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Rom Hero 2.1 v1.3 with sense ui :D


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vu que ça risque de passer inaperçu dans l'autre thread je reposte ici

source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=592596

HERO 2.1

Here you go guys!


- Changed build base to Kingklicks ROM [THANK HIM FOR HIS WORK]

- Apps2SD should work(?)

- Alot faster than before

- Market works

- AOSP Lockscreen

- HTC News added

- Twidroid added

- Plurk added

- Stocks added

- Removed all thoose useless apps in 1.2

- Contacts added, and work to sync using these guides: Exchange sync workaround or vCard workaround

-- Not working --

- HTC Widgets

- Youtube

- More(?)

v1.2 (Temporarily)

- Some apps moved to /data/app

- HTC Calendar added + widget

- HTC Music added + widget

- Footprints added + widget

- Search widget added

- Clock widget added

- SlideMe app market added (will be removed when android market is fixed)

- aContacts added (temp fix for contacts)

- Star contact added

- Apps installer added

- Notes added

- NavStart + Patched maps added for navigation

- Amazon MP3 removed

- Terminal emulator removed (useless for hero)

- Cleaned up system from dream parts to open up space



- Sync fixed

- Added extended apns list


- Rooted

- Facebook app added

- Wireless Tether added

- Amazon MP3 added

- Sync is broke atm - Working on it

HOW-TO Install

1. Do a nandroid backup (DONT FORGET)

2. Flash this new radio (link)

3. Perform a wipe (IMPORTANT)

4. Flash it

5. Have fun!

Thx goes to Drizzy & friends for their great work getting this ROM out

pour moi ça reste inutilisable pour un telephone principal mais c'est une bonne ebauche

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vi chrome a subit des modif et a l'air plus rapide, le widget facebook et dejà dispo avec l appli facebook donc ce doit etre un rajout ! et non c'est pas irreversible heureusement sinon j'aurai gardé cette pré alpha version lol, je suis déjà repassé en 2.73

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