastboot reboot

I found the boot.img file at https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4NH...dwQWRHVXc/edit.

Then it was booting perfectly!!!

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Bonne initiative pour le tuto alcaboy, par contre si je peux me permettre, il faudrait traduire un maximum de chose (au moins l'installation), car les débutants qui voudront l'installer te poseront pleins de questions ou ne l'installeront pas du tout. Et le top, c'est un ou 2 screens pour voir à quoi elle ressemble (Avec ICS le screen est rapide maintenant :) )

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