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urgent ment droide est briké

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boujour , je possede un nouveaux sony ercisson live whit walkman (wt19i) et en changent de framework-res.apk avec rootexplorer ... il redémarre et le boot animation recomance et recomance sa demare pas quoi ! il est rooter mais pas de recovery ! help pliz car ma mere vas me tuer --'

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bon premiere chose: effort sur l'orthographe.

Deuxieme , poste dans la section appropriée, tu pourras avoir une réponse.

Enfin, donnes des détails sur ce que tu as fait

Root sans avoir de recovery???

Flash un recovery adapté a ton tel, tu pourras booter dessus.

copie une rom officielle sony ericsson adaptée elle aussi a ton tel, il doit exister des .zip, et apres un wipe factory tu flash ce zip via le recovery.

Si je te parle chinois, c'est que tu t'es lancé dans une aventure dont tu ne maitrise pas grand chose et c'est a éviter ..

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tu pourrais me donner un emplacement pour se sujet et aussi un tuto pour le debriquer svp car les tuto sur net pour le reccovery de mon portable le(wt19i ) est en chinoi et c'est vachement durs donc un tuto ne fera pas mal a bientoto merci d'avence

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un site chinois qui dit comment installer un recovery pour le live whit walkman(wt19i)

traduction en anglais:The past few days have been entangled or not to brush Recovery, brush it into this thing, to make a mirror after brushing machine ah ah very convenient, but it needs regular brushing into Recovery to unlock, and unlock it will erase the system comes with the DRM information, resulting in TrackID can not be used. To tell the truth this time trial down, Kaisir think this is just fine with TrackID, especially when listening to the radio, you encounter a do not know what the song, touch the bottom right corner of the icon, hey, the system automatically recording a short audio and networking will be able to tell you that the query is valid and you listen to songs, identification can be said that the success rate of close to 100%, so that really do not want to lose this feature.

Hard work pays off ah, today I finally found a small program that XDA forum, you can not unlock the brush on the WT19i into Recovery, you can also install the Java Runtime Environment to WT19i, you can also open Suo Aite some MB audio (which I did not success), open the Bravia Engine (I did not see the changes: () but this is not enough to unlock my brush Recovery excited it!

Software, the default description for the Vietnamese language, but the software is very simple and should be used to see, of course, here I have to say something simple to use:

1) phone ROM must be original ROM, and must be ROOT

2) require that the phone is installed in the BusyBox (do not know how to install before I can see the log write Portal: The Sony Ericsson WT19i install BusyBox)

3) In the phone settings menu - the application will be "unknown source" check mark, while "development" item will be "USB debugging" check mark.

4) The phone connected to the computer via USB, PC to run "SE_Extreme_Tweak_Installer.exe" (requires the system to be installed. Net framework 3.5)

5) After the selection of the operation desired, then click "Install"

6) Done!

Click here to download SE_Extreme_Tweak_Installer.zip

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