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Bonjour à tous

j'ai une C93 SU est installé mais est vierge quand je l'oeuvre et dès que je veux le mettre à jour il me dit "obtention des droits root : échec"...

que faire?

comment l'activer?

sachant que Hongkonggrrk m'a dit que de leur coté elle n'est pas rootée.

je n'y comprend plus rien

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Yeah, Zenithink stock Jelly Bean ROMs aren't properly prerooted...

On SlateDroid, I showed people how to use a system.patch.zt280.tar.bz file I made to root with SuperSU (you need to use 7-zip and alter the stock Zenithink system.zt280.tar.bz file, open it with 7zip, do not untar the file, just delete the Superuser.apk from the /app folder and the su binary in the /bin folder, then save the system.zt280.tar.bz file before you close 7zip, and add the altered system file and the patch file I made to your zt-update folder, and reflash the tablet - http://www.mediafire...ch.zt280.tar.bz )....

But most people using Jelly Bean are using Christian Troy's ROMs which are properly prerooted....

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