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[Script][All 4.2.2 ROMS][AROMA]Suvi Booster Script V4.0 [6 Nov 2013][Profile Support]

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Voici un script à flasher via recovery, qui permet de rendre les Roms 4.2.2 beaucoup plus fluide.


Pensez à désinstaller les logiciels du type "No Frills CPU" et les script qui amèliorent la gestion des processeurs.

Inspired from CPU Editor by smokin1337
also to MarkusMcNugen for the idea
All A110 users and ROM developers
Special thanks to pratik more for MIUI V5 4.2.2 ROM which made me develop this script

Merci à bsuhas de XDA







Suvi Booster Script V4.0 (7Nov2013)

  • Built in profiles as per your needs, select from Aroma installer
  • New SBS logo
  • Aroma installer is all-in-one place for different profiles and uninstaller -
  • Profiles build-in -
    • Performance & Powersave
    • Hybrid & Powersave 
    • Ondemand & Hybrid
    • Ondemand & Powersave 
    • Performance & Hybrid 
    • Sakuractive & Hybrid 
    • Sakuractive & Powersave
  • Fixed sqlite3 binary on MIUI roms (maybe for all?)
  • Support to delete existing init.d tweaks
  • Other tweaks -
  • perfect mount options
  • Kernel VM management
  • Kernel scheduler, less aggressive settings
  • Misc tweaks for battery life
  • EXT4 tweaks - remove journalism
  • Defrags database files
  • Disable normalize sleeper
  • maybe some other ....

Suvi Booster Script V3.4 (6Nov2013)

  • Performance improvements (of script)
  • CPU1 and CPU2 settings are overlapped due to a bug (not in script but its MTK). Hence removed CPU2 governor and frequency settings.
  • 'performace' when awake, 'powersave' when sleep. Improve speed when active and saves battery when sleep.
  • guaranty to boost performance..... smile.gif

Suvi Booster Script V3 (5Nov2013)

  • Performance improvements (of script)
  • No more background loop. Loop runs in main process.
  • Lags now reduced....(I hope so)
  • CONSIDER_BATTERY_STATUS="0" by default. to improve charging time
  • Sleep governors changed to conservative and powersave for CPU core 1 and 2 respectively - To improve battery life

Suvi Booster Script V2.1 (2Nov2013)

  • New folder structure.
    - SuviBooster.log (log file)
    - SuviBoosterConfig.sh (configuration file)
    - current_version.txt (current version, do not edit)
    - SuviBoosterScriptV2.1.sh (main script engine, do not edit)
  • Re-factored code. More developer friendly smile.gif
  • Prevents parallel execution. (due to bug in ROM). Script engine will ensure that its only one instance is running.
  • Permission issue fix. Run the script SuviBoosterConfig.sh once as root and then reboot.

Suvi Booster Script V2 (28Oct2013)

  • Added battery intelegence.
    #Consider the battery status in the script. like -
    #When charging, don't apply sleep setting freq and governors. 
    #When battery is below 15 (see the BATTERY_MIN_LIMIT below) do not apply awake freq and governors
    #Set it to 0 if you want the script to ignore the battery status
    #The minimum battery percentage below which the battery saving profile is applied
  • Improved read_ahed_kb settings
  • Removed file monior loop. Now log file is cleared every 1000th execution of main loop.
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J'ai suivi les consignes. Script mis en place avec TWRP en recovery. Je comprends exactement les différence entre les profils proposés; mais bon. Ma question est comment on peut changer de profil, car je n'ai trouvé qu'en relancer l'installation en recovery. Et une seconde question dans la foulée, note-on une différence sensible en changeant d'un profil à l'autre.



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