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[DEV] ICS Android 4.0 Porting and Development | es209ra (X10) | alpha1 | 21/11/2011

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D'aprés ce que j'ai compris ICS apparait sur x10 grâce à certains dévellopeurs ^^

Lien xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1356580

This is a dev thread. Do not install this release unless you know what you're doing. Do not post if you have nothing to contribute.

This is very early build, we're behind other qsd8k devices but will eventually catch up smile.gif

Big thanks to all qsd8k developers working on this (N1, Desire, HD2, X10).


- ol' good 2.6.29-SEMC

- fixed touchscreen driver (now backward-compatibile with Gingerbread)


- partially based on drewis release (thanks!) - currently I don't have access to PC that could handle compilation of the whole thing smile.gif

If someone could compile clean es209ra build and upload it would be awesome.


- it boots rolleyes.gif

- radio, calls, txt (sms)

- audio partially working (in-call is fine, playing mp3/ringtones leads to WLOD)

- bluetooth, GPS seem to work

- wifi almost working ("can't find wlan0 device")

- mobile data (it gets IP but disconects afterwards, needs investiagtion)


- most of the stuff does not work

- quite unstable


Will upload all of the useful code/fixes here.

- ICS + GB compatibile touch driver: es209ra_touch_mt.c

- compatibile ramdisk (props FXP): http://www.mediafire.com/?1n51pn1upwv79ur


Alpha1 ROM (for CWM5) + corresponding kernel (flashtool) is here:




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