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[ROM] KTR-ROM v1.14 [JellyKat]

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Hey guys, I stand, I'm KREAT0R of Argentina.
My ROM started as personal use, several Argentine forum users asked if they could release it to the public, then it was well as the April 17 started to share in "Grupo Android".
Today I am compelled to post it here on XDA, and I saw that Omar was to implement cosmetic changes I made in my ROM, my idea was to distinguish, but good...

Sorry, I'm using Google translator, I'm going to translate the post as possible.

Do a NANDROID BACKUP of your current ROM first!
We recommend installing over firmware Retail EU to avoid problems unrelated to the ROM.

- Based JB 4.1.2 Retail EU
- Kernel of Omar-Avelar (M9) Sources here
- Debloated APKs
- Deodex
- ZipAlign
- Pre-Rooted with SuperSU v2.01 of Chainfire
- BusyBox v1.20.2
- RAM Optimized
- Tweaks Wifi y 3G
- Tweaks to Kernel
- Tweaks Battery Saver
- Blocker ads (hosts file)
- GPS optimized for Sudamérica
- News Aplications Installed Automatic ZipAlign (better use RAM)

- Curves of low screen brightness (In automatic, for battery saver)
- Status bar style KitKat
- Curtain Notifications Modified
- Navegation bar smaller (38 dpi)
- Circle Battery mod with % and animation (style CyanogenMod)
- Lockscreen (style KitKat)
- Keys Volumen change song
- Power Menú Extended (Reboot and Recovery)
- APN's updated (if one does not work or missing please post the settings for it to be fixed in a future release)
- Notification LED blinks faster

- Nova Launcher (Default)
- Galery (Modified)
- Camera Stock (Modified aesthetics, by default is activated by long press the dedicated button)
- Phone and Contacts (aesthetically modified)
- Mensajería SMS/MMS Stock (Modified aesthetically and limit messages by conversation 9998)
- Keyboard Google 4.4
- Emojis fully functional
- Calendar Google
- Clock/Alarm 4.4 (aesthetically modified)
- Calculator CyanogenMod (aesthetically modified)
- Sound Recorder (includes shortcut)
- Movie Studio
- DLNA 100% funtional

- Google Play Music + Eq (Customizable)
- Browser Stock (aesthetically modified)
- Flash Player
- E-mail with Exchange (replacing Gmail)

- Play Store (Last version)
- YouTube (Last version, share with Chromecast y Smart TV)
- ES File Explorer
- QuickOffice
- Maps
- Trickster MOD (if you do not know how to use it, only use the cpu to control states and temperatures)
- Greenify (applications to hibernate and not left in the background consuming battery / cpu)

- Fonts Android 4.4
- New Bootanimation Android L Preview
- Sounds KitKat + CM11
- And many things more...


Facebook works perfect since KTR-ROM v1.0.3.
Twitter works since updated (application error).


Screenshots (KTR-ROM v1.13)
b3t08s0uzvitcug4g.jpg 6sgo6lqb6ea4qz04g.jpg tprkaiyg21bvi2f4g.jpg u76d7dm26u3nghu4g.jpg 3mwa7tavn6bix9q4g.jpg aj1hy9v5cvcbkot4g.jpg [s0e876rsdzi75734g.jpg hvejo9r1u96dxzg4g.jpg rmxoz3mr6xv5cco4g.jpg 02unqqf56d9jfgq4g.jpg q8ube5opqw3n2c24g.jpg xq30bah03aovhzo4g.jpg 45nabosc2h1yoyx4g.jpg 0ul382k3uz083c34g.jpg j8haus8v7wfd7jx4g.jpg 9xqjv4b9cmywy1y4g.jpg ynza8dtxy9v215p4g.jpg zcaoh9gw3szmb8y4g.jpg 1171kal7b8hk5ua4g.jpg m96zza30lhh499y4g.jpg

Screenshots (KTR-ROM v1.13 + TogglesKTR v1.5)
plxvghxaaegl2wu4g.jpg ilipc24pu9m9hui4g.jpg qt3qlba2efvv3784g.jpg 6gg0dnanoipq8854g.jpg kvlzxyi1ldfeefc4g.jpg [gx8jr5fgd1ks5rl4g.jpg

Screenshots (KTR-ROM v1.13 + TogglesKTR v1.5 + SoftKeys Android L)
23ov2nowbf8qq2h4g.jpg 3lae6et76afrurc4g.jpg 7atdqgg7mv20x0l4g.jpg sry7ha94e3zbf9r4g.jpg cmxdo11j0npgxu84g.jpg 8827bthonxcf9414g.jpg





- Before installation, it is recommended to make a nandroid (backup).
- We recommend using TWRP (v2.6.1.1), which is used to test the ROM and Flasheables.




