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Mod Status Bar JB.4.2-S5830XWKTM-DDKQ8-XWKTQ-KTR-KTS-V1

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Changelog V1

-drag down the left side for view notification

-drag down the right side for view toggles

-touches or slides on the clock/date to convert : notification-toggles

-expanded status bar all 41 toggles

-all the toggles and layout view screenshots:

• Notification power widgets

- 20 Toggles: Screenshot, Flashlight, Screen Off, Next Track, Previous Track, Play/Pause, Airplane, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Lockscreen, Mobile Data, Orientation, Reboot, Shutdown, Screen Timeout, Sound, Sync, Wifi, Tether

- Widget buttons order

- Show/Hide power widgets

- Hide on change

- Hide indicator and custom color

- Hide scrollbar

- Widget buttons order

- Sound, brightness, and screen timeout modes

• Status bar tweaks

- Clock tweaks (hide, center, am/pm, size, custom text color and font)

- Battery tweaks (hide, text style indicator, CM mini battery icon style, size, custom text color and font)

- Battery bar

- Signal tweaks (hide, text style indicator, size, custom text color and font)

- Option for status bar and notification transparency and custom colors

- Option to hide statusbar toggle title

• Extended power menu (4-way reboot + screenshot)

• Status bar soft keys

- Show/hide home, menu, and back keys

• Lockscreen styles

- Sliding tab (stock themed)

- Sliding tab Rotary (+ revamped)

- Lense

- Ring (Bubble, Revamped, Holo, Blade) + Minimal ring style

- Circle (Stock)

- Glass

- Epic

- Fascinate (puzzle)

• Lockscreen custom app starter

• Lockscreen widget (Carrier, clock, date, battery, and status) layout

• Option to change color of lockscreen widgets

• Option to change style of lockscreen widget clock

• Lockscreen music controls settings

• Lockscreen gestures

• Lockscreen background

• Unlock options

All above options are accessible via Settings > Lockscreen


Settings > Status Bar Tweaks

To change custom font, override the file 'clock_font.ttf' in /system/TEAM/font/

• Long-press volume key to skip back/forward tracks when screen is off (Hardcoded. Works with patched stock music app included in the zip)

• Long-press back key to kill foreground app (enable in Settings > Applications > Development)





-***Copy zip to sd card***

- Go To Recovery

- Select mount /system

- Install Zip From SD Card

-Select Status Bar JB.4.2-S5830XWKTM-DDKQ8-XWKTQ-KTR-KTS-V1.zip - flash

- Reboot and enjoy.


Mod Status-Bar-JB.4.2-S5830XWKTM-DDKQ8-XWKTQ-KTR-KTS-V1.zip

(Status-Bar-(add-ST)JB.4.2-S5830XWKTM-DDKQ8-XWKTQ-KTR-KTS-V1.zip) http://forum.xda-dev...45&d=1370339273

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Mdrrrr ton "PS" il est juste épique !! Pivot c'est retourné de sa tombe x'D

Par contre, cette status bar est bizarre, comment on fait pour changer de côté (entre le côté notif et le côté quick launcher) et j'ai aussi l'impression que la bordure du haut n'est pas assez grande et que la barre d'état "mange" un peu la barre de notif..

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