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Vos applications UTILISATEUR installé

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Bonsoir , PAR SIMPLE Curiosité j'aimerai savoir quelle sont vos applications installé sur votre WF .

J'ai créé ma liste en utilisant Titanium Backup.Menu>plus>envoyé données

Les miennes sont donc les suivantes:

Angry Birds Level Unlocker 1.0 (com.reeated.abunlock)

Cache Cleaner 2.12 (org.lsartory.cachecleaner)

GameCenter 1.2.7 (com.gamefly.android.gamecenter)

XDA 1.3.2 (com.quoord.tapatalkxda.activity)

Abduction! 1.47 (au.com.phil)

AdFree 0.4.10 (com.bigtincan.android.adfree)

Album Art Grabber 4.2 - Choose from SDCard + GUI Enhancements (com.citc.aag)

Andro Radio 1.4 (com.otiasj.androradio)

AudioManager 2.2.0 (com.smartandroidapps.audiowidget)

Bluetooth File Transfer 3.95 (it.medieval.blueftp)

Bookmarks to SD 2.0.3 (mobi.mgeek.BookmarkPlugin)

Circular Battery Indicator 3.0.2 (com.irkan.BatteryIndicator)

ColorNote 2.1.1 (com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note)

Dailymotion 1.0.0 (com.haiku.ux.dailymotion)

Desktop Toggles 1.1 (mobi.megeek.DesktopToggles)

Dolphin Browser HD V4.0.0 (mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser)

Doodle Jump 1.0 (com.realarcade.DOJ)

ES File Explorer 1.4.6 (com.estrongs.android.pop)

Extrem Droid Jump 1.2.3 (com.electricsheep.edj)

Facebook 1.4.1 (com.facebook.katana)

Fancy Widget 2.0.3 (com.anddoes.fancywidget)

FrAndroid v. 1.0r3b Free (com.frandroid.mobileapp)

FREEdi YouTube Downloader 1.11.6 (tw.com.freedi.downloader4)

GameBoid Lite 1.17.2 (com.androidemu.gbalite)

GBCoid Lite 1.8.3 (com.androidemu.gbclite)

Go!Chat 2.2.1 (com.spartancoders.gtok)

Google Services 2.1.2 (mobi.mgeek.GoogleServicesPlugin)

Google Translate 1.1 (mobi.mgeek.GoogleTranslate)

Google Voice (com.google.android.apps.googlevoice)

Google Traduction 1.1.2 (com.google.android.apps.translate)

gStrings 1.0.5 (org.cohortor.gstrings)

Handcent SMS 3.4.3 (com.handcent.nextsms)

HistoryEraser (Application de Nettoyage du tÉlÉphone) 2.2.0 (jp.androdev.historyeraser)

LauncherPro (com.fede.launcher)

Linpack for Android 1.1.6 (com.greenecomputing.linpack)

Maps 4.6.0 (com.google.android.apps.maps)

Matrix Live Wallpaper 1.2 (com.jarodyv.livewallpaper.matrix)

MIUI Browser 1.1 (cn.miren.browser)

Nexus Revamped 1.1.04 (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)

Periodic Table 1.3.1 (com.socratica.mobile.chemistry)

ROM Manager (com.koushikdutta.rommanager)

ROM Manager Premium License 1.0.5 (com.koushikdutta.rommanager.license)

Root Explorer 2.5.1 (com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer)

ScoreNinja 1.1 (com.scoreninja)

Screen Cut 1.1 (mobi.mgeek.ScreenCut)

SetCPU 2.0.3 (com.mhuang.overclocking)

SFR WiFi 2.5.1 (com.sfr.android.sfrwifi)

Shake Them All! 1.61 (net.yougli.shakethemall)

Shazam 2.5.0-BB70125 (com.shazam.android)

Smart Vibrator 3.5.0 NEW: added '_' strong vibration (net.xdevelop.vibrator)

Tab Mix Plus 1.1 (mobi.mgeek.TabMixPlus)

Terminal Emulator 1.0.17 (jackpal.androidterm)

The Schwartz Unsheathed 1.2.5 (com.android.app.schwarz)

ThrottleCopter 1.2 (com.throttlecopter)

VDM Officiel 1.8 (vdm.activities)

VirtualRecorder 1.19 (ix.com.android.VirtualRecorder)

