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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 portée sur nos Liquid!


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Salut à tous! Alors, aujourd'hui, je me cherchait une rom pour mon Liquid E, et GingerBread me plaisait bien.

J'ai donc fait mes recherches, et je suis tombé sur une perle!

CyanogenMod 7 portée sur nos joujous!

Trêve de bavardages, voici le descriptif:

Full rom:


new build on feb 18

latest chocolate kernel

a2sd scripts


liquid settings - http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...settings-v-0-5/ please look here for new versions with added features

latest gapps

proximity/lightsensor patches from truecolor and roggin

-not working/issues-


bluetooth has some problems (but works well for me to listen to music) (see experimental/testing for full fix, backup first)

bottom and right side of screen has sensitivity issue (1mm from the edge) (see experimental/testing for full fix, backup first)

some application has problem being on sd card, if you get force close when you start some application try moving it to internal memory instead of sd.

after call in 2g dataconnection is gone and does not come back until disable/enable data (can do with powerwidget) (note, even if you do not answer the call you loose data connection)

usb tethering

sometimes on first boot after install home/search button does not work, after reboot they work fine (and stays working). reason unknown

Download ed3: http://www.multiupload.com/N39CVAWNNG (people who have ed2 or older please look at patches)


alarm/notification audio: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/331...0/#entry1614046


bluetooth-screen: http://koudelka.dyndns.org/liquidfiles/blu...n_patch_ed2.zip (dont wipe)

vold (apps on sd) patch: http://koudelka.dyndns.org/liquidfiles/vold_patch.zip (dont wipe) (need bluetooth-screen patch also)


If you have some problem, please ask your question in this thread instead of sending pm to me or other devs.(then other users might be able to help you also)

Provide as much information as you can (if you know how to get logcat, dmesg that is great! but since it can be a lot of text use a site like pastebin.com save the log and then post link)

Oveclocking may cause instabilities, if you have reboot problem try and reproduce it without overclock

Install instructions (full rom):

backup(nandroid or other way) this rom does not wipe data (but it is always safest to do backup!!!)

for best experience please wipe data,cache,dalvik

flash from malez recovery (no sign check)

Reboot, Enjoy smile.gif

A2SD instructions from thepasto:

if ext2 is found during installation it will work without do anything

to check if it works type a2sd check

if ext2 is created after install type a2sd check then a2sd reinstall

(execute using adb shell ex. adb shell a2sd check)


kernel source: https://github.com/cleaton/liquid-chocolate

you find us at #acer-liquid @ freenode (IRC)

N'ayant pas trouvé cette rom ici, je la poste =)

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