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[S7 EDGE] [ROM] Android Nougat 7.0 Official-Stable [DQF6] ODEX/ROOT/BUSYBOX [v17.0]

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Bonjour à tous,


Je veux relever cette section du S7 Edge qui est complètement morte sur Frandroid , j'adore le forum et le site donc je vous propose un partage d'une ROM Beta de Nougat dispo sur le site d'XDA


Je vais traduire au maximum ce topic 






# This ROM is made for (SM-G930F) S7 Flat and (SM-G935F) S7 Edge models!
# Flash it at your own Risk!
# Your warranty is VOID Knox flags 0x1
# I'm not responsible for damage to equipment or loss of warranty!


About Rom

* Model:SM-G935F
* Model name: Galaxy S7 edge
* Version Android: 7.0
* Changelist: 10422490
* Build date: Thu, 02 Feb 2017 06:57:30 +0000
* Security Patch Level: 2017-02-01
* Super-Stock Kernel for S7 Flat / S7 Edge includded!
* Latest bootloader/modem S7 Flat / S7 Edge included to aroma installer!
* Removed 100% Knox and Fota Client
* Rooted by SuperSU or Magisk!
* Busyboxed v1.26.2


* fixed permissions for external storage r/w
* private mode fixed
* keep current csc or select region from aroma!

* added reboot to recovery button to power menu
* enabled fingerprint unclock after reboot without pattern or pin
* enabled duration keys lighting in the setting
* enabled secret mode in samsung browser
* disabled high volume warning for head phones
* enabled ambient display
* enabled floating messages
* enabled applock
* enabled screen capture toogle with screen recorder support
* enabled google assistant (only for english language)
* enabled air command N5
* enabled multi subsymbols for S7 keyboard
* enabled knox secure folder support
* 1060 Fonts Pack mod
* iOS Emoji mod
* A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems™ mod
* Dolby Atmos™ mod
* Dual Speaker Sound Mod

* bulid.prop tweaks for best results:
disable secure storage
faster boot animation
screen mirroring fix
battery improvment
lags and glitches reduced
and more...

* csc features like: 
call recording
identify unsaved numbers
receive MMS without mobile data on
support recent app protection
enable LTE mobile data icon instead 4G
enable data usage information under brightness slider
enable multi user support
enable flipboard briefing visilibity on page tw launcher
Vo-LTE support enabled
real-network speed meter in network settings
and more... 

* optimization tweaks for best results:
fstrim command on every boot
logs cleaner on every boot
zippaling on every boot
sqlite3 v3.12.1 optimization on every boot

Télécharger ROM 


Comment l'installer
Installation recommandé pour les utilisateurs de MM 6.0.1

1 - TéléchargerTWRP (hero2lte)
2 - Télécharger Odin v3.12.3
3 - Télécharger no-verity-opt-encrypt-2.2.zip et copier le sur votre carte SD externe
4 - Activer le mode développeur et le mode OEM 
5 - Redémarre en mode DOWNLOAD et lancer odin télécharger et installer la dernière version de TWRP
6 - Une fois le recovery flashé se rendre dedans et flasher le fichier (un format data peut être nécessaire avant) no-verity-opt-encrypt-2.2.zip
7 - Redémarrer en recovery 

8- Flasher la rom au format ZIP
9 - Flasher aroma addons packed zip (facultatif)
10- Redémarrer le téléphone.


Rom Control


SystemUI Mods
* Right Clock (Show/Hide)
* Center Clock (Show/Hide)
* Open app if click on stock clock (On/Off)
* Stock Battery (Show/Hide)
* 3Minit Battery (Show/Hide)
* Display Battery Percentage (Show/Hide)
* Wifi/Data Signal (Left/Right)
* 3Minit Clock (Show/Hide)
* Left Traffic (Show/Hide)
* Right Traffic (Show/Hide)
* Network Traffic Preference
* Custom Text (On/Off)
* Virtual Buttons (On/Off)

Notification Panel Mods
* Data Usage Preference
* Device Info Preference
* Carrier Label Preference
* Custom Background for Notification Panel
* Single Swipe for right side (On/Off)
* Multi-User Icon (Show/Hide)
* Blur Effect (On/Off)