Where's My Droid 2.7.3 (com.alienmanfc6.wheresmyandroid)

³ 1.0.70 (org.abrantix.rockon.rockonnggl)

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Je ne sais pas trop a quoi ça va servir mais voila

Beem 0.1.4 (com.beem.project.beem)
Extrem Droid Jump 1.2.3 (com.electricsheep.edj)
Dé 1.00 (com.htc.rosiewidgets.dice)
Notes 1.50 (com.htc.rosiewidgets.note)
Aujourd'hui dans l'histoire 1.50 (com.htc.rosiewidgets.todayinhistory)
Meebo IM 22 (com.meebo)
Méthode Dukan Lite 2.4.0 (com.numericme.protal)
Lecteur de recettes Lite 1.0.0 (com.numericme.recipe.book)
Libra 1.7.7 (net.cachapa.libra)
FrAndroid v. 1.0r3b Free (com.frandroid.mobileapp)
ABonEntendeur.com 0.9.54-c (dgirard.radar)
ActionPotato 1.1.1 (net.sunflat.android.actionpotato)
AndExplorer 1.7 (lysesoft.andexplorer)
Annonces 1.2.4 (com.betomorrow.pag)
ASTRO 2.5.2 (com.metago.astro)
Barcode Scanner 3.51 (com.google.zxing.client.android)
BatteryWatch 1.6.5 (com.s4bb.batterywatch)
BBfoc 0.9 (com.tni.BBfocLite)
Bebbled 2.14 (com.devuni.multibubbles.trial)
Bubble Blast 1.0.11 (com.magmamobile.game.BubbleBlast)
ConvertPad - Unit Converter 1.5.1 (com.mathpad.mobile.android.wt.unit)
Depth Of Field Calculator 1.2.4 (cn.kamakama.android.dof)
DoFCalc 1.3 (net.georg_hofmann.android.dofcalc)
ezParking 1.09 (com.bangsoft.android.ezParking)
Facebook 1.4.0 (com.facebook.katana)
Gabrouze-ElfDJeux 1.4.1 (com.gabrouze.elfdjeux)
GDocs (art.wild.gdocs)
Gem Buster 1.22 (com.requiem.gembuster)
Goggles 1.2.1 (com.google.android.apps.unveil)
Google Buzz 1.01 (com.google.android.apps.updates.widget)
Handcent SMS 3.3.2 (com.handcent.nextsms)
HP iPrint Photo (com.hp.android.print)
iCoyote 3.0.3e (com.coyote.android)
Job Finder 1.24 minor bug fixes. published date supports different locales. (com.neusou.jobfinder)
Junk Food Emergency 1.0.3 (com.lpo.junkfoodemergency)
Log Collector 1.1.0 (com.xtralogic.android.logcollector)
MonBonCoin 1.5.0 (com.lecacheur.android.monboncoin)
MyBackup Pro 2.5.6 (com.rerware.android.MyBackupPro)
MyIMC 0.8.1 (free.wk.mybodymass)
Niveau 1.6.0 (net.androgames.level)
PapiJump 1.7.0 (net.sunflat.android.papijump)
PapiOrange 1.2.5 (net.sunflat.android.papiorange)
Photoshop Express 1.3.1 (com.adobe.psmobile)
Pkt Auctions eBay 2.10 (com.bonfiremedia.android_ebay)
Programme TV 1.4 (fr.r1.android.tv)
Quick Settings 1.9.7 p4 (com.bwx.bequick)
RadarFree 1.8.2 (com.liguori.android.radarfree)
RealCalc 1.4.3 (uk.co.nickfines.RealCalc)
Recherche vocale 1.4.6 (com.google.android.voicesearch.x)
ShootMe 0.7.5 (com.bw.picme.local)
ShopSavvy 3.6.6 (com.biggu.shopsavvy)
SoundHound ∞ 2.2.6a (com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier)
SpeedView 2.4.1 (com.codesector.speedview.free)
Touiteur 1.61 - Misc fixes (com.levelup.touiteur)
Touiteur Premium 1.0 (com.levelup.touiteurpremium)
TrafficInfoGrabber 0.0.8 (org.decat.tig)
Trafic 1.0 (raphlaurene.trafic)
TripAdvisor 1.2.3 (com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor)
Zedge 1.15.1 (net.zedge.android)

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