Guide first Installation of ROM

- Download ROM and copy to sd
- Enter in TWRP or CWM
- Wipes required: data, system, cache y dalvik
*In CWM mount system must format before (Mount and storage -> Mount system)
- Install KTR-ROM-Vx.x.x.zip
- Reboot
- Configure, wait 2 o 3 minutes, power off y power on
- Enjoy!


Recommendation on first startup and configuration of the ROM
- In the first startup configuration if I want to use wifi, I recommend you do the first 2 quick steps before you connect 3g, which appears to them to connect to wifi. Tilden "Show Advanced Options" and put IP settings "Automatic" so that they are properly connected wifi (if left on DHCP you may tell them "unstable Connection Disabled ....") and can continue normally configured with your account gmail.
All this shows that no back buttons, Start ...

- Back in the "Desktop" still leave a cell 5min. to stabilize the ROM, I restarted and it can be used normally.



Installation Guide if you already have the ROM.

- Download ROM and copy to sd
- Enter in TWRP or CWM
- Wipes required: system, cache y dalvik
*In CWM mount system must format before (Mount and storage -> Mount system)
- Install KTR-ROM-Vx.x.x.zip
- Reboot
- After the ROM started, leave 2 to 3 minutes at rest, power off y power on
- Enjoy!

Installation Guide of Toggles
Only after starting to install the ROM at least once, but the notification bar and navigation will not show them.

- Download Toggles and copy to sd
- Enter in TWRP or CWM
- Wipes required: cache y dalvik
- Install TogglesKTR-vx.x.zip
- Reboot
- Enjoy!
- Your configuration is done from the TogglesKTR application.





KTR-ROM-v1.14: http://www.mediafire.com/download/av...-ROM-v1.14.zip
MD5: FA04877EBE523BF6ED59B62A133559D7
SHA-1: 390035B2ACA5DCA12EC3AD4EE2762829C06FE4F5

TogglesKTR-v1.6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/96...esKTR-v1.6.zip
SHA-1: A3028653B2FED955E233770F5D87094992EEA2FB

TogglesKTR-v1.6 + SoftKeys Android L: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ch...R-v1.6-SKL.zip
MD5: 42636BA2B34303CB452298158D0CCF22
SHA-1: FCD4DF14FCFA0C91A5216901928CA5543708F00A

* Please check the MD5 of the zip to verify that it has been downloaded correctly and avoid problems outside the ROM.
They can use the MultiHasher tool to check





KTR-ROM v1.14 - Sep-12-2014: Kernel-Omar Avelar (M9) to avoid reboots. Updated APKs (Greenify, Google Play Music, ES File Explorer, Google Synthesis, etc). More modifications to the kernel and Tweaks. Notification LED blinks faster.
TogglesKTR v1.6 - Sep-12-2014: Fix compatibility module xposed "Blurred System UI".
KTR-ROM v1.13 - 30-Aug-2014: New Kernel Omar-Avelar (August 28). Updated APKs (Nova Launcher, Greenify, Trickster MOD, Maps). More modifications to the Kernel and Tweaks, more fluidity and maybe more battery.

KTR-ROM v1.12 - WIP: New Kernel. Retouching aesthetic. Updated Apps (Google Play Music, ES File Explorer, Google Services Play, YouTube, Google Search). Added Applications (Movie Studio). Kernel Modifications and Tweaks. Retouching to the Camera. Notification LED blinks a little faster.
TogglesKTR v1.5 + SoftKeys Android L - Jul-25-2014: Just change the SoftKeys.

