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[ROM][27-08] BugX 6.0.3 [Sense 5][4.18.401.2][AIO][Fast][Stable][Fixed Wifi]

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  • Based on 4.18.401.2 Android 4.2.2 Sense 5.0 Final.
  • Require's Hboot 1.36
  • Multi-language (WWE).
  • ROM is build with the Latest Dsixda's Android Kitchen.
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned.
  • Some Fixes and removed some unnecessary Stuff.
  • Unsecured boot.img.
  • Persistent ADB enabled.
  • SuperSU, Busybox and Sysro/sysrw commands support.
  • Init.d scripts support.
  • All Add-ons and Mods can be installed tru Aroma Installer.
  • Aroma only system Partition format for Updating."]This option does not install the data/apps again[/color]).
  • Aroma restore's now your selected settings(Don't work if you format the data partition before you run aroma installer).
  • Widget Scanner script
  • Seb's Wipe script
  • Beautiful BugX Bootanimations
  • Choose between 21 different battery mods
  • Choose between 3 different Seb's HighDef connectivity mods



BugX 6.0.3: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Build from scratch again
- CRT off as default
- Removed Transition Animations from 4.3
- Removed Font from 4.3
- Add new Home Menu (thanks to lyapota)
- Add new APM (thanks to lyapota)
- Add 30 pos. media volume control (thanks to lyapota)
- Removed weather mods
(to much difference in the weather widgets)
- Added Optional removal Horizantal EQS
- Added Optional All Transparent (Folder - Navbar - Weather)-(thanks to ckpv5)
- Fixed LiveWallpapers (you never guess which files caused it)
- Fixed Smartdial
- Add Optional to Disable 3-Dot Menu
- Made the Backlight Brightness a little lower then normal (a little bit)
- Disable signature checks....

BugX 6.0.2: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Fixed bad Wifi ...Finally.. (thanks to RichmondoUK)
- Removed some system/apps (now in data/app)
- Added / Updated data/apps
- Added Gps to EQS
- Reorderd EQS
- Added Horizantal EQS

BugX 6.0.1: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Fixed Battery % (so all battery and connectivity mods are still in)
- Added Home screen menu (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added default one press recent apps for home menu
- Added Optional android Lock-Appdrawer icon
- Added TaskManager to system/app

BugX 6.0: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Changed rom to base 4.18.401.2 (Sense 5 4.2.2) (thanks to mike)
- Removed apps removal (if you want apps removed then do it manually)
(not much time to figure out what is what)(maybe some day if i have time)
- Removed also Desense (it is a sense rom no aosp rom,always hated that option)
- Added Optional CRT OFF animation (thanks to Baadnewz)
- Added Optional Sense and Weezle Weather Icons (thanks for Basil)
- Added Optional Sebs Signal and Connectivity icons
- Added Advanced Power Menu
- Added Transition Animations from 4.3 (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added Font from android 4.3 (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added Optional Center Clock
- Added Optional Odex rom on first boot






--- MD5 : 623F8E69A72ADADCFAEDF7BDB8DD83C2 ---

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