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[Test/Review] Un petit tour des tests sur la ZenPad S 8.0


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Vu que cette section du forum est tristement vide et que la sortie française de la Zenpad S 8.0 ne devrait plus tarder en France je me suis permis de créer un petit topic (qui sera mise à jour) qui centralisera toutes les prises en mains/test/review de la dernière tablette d'Asus.


Update 1: 11 Sept ajout de la review de Laptomag + Android Police + Android Authority


Les numériques:




"Lors de notre prise en main, l'ensemble nous est apparu fluide et sans lags." 

"En main, bien que la tablette soit entièrement en plastique, la sensation est loin d'être désagréable, grâce à son poids relativement contenu de 350 g."




The Verge




+ :  Design beau et unique, rapide et très multi tâche, bon haut parleurs

- : ZenUi et les bloatwares


"Once you rid it of the bloatware and annoying notifications, the hardware you’re left with scores higher than most other devices at this price point."

"The tablet zips around and hops between apps with no noticeable stutters or lag. It’ll load games quickly, but I’ve seen some concerning issues during extended sessions. "




Tablet PC Review




+ :  Très belle écran, bonne perf, 64Go de stockage, 4Go de RAM, très bonne caméra

- : Autonomie, ZenUi et les bloatwares


"The Asus ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) is a solid device with one of the best screens available on any mid-size tablet, much more built-in storage than similarly priced models have, performance that is good but not outstanding, and cameras that are better than average."




Android Central



+ :  Légère, excellent haut parleurs, écran, bonne perf

- : Autonomie, ZenUi et les bloatwares, quelques problèmes de chauffe



"While this is clearly not a tablet for gamers, anyone looking for a casual browsing tablet for video and the occasional game could do a whole lot worse than this tablet, and probably spend more in the process. Overall this is a great tablet at a price point that should excite a lot of people, and serves as further evidence that a reckoning is coming for those companies whose price tags aren't competing in this space."




Update 1: Nouveau ajouts du 11 septembre






+ : Intel Atom/4Go offre un mutlitâche efficace, deisgn/poids

- : Ecran perfectible en exterieur, autonomie


"The Asus ZenPad S 8 0 offers a vibrant screen, sleek design and more than capable performance for $100 to $200 less than other premium 8-inch tablets. ZenUI also offers some nice shortcuts and a good Kids Mode app for safely sharing the slate with children. We just wish the ZenPad S lasted longer on a charge and wasn't so laden with bloatware. "




Android Police




+ : L'autonomie, les perfs plus que correct, la prise en main

- : ZenUI pas top et bourré de bloatware, finition plastique et pas de Quick Charge 2.0


This thing gets insane standby battery life, and general use is a little above average despite the smallish Li-ion cell. Generally very responsive and quick to launch apps.[...] Most of the included features are of little use and there are so many bloatware apps. It's also still based on Android 5.0. No support for QuickCharge 2.0, so it takes a few hours to charge completely."




Android Authority



+ : Software très personnalisable, bon haut parleurs, fluide, bonne batterie, port micro SD

- : ZenUI trop bourré de bloatware, manque de fluidité en lecture vidéo, pas de multi fenêtre


"This tablet offers everything you’d expect from a high-end device in 2015, with its Quad HD resolution display, 4 GB of RAM, and front-facing dual stereo speakers. Additions like the extremely customizable UI make the experience even better, and the device doesn’t need any help from a third-party applications to create a great tablet experience. Thankfully, the only flaws in the ZenPad S 8.0 are software related and can likely be fixed at some point down the road. "

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