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[ICS-CM9] Coldfusion

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oui afin la rom semble relativement fluide ce qui semble être une réelle avancée ! :

Should be slightly less iPhone and quite a bit better than gingerbread

En gros il ne manque plus qu'à corriger les nombreux bugs.

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Rom Details:

  • Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich!
  • Synced with latest CyanogenMod 9 repos
  • 2.6.35 kernel - based on ZTE stock Skate kernel
  • Full HW acceleration makes it faster than Gingerbread

My sources:

  • Device - github.com/ColdFusionX
  • Kernel - github.com/TomGiordano/kernel_zte_blade

Thanks go to:

  • Tom Giordano - being my mentor in developing for ZTE devices and basically being a general legend
  • CM Team for making an awesome ROM base
  • Skywave, Tom B and the rest of the ICS4Blade team - I, uh, "borrowed" a lot of their fixes
  • Maclaw and the GalaxyICS team - using their libaudio and some flags from them
  • drewis and Evervolv team - they were the ones that led me to enable OpenGL acceleration
  • The community - for testing and enthusing - I love doing what I do because of you guys



  • First: you should get the GAPPs and ROM and put them on your SD card
  • Then flash the ROM and any patches (if applicable)
  • After this wipe data
  • Then reboot out of recovery and let it boot into the ROM
  • After you let it sit on the launcher for ~ 5 minutes then reboot into recovery again
  • Now flash the GAPPs zip
  • And reboot out of recovery
  • The ROM should boot
  • Let it sit on launcher for another 5 minutes to stabilise.
  • If you still have problems post on the thread.

A2SD - S2E:




Goo.im - http://goo.im/devs/t...lade-signed.zip

Putlocker Mirror - only use if the above absolutely doesn't work -http://www.putlocker...7098607A81A03BD

Mediafire mirror - thanks to colluc - http://www.mediafire...f8i7eb4b8ioqa06

Patch for video decoding to work - http://goo-inside.me...Patch-Blade.zip

Google Apps (Market, Gmail, etc.) - http://goo-inside.me...0317-signed.zip

J'utilise cette rom au quotidien, aucun gros bug a présent, fluide, stable, une merveille quoi ! Il reste plus qu'a corriger des petits bugs comme pouvoir lire les vidéo en HD sur Youtube et de pouvoir filmer :) Je recommande la coldfusion pour ceux qui souhaitent passer a ICS sur Blade !

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