KTR-ROM v1.11 - Jul-24-2014: Kernel M9 Omar-Avelar. Keyboard Android L. Retouching aesthetic. Updated Apps (Google Search, Maps, Play Store v4.9.13). Bootanimation Moto X /G.
KTR-ROM v1.10 - Jul-19-2014: Kernel Jul-16-2014 Omar-Avelar. Fix BusyBox. Added sound of Camera in Burst Mode.
KTR-ROM v1.0.9 - Jul-16-2014: Fixed Nova Launcher (because it leaves no turn to Prime). Updated Apps (Maps, YouTube, Google Play Services, Google Play Music, Calculator, Nova Launcher). Notification LED blinks a little faster. Slightly larger Navigation bar (34 to 38dpi). Updated BusyBox (v1.22.1). Changed the application root to SuperSU v2.01 of Chainfire. New Bootanimation Android L.
TogglesKTR v1.5 - Jul-16-2014: Corrections Internal, renowned application.
KTR-ROM v1.0.8 - Jun-25-2014: Kernel M9. Updated APKs (Google Play Music, ES File Explorer, Play Store, Nova Launcher, Maps, YouTube). Aesthetic touches (Clock/Alarm). Touches to Tweaks. Slightly larger Navigation bar (32 to 34dpi). Notification LED blinks a little faster. New Bootanimation Motorola WorldCup. Added Application Sound Recorder (with direct access).
TogglesKTR v1.4 - Jun-13-2014: Added Translations English and Portuguese BR (Thanks to Hip Hop for the translation into Portuguese BR).
KTR-ROM v1.0.7 - May-27-2014: Update Kernel May-21-2014 of Omar-Avelar. Updated APKs (Greenefy, Calculator, ES File Explorer, Services Google Play, Trickster MOD). Added some Fonts. Correction Blocker Advertisements HOSTS file. Más retoques estéticos (Calculadora, Reloj, Versión Android). Changed Application Mail / Exchange (para ver si se soluciona los que tienen problemas, borrarle datos y cache). Revert APN configurations and updgrade the defaults (QUAM, Virgin, VTR) please advise if there is missing or needs to be corrected.
TogglesKTR v1.3 - May-27-2014: Internal corrections (Not visible to the user).
KTR-ROM v1.0.6 - May-15-2014: GPU Reverted changes implemented in 1.0.5 (sometimes caused some lag). Updated APN for Telcel.
KTR-ROM v1.0.5 TEST - May-13-2014: Fix Equalizer (Now let personalize). More aesthetic touches (Contacts, Dialer, EQ and overall system). Updated to Kernel de Omar-Avelar May 5. Touches to Tweaks. Updated APKs (Calculator, YouTube, Maps). Slightly larger Navigation bar (30 to 32dpi). Brillo Automático más bajo para ahorrar bateria (default ROM de Omar-Avelar). Navigation Buttons Icons Stock. Notification LED blinks faster. Added Widget Contacts Favorites aesthetic touches. Retouching GPS Tweaks.
These things please test and advise how they work:
* APN's updated: Restore your APN settings and test if it works, if you require any modification please post the settings correct.
* Performance test the phone and I made some changes to the GPU work harder and thus save battery with display.
TogglesKTR v1.2 - May-11-2014: Removed Menu button always active in the navigation bar (3 dots).
TogglesKTR v1.1 - May-05-2014: Spanish translation, to make it easier to configure.
TogglesKTR v1.0 - May-03-2014: First Version of Toggles.
KTR-ROM v1.0.4 - May-02-2014: More aesthetic arrangements (still missing some details). Updated APKs (Calculator, ES File Explorer, Play Music). More tweaks to the kernel Mayor achieving fluency and speed. Notification LED blinks a little faster. Installing the ROM more faster (You should not stay in "Formatting System").
KTR-ROM v1.0.3 TEST - Apr-26-2014: Fix Facebook (upload images and write statements). Enhanced GPS settings.
KTR-ROM v1.0.2 - Apr-25-2014: Dwarfed even the navigation bar (38 to 30dpi). Circle Battery Icon with % and animation. Cosmetic changes in the entire system (less blue, more white). Modified APKS Phone, SMS/MMS, Galery and Browser cambiando el azul por blanco y gris. Agregados Sonidos y Fuentes KitKat faltantes. Updated APKs (YouTube, Calendar Google). Fix Emojis Keyboard. Added Facial Lock Screen. Added DLNA system. Added missing libraries and system files to avoid problems.
KTR-ROM v1.0.1 - Apr-19-2014: Automatic minimum brightness slightly increased.Small cosmetic changes (Camera, Phone, Contacts). Updated APKs (Youtube, ES File Explorer, Calculator).
KTR-ROM v1.0.0 - Apr-17-2014: First Version of ROM.


Hip Hop
Linux Community
Users (Grupo Android, Community Google+, XDA)



Spanish Support on the official post: http://www.grupoandroid.com/topic/98...ca-01-06-2014/



XDA Support on the official post et aussi SOURCE du post : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2777343











Optional Mods
We recommend using TWRP v2.6.1.1

Before installation, it is recommended to make a nandroid (backup).

Mods for KTR-ROM


Stock Motorola Screen brightness: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2o...-v1.14-KTR.zip
Low Brightness Screen (Default KTR-ROM v1.14): http://www.mediafire.com/download/0e...-v1.14-KTR.zip

Music Widget LockScreen with background of the cover disk (type Stock): http://www.mediafire.com/download/j3...-v1.14-KTR.zip
Widget LockScreen Music Transparent (Default KTR-ROM v1.14):

* Instructions: Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash and restart.






TWRP v2.6.1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8f...-RepackKTR.zip Recommended!
TWRP v2.6.3.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4w...-RepackKTR.zip Vey slow, Recommended if you have a problem with

CWM (No Touch) v6.0.3.6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pb...-RepackKTR.zip
CWM (Touch) v6.0.1.9: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6f...-RepackKTR.zip

* Instructions: Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash and restart.

