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Nouveau Firmware et pleins de chose


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  • Google apps: new Honeycomb release 6 integrated. It fixes Video GTalk crash when switching cameras on devices with only one camera. Now Google+ is part of the firmware.
  • Archos media server: allow connected TVs to play video from your tablet via network
  • Network shortcuts: it is now possible to create network shortcuts in file/music/video browsers
  • Accessories: external USB audio cards (DAC) support has been added
  • Media center: a new progress bar slider indicates resume position on videos already played
  • Media center: in regular list view, the title of the TV show episode is appended after the season and episode numbers
  • File manager: support of zip files
  • Music: fix repeat mode
  • Audio: decrease loud volume glitches on notifications while playing music
  • Media database: remove muSD card related entries when the card is ejected
  • Media center: global resume displays posters when available
  • File manager: fix UI glitches when dragging files after cycling through dual/single panel display
  • Network shares: make sure authentication credentials are asked when entering a samba protected share folder with Archos media center
  • MTP: device icons for A80S/H and A101S/H have been added for display on the Windows PC
  • Display: fix touch panel events sometimes not taken into account
  • Display: fix blinking of icons occurring sometimes in applications (e.g. Android Market)
  • Display: increase of icon redraw speed when moving application icons on launcher
  • 3G: correct telia.se and add Polen Telekom APNs
  • Battery: make sure led blinks at full charge
  • Battery: issue a warning that the product will stop charging if powered off while on DCin in the shutdown menu
  • Battery: a new shutdown policy has been implemented when in suspend to ensure that product still has battery when powered back on. Shutdown of the device occurs when it reaches 50% of the battery capacity when the screen was last on.


avec le nouveau firmware

vous avez un serveur multimédia


vous pouvez également utiliser des enceintes USB



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