Phone Mods
* Custom Background for IncallUI

Other Mods
* Ambient Display (On/Off)
* Fingerprint Screen Wakeup (On/Off)
* TW Launcher Page Effect
* TW Launcher Gesture Anywhere on Home screen
* Clock on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Date on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Next Alarm on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Accuweather widget on lockscreen (Show/Hide)
* Lockscreen Rotation (On/Off)
* Lockscreen Help text (Show/Hide)
* Lockscreen Carrier Label (Show/Hide)
* USB plug in/out wakeup (On/Off)
* Heads Up Notification (On/Off)
* RAM Bar in recent panel (Show/Hide)
* Matrix Effect in recent panel (Show/Hide)
* Custom Background for Power Menu
* Back to kill (On/Off)
* Long Press Skip Tracks (On/Off)
* Touchkey Light Duration
* Extended Power Menu
power off (Show/Hide)
mobile data (Show/Hide)
airplane mode (Show/Hide)
restart menu (Show/Hide)
multiuser menu (Show/Hide)
reboot recovery (Show/Hide)
quick reboot (Show/Hide)
emergency mode (Show/Hide)
torchlight (Show/Hide)
screenshot (Show/Hide)
screen recorder (Show/Hide)
google assist menu (Show/Hide)

Apps Control
* 3Minit Battery Settings
* 3Minit Clock Settings
* Root Explorer
* AdAway
* Faster GPS
* SuperSU
* Dolby Atmos
* ViperFX

Fix & Varius Mods


Stock DPLT Kernel S7 Flat/S7 Edge + SuperSu + Busybox

SystemUI Mod For v4.1

SystemUI Mod For v4.1 - version 2

samsung beta bugs




Rom v17.0
- update base to XXU1DQF6 official android 7.0 (security patch level 1 june 2017)
- updated stock kernel/modem/bootloader XXU1DQF6 for S7 Flat and S7 Edge
- added safetynet fix for magisksu
- added options to choose "kernel stock" or "tgp kernel lite v 4.74"
- added CSC "PHN" Netherlands
- added CSC "PRT" Poland Play

Addons v17.0
- update mods to new base
- update S8 apps to latest version (G955FXXU1AQF7)
- added to RC high volume warrning (Enable/Disable)




External card decryption read here
Please give me a feedback after testing this rom - thank you!
I agree to use any part of my work to create more advanced custom ROM, but it would be great if you add me to the credits.

Join in my telegram group (publish) for news and support!
Android Nougat S7 ROM by ambasadii

gayos24 - for no-encrypt nougat kernels
Tkkg1994 / jessec - for no-encrypt nougat kernels
Chainfire - for supersu
topjohnw - for magisk root
osm0sis - for busybox
SuperR. - for linux kitchen
geiti94 - for help
Repulsa - for testing
Winb33 - for 1060 system fonts pack


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161121-131138.png Views: 10774 Size: 191.2 KB ID: 4124358   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161121-131250.png Views: 10820 Size: 62.0 KB ID: 4124359   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161121-131209.png Views: 10514 Size: 48.1 KB ID: 4124360   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161121-131215.png Views: 10360 Size: 42.3 KB ID: 4124361   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161121-123020.png Views: 10242 Size: 113.8 KB ID: 4124362   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20161208-132109.jpg Views: 10232 Size: 97.2 KB ID: 4124363   Click image for larger version  Name: photo_2016-12-17_10-42-33.jpg Views: 10078 Size: 53.7 KB ID: 4124364   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20170331-223755.jpg Views: 10250 Size: 226.5 KB ID: 4124365   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20170402-121304.jpg Views: 10088 Size: 238.6 KB ID: 4124366   Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20170430-075311.jpg Views: 8770 Size: 139.8 KB ID: 4132622  







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Je l'utilise au quotidien,


C'est un régal nous en sommes à la BETA 5, c'est fluide aucun bug, c'est clairement plus jolie que l'interface de MM c'est une des raisons pour laquelle je reste dessus.


Pas de xposed encore dessus c'est peut être le seul point negatif, mais aprés toutes les fonctions de Marsmhmallow sont présentes.

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Oui c'est une custom.. Mais pas beaucoup de truc modifié par rapport à la beta d'origine..

Mais fais les majs de ta beta 1 car il y à beaucoup moins de bugs sur les versions suivantes ;)

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