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Bonne question.. n'ayant jamais testé je ne peux pas te dire, mais à mon avis ça ne changera rien. Il y a quelque chose qui bloque les maj auto dans les roms custom, mais quoi.. le fichier build.prop peut-être ? Je ne sais pas du tout :huh:

PV un dév il te donnera surement la réponse.

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Alors peut-être une piste : freezer avec Titanium Backup l'application Market updater...

ou :

[...]I didn’t like the new android market application, and I’m not the only one. If you want to get back to old one, application name is Vending.apk available in the \system\app\ folder, you can just replace it from your old stock ROM. The easiest way is to send your old Vending.apk by bluetooth or cable to your phone and then use Root explorer to move it to the \app folder by overwriting existing one, of course to do that, you need root access. Do not forget to wipe Dalvik cache. Some developers offer a convenient package to be installed in recovery mode.

But even after rolling-back, Android Market application gets automatically updated and there’s is no option to disable this update. We can fix this by using Terminal Emulator. We will gain root access and then disable the updater application:

1) su -

2) pm disable com.android.vending.updater

That’s it, and if by chance things go wrong, you can just enable updating.

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