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OpenVPN ROM 2.3 Comment faire

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Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si certain on reussi a faire fonctionner Openvpn intégrer a la rom en 2.3

J'ai lu sur le Wiki


One thing I would recommend is getting it working on a computer first, then you know your server config is sane since your phone will not give much output if errors occur.

This is what worked for me

Server config (openvpn.conf):

port 12345

proto tcp

dev tun

ca privnet/ca.crt

cert privnet/server.crt

key privnet/server.key

dh privnet/dh1024.pem


ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt

keepalive 10 120


user nobody

group nobody



status openvpn-status.log

verb 3

Client Config (on phone):

Enter your external ip address or hostname

Create your certs.p12, place on the sdcard and use it as the CA cert and user cert in your client config.

Do not check user authentication.

Menu > Advanced

I am using port 12345, make sure you set your port to whatever you are using

Make sure you use the tcp protocol, tun device, and lzo compression on your client (if your server config is like mine).

J'ai essayé de faire se qui est marquer mais a chaque fois la connexion ne veux pas se faire .

Je dispose de 6 fichiers

1= user.conf

2= user.crt

3= user.key

4= user.opvn

5= ca.crt

6= dh2048.pem

Quelqu'un aurait il un tuto en Français si possible pour essayer de le faire fonctionner ?


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