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[ROM] Galaxo Final V1.1.1

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Acknowledgments :

- Special thanks to my girlfriend for his patience during my long night in front of my pc

- Special thanks to Jamesbdx from the french community for his helpfull help, his suggestions, and his testing

- Anaethelion, Akex and other from the french community for their advice

- French community of frandroid

- Cyanogen and all the XDA community

- ... and, of course Niccolo and HDBlog.it !!

Due to differences between Galaxy and other android phone about internal memory, you MUST use the recovery : http://forum.hdblog.it/showthread.php?t=3995. Sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps we can agree on this subject between other rom cookers, for use the same definition of the internal memory (i use "INTERNAL" definition)

BE CARREFULL. This rom doesn't include Google's experience apps. After flashing, use the option "Restore Gapps" in recovery to restore those applications.

New version of GalaxoConf : V2

What's new ? Compcache, vnc, ssh ect can now activated/deactivated without reboot.

How to install it : adb push GalaxoConf.apk /data/app_s/

Link : http://drakaz.sfhost.net/?file=GalaxoConf.apk

Changelog :

Galaxo 1.1.1 :

- Fixed VNC server in GalaxoConf

Galaxo 1.1 :

- VNC server on port 5901 (can be activated in GalaxoConf). Very slow, but works with keyboard. (F2 = return, HOME=home). Keyboard work only with a patched kernel.

- Fixed Superuser whitelist by Pegasus21 & Drakaz

- Full SSHD support, with /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow ect. Also support SCP. Can be activated in GalaxoConf. (To change root password : adb shell remountrw, adb shell passwd)

- Sms/Mms patch to choose after how many sms the message must be converted to an mms (Thanks to ieftm for this advice)

- Fixed unlock alarm clock

- Add an option on AdvancedLauncher to activate/deactivate haptic

- News sysctl tweak from experts on XDA

- Home app is now locked in memory to avoid reloading of it

- 2 kernel can be applied after the rom update : one with keyboard patch for VNC + mem patch (provide 9mo extra memory for system, but remove 3D), and the other with only keyboard patch for VNC. kam187 & drakaz. DO NOT FLASH THOSE BOOT IMAGE BEFORE FIRST START (if you do, setupwizard block on keyboard opening)

- Remove all third party app

- Remove all samsung apps (except switcher)

- Disable some services (NPS service, debug devel binary)

- New very light and optimised kernel (remove all extra functionnality except bfs, compcache and iptable)

- Remove squashfs image

- Mount rw device with noatime option

Features :

- Based on I5

- Most languages :

  • - Czech
    - Danish
    - German
    - English
    - Spanish
    - Finnish
    - French
    - Italian
    - Dutch
    - Norwegian
    - Polish
    - Portuguese
    - Swedish

- Root (with superuser)

- ADB root whith personnalised bash prompt

- All applications optimised with zipalign

Optimized Kernel with :

- Compcache 5.4

- Patched kernel with BFS

- Patched kernel with SQUASHFS 3.4 + LZMAcompression

- Full Netfilter support

- Swap support

- Build whith Cgroups (for the future ?)

- Tunneling support (tun.ko)

- New HW modules

- Tuned CPU Freq : 245Mhz/528Mhz

Applications :

- Modified MMS app from rgv151 on XDA(http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=540651)

- Loccy's BetterBrowser 1.5 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=551119)

- Advanced Launcher (rogro82/irrenhaus on XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=540880) :

- Native from rogro82 : dekstop rotation, 10 desktops (see extended conf in main menu)

- Modification by irrenhaus : possibility to group apps and folders on tray launcher, optimization

- Added by me : new wallpapers, haptic support

- New app only in Galaxo & GalaxHero : GalaxoParameters+, GalaxoApps, GalaxoConf

- GalaxoParameters : activate/deactivate camera button, remount in rw/ro system fs, access to some hidden menus

- GalaxoConf : manage rom configuration (compcache, sshd..)[/indent]

- Apps included :

- TetherWifi Galaxy Version

- GalaxoParameters

- GalaxoApps

- Remove Google Apps

- Remove all market third party apps, and add a recommanded app downloader, GalaxoApps, which use the market to download the desired app[/indent]

System :

- New rc, with config file support (GalaxoConf)

- Compache auto-configuration support (compcache can be activated in GalaxoConf)

- Full ext4dev support for /data partition (you can convert your /data partition, AFTER flashing, with the recovery. Simply wipe (also with the recovery) to delete all the data on /data and restore ext3 filesystem). Use this option only for testing purpose (don't improve the performances)

- Sshd/SCP server

- Script to activate/deactivate the camera button (camenable/camdisable with adb)

- Script to remount in rw/ro the filesystems in both recovery/system (remountro, remountrw). Already exist with adb (adb remount) but usefull in recovery to remount correct partition, and with connectbot.

- Busybox 1.15.1 with full applets

- Moving all app to internal memory to keep space on /system for the future

- Vpn support

- New adbd where replacing default shell from sh to bash with custom bashrc

- Recompile some tools for android-arm : zsh, nano, vim, inadyn

- Lot of tools in xbin/

- Telnetd

- Debug tools

- Access phone, contacts, market and other without sim cards (wifi)

Swap :

- Swap is now managed by compcache. If a second partition on external sd card exist, compcache used it automatically as a backup swap. Removed a-swapper because swap in internal memory is perf-killer, and swap on external is better associed with compcache. Be carrefull : swaping is perf-killer if your sdcard was not performant.[/indent]

Other tweak/improvment :

- Tweaked CPU freq rules, improved responsiveness (sampling can be managed in GalaxoConf)

- Cgroups activated, waiting for Samsung's android source code for using cgroups..

If you like my work, give me beer, or give my girlfriend a flower :


File archive :http://drakaz.sfhost.net/?file=Galaxo1.1.1.zip

Enjoy !

Edited by drakaz
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[h]How to correctly flash this rom :[/h]

A) Backup your current system

1) Flash the latest recovery (see http://forum.hdblog.it/showthread.php?t=3995)

2) Boot in recovery mode

3) Use nandroid backup to make a backup of your current system

B) Flash with Galaxo or GalaxHero

1) Flash the latest recovery (see http://forum.hdblog.it/showthread.php?t=3995)

2) Reboot in recovery

3) Push the update.zip (Galaxo or GalaxHero) on your internal sdcard (adb push update.zip /sdcard/update.zip)

4) Push the official II5 update on the sdcard renamed as II5.tar on your internal sdcard (adb push YOURII5UPDATE/sdcard/II5.tar)

5) Push the official ION update from : http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html, and push it on sdcard, renammed as HTC.zip

6) Reboot another time in recovery

7) Wipe using the recovery (not needed if it's an update from 1.0)

8) Flash the update using the recovery

9) Restore Gapps using the recovery

10) Restore LibHGL using recovery

11) Reboot

12) Enjoy

OPTIONNAL : after the first reboot, reboot another time in recovery, and flash one of the new boot image to active/deactive keyboard+3D)

Notes :

- First boot may be long because of installation of apps. Please be patient.

- You must re-flash after a wipe, because all the app are wiped

- Please flash the last recovery before using those roms : http://forum.hdblog.it/showthread.php?t=3995

- Please read about flashing on samsung galaxy before use it

- Please use it at your own risk. We can't be responsible if you brick, block, break your phone..

- Some part of apps are still in english

- Compcache is usefull to keep more applications in memory, avoid the time-to-load, but use a little CPU time to compress/uncompress the data.

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