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Le guide du noob pour Downgrade Wildfire/Buzz 2.2 - 2.1

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Salut tout le monde je mais a disposition ce tuto du site XDA pour downgrade de froyo 2.2 > a éclair 2.1

Je remercie le membre Couillu de me l'avoir mis a disposition .

PS: Si quelqu'un pourrait prendre le temps pour le traduire pour ce qui ne comprennent pas trop l'anglais comme moi ca serait sympa :)

Thanks to all who made this method possible and to those who developed the tools used etc.... This is not my work just trying to simplify it.

I accept no responsability if you brake your phone

Will not downgrade the HBOOT but useful if you need to go back to stock 2.1 rom.

Right Here we go:-

Downloads you will need:

Android SDK:- http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html Google search for a guide to setting this up and read the guide carefully so you know how to use adb.

HTC Sync:- http://www.htc.com/fr/SupportDownload.aspx?p_id=316&cat=3&dl_id=1073 Basically for the drivers to use adb as these are included with htc sync you no longer have to install drivers from sdk to use adb.

HEX Editor:- http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD I suggest you find a guide on making a GOLD CARD as you will need a GOLD CARD any way, this will get you ready and use to using the hex editor later in this guide.

Super One Click:- http://www.accuratefiles.com/fileinfo/gs12ed99bh2i0# Download un zip it and save to pc.

Flash_Image:- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G6VOSYTO un zip and save somewhere on your pc you will remember.

A 2.1 rom RUU to downgrade to:- Choose the one that best suits you WWE=Unbranded or chose one for your provider/carrier, download and save to ur pc.

Now your have set up the Android SDK you know what ADB is and how to use it (hopefully), you have created a GOLD CARD, you have installed HTC Sync, you have downloaded the 2.1 RUU.exe you want to downgrade to, you have downloaded Super One Click 1.5.5 and un zipped it and save it to ur pc and you have dowloaded the Flash_Image and un zipped it and place on ur pc.

Ready Here We Go:

Step1 - Open Super One Click and press SHELL ROOT it will run its commands and will give you temp root. You will see rooted at the bottom when its done. Try again if it says FAILED it may take a couple of attempts. ( Make sure you have adb working ) and (make sure usb debugging is ticked on your phone and unknown sources tho im not sure if unknown sources needs to be ticked, mine was and that when you plug your phone it the pc via the usb cable you select charge only on the phone)

step2 - open a cmd (command Prompt) on your pc and type adb shell (if you installed the android sdk and read about how to get to adb shell you will have no problem) (for me i type cd C:/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools and hit enter, the type adb shell. (if you see a $ try shell root in super one click again, if you see # your good to go).

step3 - copy the mtd0 file to sdcard.

(in cmd type) cat /dev/mtd/mtd0 > /sdcard/misc.img

step4 - move the misc.img to your pc and use the hex editor to edit it. (run HxD as administrator click extras, open disk image and select your misc.img you just got from your sd card).

step5 - go to 11th row down, you will find current version number at

the end of that row.

step6 - Change it to 1.25.405.1 if you want to use "Ruu_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.25.405.1", the press file and save. (change the numbers to match the 2.1 RUU you are going to downgrade to (common sense) ok)

step7 - copy the flash_image (the one you downloaded at the start of this guide) and misc.img back to your sdcard.

step8 - (in cmd type) cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image

step9 - (in cmd input) chmod 755 /data/flash_image

step10 - (in cmd input) /data/flash_image misc /sdcard/misc.img

Now you can flash offical android 2.1 RUU rom you downloaded earlier (don't forget to make gold card).

Now your on Android 2.1 but your HBOOT is still version 1.01.0001, so Unrevoked still wont work. So still no full root as yet.

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