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Time Warner launches apps for account management, TV remote & programming

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Days after Thanksgiving, Time Warner Cable debuted an Android app for Honeycomb tablets. As Charles noted in his post on TWC TV, the app made it possible to do many things, all of which are now available to Android phones as well. And if you’re a Time Warner customer with cable, Internet, or phone, now you can manage your services directly from an Android device.

twc11-191x235.jpg TWC TV

Time Warner announced today that its TWC TV app is now compatible with most phones running Android 2.1 to 3.2 (ICS not yet supported). The new app is “exactly the same as the one for Android tablets” says Time Warner’s Jeff Simmermon, offering all of the same features reformatted for the smaller screen (just like the movies they show). Those features are:

  • Programming guide - see 7 days of TV listings organized in one-hour time blocks.
  • Network schedule – see a specific channel’s programming schedule.
  • Search – find a particular show, broadcast, or episode by searching. Results can be filtered.
  • Remote – use your Android to change channels or go to a selected program.
  • DVR Manager - remotely schedule and manage DVR recordings directly from your Android.

There are some compatibility issues for Time Warner customers. The remote control and DVR features require a compatible Navigator set-top box or DVR. Subscribers with an analog set-up, Motorola set-top box, or DVR using iGuide are not compatible with the TWC TV app. However, all customers will be able to use the app as a way to browse or search for programming.


Time Warner is supporting its customers in ways other than television. The company just launched My TWC, an account management app that makes it possible see services and subscriptions, check bill summary, and pay for bills using a credit/debit card or electronic transfer. The app even includes VoiceZone that allows users to see call logs of the home phone and use call forwarding to reroute calls to their cell phone.

My TWC is slated to get an update soon that will add even more service. Subscribers will be able to listen to voicemails, see outgoing and missed call logs, and set up automatic bill payments that can be managed from the phone. Monthly invoices will also be viewable in PDF format.


As far as compatibility, my TWC varies, but it’s advertised for both Android phones and tablets. Based on comments in the Android Market, Ice Cream Sandwich is not yet supported. Neither are Time Warner customers in Hawaii.


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