If you have any problems with the zip can install via fastboot: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2281224





M7 Omar-Avelar (Default KTR-ROM v1.0.0 to v1.0.4): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ce...-RepackKTR.zip
M9 Omar-Avelar (Default KTR-ROM v1.0.8, v1.0.9 and v1.11): http://www.mediafire.com/download/cr...-RepackKTR.zip
04-May-2014 Omar-Avelar (Default KTR-ROM v1.0.5 and v1.0.6): http://www.mediafire.com/download/26...-RepackKTR.zip
12-May-2014 Omar-Avelar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d9...-RepackKTR.zip
14-May-2014 Omar-Avelar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wm...-RepackKTR.zip
21-May-2014 Omar-Avelar (Default KTR-ROM v1.0.7): http://www.mediafire.com/download/tc...-RepackKTR.zip
03-Jun-2014 Omar-Avelar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ax...-RepackKTR.zip
10-Jun-2014 Omar-Avelar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/59...-RepackKTR.zip
11-Jul-2014 Omar-Avelar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yd...-RepackKTR.zip
16-Jul-2014 Omar-Avelar (Default KTR-ROM v1.10): http://www.mediafire.com/download/h4...-RepackKTR.zip

* Instructions: Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash and restart.

* Instructions: Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash and restart.




Moto X: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wl...-RepackKTR.zip
Google Edition (Nexus): http://www.mediafire.com/download/1a...-RepackKTR.zip
Droid DNA (with sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/mb...-RepackKTR.zip
Droid ULTRA (with sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8...-RepackKTR.zip
Stock RAZR i: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ye...-RepackKTR.zip
Motorola World Cup 2014: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d3...Cup2014KTR.zip
Android L Preview: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rd...ndroidLKTR.zip

* Instructions: Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash and restart.





XDA Support on the official post et aussi SOURCE du post : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2777343

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Guide first Installation of ROM

- Download ROM and copy to sd

- Enter in TWRP or CWM

- Wipes required: data, system, cache y dalvik

*In CWM mount system must format before (Mount and storage -> Mount system)

- Install KTR-ROM-Vx.x.x.zip

- Reboot

- Configure, wait 2 o 3 minutes, power off y power on

- Enjoy!




Merci pour le post. Pourrais tu préciser quels wipes effectuer, et dans quel ordre, et où on les trouve dans CWM ?

Et quand il dit "*In CWM mount system must format before (Mount and storage -> Mount system)" ?


Ceci parce que je suis sur KTR v 1.0.7, et que j'ai voulu faire la MAJ vers 1.0.8 et j'ai eu un gros bug.



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Salut, pour installer les ROM 1.0.7 puis 1.0.9 puis 1.10 j ai fait ceci :

Wipes Data/factory reset

Wipe Cache

Advanced -> wipe dalvik

Mount and storage -> mount system

Instal depuis sd card de la ROM

Reboot system

Et jamais eu aucun pb

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Merci de ta réponse, c'est bcp + clair.
Et la v 1.10 apporte bcp de changements ?


edit : c'est fait, ça a bien marché comme ça, je n'ai pas fait le wipe data, tout va bien, merci des précisions


edit 2 : v 1.11 dispo : KTR-ROM v1.11 - Jul-24-2014: Kernel M9 Omar-Avelar. Keyboard Android L. Retouching aesthetic. Updated Apps (Google Search, Maps). Bootanimation Moto X /G.

Edited by gb2b
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Oui j'ai vu ...


C'est bien qu'il y ai un suivi mais la c'est limite trop ... y a une nouvelle version tous les 3 jours.  Un peu plus de test avant les realeases seraient bienvenus.


Apres j'ai la 1.13 et elle tourne super bien. Donc si je change ca sera pour la 2.0

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Ben la v2 si j ai bien compris c'est la 1.14 avec un skin android l au lieu de kitkat.

Je dis pas que c est pas bien, hein ! Juste que ce sont les mêmes rom avec interface graphique différente.

Mais en effet l interface de la v2 à l air bien faite et fidèle à android l preview

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bonsoir.... je suis nouveau dans tous ce ci et je vous ai lus mais c'est pas simple pour moi. j'ai un enorme soucis avec mon telephone motorola razr. j'arrive plus a le redémarrer. il s'allume,et bloc juste apres le logo motorola. j'ai vue quelque part qu'il fallait que je maintienne les touches volume et power enfoncées en meme temps en suite recovery,wipe etc.. ce que j'ai fais mais seulement quand je rentre dans recovery,il y a le logo d'un android couché avec le ventre ouvert et une sorte de panneau. ça fait ça un moment puis ça redemare et en suite pareil,ça bloc toujour pareil. j'ai vraiment besoin d'aide svp. Merci d'avance  

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