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[ROM] Elegancia | Sense 5 | HUB-APM-EQS | 3.17.401.2 | JB 4.3 | (Abandonnée)


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source du tuto






  • HTC base: 3.17.401.2 - credits LlabTooFeR for the base (Link)
  • Stock Kernel: 3.4.10 with s-on kernel flasher by xhausx
  • ElementalX Kernel - By Flar2 (optional) (link)
  • myHUB - Fully Sensed HUB – by Microsmile (link)
  • OTA support via native updater – By m0narx (link)
  • Instant Power Off in Notification bar By ♀Mivahe (link)
  • Blinkfeed removal (optional) first M7 rom without Blinkfeed (link)
  • two roms in one zip: 1 slightly customized stock and 1 Colored version via vrtheme
  • Transparent Notification and Navigation Bar (Optional)
  • PureXAudio (Optional) props ZeroInfinity (link)
  • Viper4Android support (optional) Props ViPER520 & Zhuhang (link)
  • CRT-off animation (optional) Props mwilky
  • Several different Weather Icon MODs (optional) Prop Basil3 (link)
  • Camera Volume key mods (optional) By Matt (link)
  • Google 4.3 Camera (optional)
  • Xposed Framework (optional)
  • Sony's Xreality (optional)
  • Multi language (FULL WWE)
  • busybox and init.d support
  • Rooted with latest Superuser by koush
  • persistent ADB enabled
  • sysro / sysrw binaries
  • openvpn / sqlite support
  • disabled logging & removed bloatware
  • advanced power menu - credits Dunc001 for the original mod (link)
  • mail.apk with disabled security by default
  • battery % mod - credits shnizlon (optional)
  • disable 3-dot black bar (via Settings)
  • lower autobrightness values - credits he_stheone64 (optional)
  • wake via volume buttons (optional)
  • to remove grid from contact pic in dialer – credits Ponidkos (optional)
  • power save persistent notification (optional)
  • disable exchange security (optional)
  • NFC on when screen off (optional)
  • NFC Notification Icon (optional)
  • launcher grid sizes (optional)
  • enhanced mms (optional)
  • center clock in notificationbar (optional)
  • custom window transition animations (optional)
  • Custom fonts (optional)
  • Lagfix on every reboot
  • Cyanagon LockClock (optional)
  • Ramdisk improvements
  • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
  • Optimized with latest sdk
  • Stable and many more modifications under the hood wink.gif


éléments requis:


  1. Bootloader dévérouillé
  2. dernier recovery TWRP  (pour profiter au mieux des OTA )
  3. S-OFF recommandé wink.gif (mais non obligatoire)



screenshots (version stock):






(version blue) :






la team:


♥ Chef Dev: V6-Maniac
♣ Team Member : Seriously Crazy
♠ Recognized Contributor: Dublinz
♠ Recognized Contributor: Prinz069
♠ Recognized Contributor: Juancubo
♠ Recognized Contributor: Ty5982
♠ Recognized Contributor: Mdpgc
♠ Team B Member: Saugbaer
♠ Team B Member: Hd2neuling
♠ Team B Member: Tantin75
♥ Team Members: All Elegancia Users






site du dev

lien du serveur xda

lien profil du dev "Android File Host"


mise a jour par SVN


customiser les quick settings


pour faire un don:






mes impressions:


rom très fluide .

a 1ère vu elle a l'air d'avoir une bonne autonomie .


un petit bug (connu) rencontré :

dans l'appli "messages" dans options>générales

si l'appli FC, il vous faut installer titanium backup

et vider les données de l'appli "message"


pour plus d'explications sur les éventuels bugs rendez-vous au post 3 sur xda >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=43263935&postcount=3

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