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[ROM] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4) KonstaT


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This ROM is based on the latest generic update ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B10. ZTE apps have been removed or replaced with CM/AOSP apps where necessary. Most of the ZTE customizations have been removed to give this ROM a clean AOSP look.

post-834050-0-30106600-1358682096_thumb.png post-834050-0-21120000-1358682133_thumb.png post-834050-0-48986000-1358682184_thumb.png post-834050-0-05510700-1358682253_thumb.png





  • rooted
  • busyboxed
  • deodexed, optimized, resigned and zipaligned
  • init.d support (and userinit.d support)
  • unsecured boot image

  • AOSP lockscreen that shows next alarm time from any app
  • reboot options in power menu (thanks to kahvitahra)
  • modified notification power widgets (layout, button order, ringer mode)
  • CRT screen off animation
  • AOSP ringtones (silenced low battery alarm)

  • AdAway hosts file (please support app developers by purchasing their apps instead)
  • CM9 APNs list
  • accurate kernel information in 'About phone' settings
  • and much more...


  • overclock support (up to 1,267 GHz)
  • cpu governors: savagedzen, interactivex, smartassv2, ondemand, etc
  • i/o schedulers: noop, cfq, bfq, vr and sio
  • swap, cifs, zram, ksm, etc

Kernel source


Aurora-Borealis-Stock-Kernel.zip (just in case)



How to install:

  1. Copy Aurora-Borealis-RLSx.zip to your phone's sdcard
  2. Boot into ClockWorkMod recovery
  3. Make a nandroid backup of your previous ROM: backup & restore -> backup
  4. Install ROM: install .zip from sdcard -> choose .zip from sdcard -> Aurora-Borealis-RLSx.zip
  5. wipe data & factory reset (!)
  6. reboot now

Lien original : http://www.modaco.com/topic/360392-rom-aurora-borealis-rls1-android-404/

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