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Nebudroid is a funny way to interact with PC games and simulators using the accelerometer and the new multitouch capabilities. You can drive a car using the phone as a steering wheel (with gears for manual transmission), you can play Mario with a NES controller, or you can jump with the mobile in the pants pocket and Mario will move with you.

The software is tested in a HTC Hero, and soon will be tested in more Android devices.

The software will be continuosly updated, and I'm working in a improved version that has more new features.

pour les non anglophones : nebrudroid sert de manette de jeu pc


- Nebudroid 0.9b released. Now support non-multitouch devices! (HTC Dream, HTC Magic...). Please vote it in ADC2 to help me in developing :-)


source : http://www.nebudroid.com

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