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[ROM] Sense modifié + Android 2.2.1 - HeroLatte 0.9 beta


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Il existait déjà une Rom avec sense 2.1 et android 2.3.3(Celle-ci)Elle a changé de dev et a été repris par arnoslag seulement il aide maintenant erasmux a développer la HeroLatte.

HeroLatte 0.9

TAfter the dust settled with all the excitement of the new Sense Gingerbread, I revisited this port, and IMHO this one has real potential. It seems fast and stable and I am hoping to get everything working in the near future, well at least everything except the camera. Additionally, I am in parallel working on a method to add proper RTL support (Hebrew, Arabic) to closed source ROMs, and this ROM will incorporate this as well.


Version 0.9

- Camera fixed (although no click sound )

- Notifications fixed + trackball notification for missed calls

- Autobacklight dim bug fixed

- Replaced dalvik implementation and enabled JIT

- UI tweaks

- Recent apps removed from status bar

- Menu key no longer unlocks boot screen

- OpenGL 1.1

- Updated google apps

- Low memory and scheduler params tweaked

- Added translations from the Wildfire Froyo Sense, there could be some places which are still missing translations because this ROM originally only has english.

Version 0.5

- Espresso Sense tweaked to look a bit better - Thanks ArnoSlag

- GPS fixed

- BT audio fixed (I think)

- Light fixed (but not trackball)

- Gyros fixed (at least partially)

- Audio gliches fixes

- Added reboot menu

- ROM Cleanup a bit

- Full Hebrew and Arabic support (except for Arabic support in browser)

Version 0.2 (Herosso)

- Initial version base on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide update 2.15.531.3.

- App2SD

- Basic hardware support


- Full wipe and flash from recovery

- First load will take a while


HeroLatte 0.9(Androd RTK)

HeroLatte 0.9(Multiupload)

Problèmes connus:

- I was experiencing some bad lags while doing the initial setup with this version (0.9), much more than I thought there would be. Still after it rested for a bit, it seems ok now. Please share your experiences about the lag on this version.

- Graphical glitch on incoming call lockscreen with default theme

- Graphical problems with Russian dialpad

- It's highly non trivial to change Lock screen wallpaper, let me know if you succeed :P

- Camera, not sure if its possible to have a working hero camera on Sense 2.2 ROMs

- Camera does not make click sound.

- This is a port of a T-Mobile ROM (USA) so the Sense UI does not have the translations for European languages.

- Translation to other languages might not be perfect as I took them from the Wildfire ROM.

- Wifi hotspot does not work (I believe we don't have kernel support for this)

- Trackball notification does not work (WIP)

- Menu key unlocks lock screen?!

- When the screen dims just before it times out, touching the screen will prevent the timeout but when using auto-brightness will result in very low brightness either until the screen is turned off and on or until there is a change in ambient light (causing a recalculation of the auto-brightness). Not much I can do about this HTC bug as they didn't give me the sources ;(.

- Arabic reshaping is not supported in the web browser (and other "small" Arabic problem support problem like the crazy cursor movement, which at least currently also exist in CM7).

- Anything else?



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