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Bonsoir, j aurais voulu savoir si on peut intégrer ceci dans n importe quelle rom et si oui comment.

FLAC on Android

From Kenny Root

I wrote some patches to enable playback of FLAC files in Android.

Limitation: The current implementation only accepts 16-bit FLAC. I plan on adding 8-bit and 24-bit (dithering to 16-bit; the Android platform doesn't appear to support 24-bit audio).

If you want to enjoy FLAC but not necessarily build Android from source, cyanogen has included it in the CyanogenMod ROM for the G1 as of version 3.9.3.

How To Use the Source

It's not officially included in the Android distribution, so to enable it, you'll need to create or add this to your ${TOP}/.repo/local_manifest.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<remote name="github" fetch="git://github.com/" />

<project path="external/flac" name="kruton/android_external_flac" remote="github" />


The changes on Gerrit are 10908, 10909, and 10910:

* repo download platform/build 10908/1

* repo download platform/external/opencore 10909/2

* repo download platform/frameworks/base 10910/2

source ici

Je suis un grand fan du flac et dans la voiture en bluetooth, c est royal.

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Si tu disais tu as quel appareil, ça serait déjà plus simple...

Perso moi je lis des flac sur mon Milestone (je crois qu'il y a un programme qui peut les lire sans devoir rien chipoter au ROM)

Oups désolé, j ai un htc desire sous dhd baadnwz

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