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J'aimerai, si cela est possible, qu'une personne me fasse un tuto svp pour installer i.c.s sur le lg gw620.

Je suis en 2.3.7 et je ne suis pas encore très à l'aise .

J'aimerai aussi qu'on me dise quels avantages et quel inconvenients il y a à installer ics sur le lg gw620.

Merci d'avance.

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Je n'ai plus le gw620, mais personne ne te fera un tuto.... S'il n'y en a pas, c'est que la version ne doit pas être franchement utilisable quotidiennement. Donc fais tes propres recherches ou contente toi tout simplement de la 2.3.7. Tu n'es pas encore à l'aise, mais peut bien t'en contenter.

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Sur le forum d'OpenEtna, tu as un (petit) sujet consacré à ICS sur le GW620 :


Mais, n'espère pas de miracle. Notre GW620 est trop vieux pour susciter encore de l'intérêt chez la communauté.

Grosso modo, ICS sur le GW620, ca donne ca :

I did a DEEP test of this rom some time ago, and found these issues:

1.- Network is slow as hell (it takes 10-20 minutes to attach to network), but non-3G problem has been solved.

2.- Phone.apk, at landscape orientation some number buttons are superposed, they do not look well.

3.- Sometimes (for example, in terminal emulator), when you touch the screen, a red square fills the screen border, it may be a debuggin feature, but it looks so bad xD.

4.- When typping in touch screen in vertical mode some items at the bottom are out of screen.

5.- Browser didn't show any page (and market and others, like whatsapp, worked fine).

More info: I installed Dolphin Browser Mini and didn't load any page, so may not be an internal browser app problemm...

6.- Cannot write symbols in physical keyboard and must hold shift to write capital letters.

7.- No sim card inserted message appears sometimes.

8.- No touchscreen calibration menu as in older non-oficial roms.

9.- No haptic feedback nor light on home and back buttons.

10.- Take a screenshot (at long-pressing power button menu) crashes or it says that screenshot cannot be saved.

11.- Camera not working.

But, of course, i got some good feelings:

1.- Faster than expected, i thought ICS would make my phone laggy, but it does not. There is a difference between slow/laggy and unstable. The system is unstable, but not slow. Rebooting continuously does not mean the system is slow.

2.- New features, as a 3G data monitor embedded in the OS, or the "window preview" when long-pressing home button (i said "window preview" because it's not implemented yet, but there's no longer app icons, there are app names and a square wich may host the app preview).

3.- 3D graphics... ¿It's the ICS graphic driver better than the GB or Froyo one? It's because, with gingerbread or froyo, a game called SpeedX3D looked different than in other devices (cause they had official firmwares), as an htc hero. On ICS, the graphics are EXACTLY the same than it those devices... ¿May it be due to Android graphics drivers changes or by the driver itself?

4.- The beautiful interface, i fallen in love with it... I CANNOT WAIT THE STABLE RELEASE!

This ROM is not usefull for daily use (too many reboots), but interesting for testing and see the limits of our GW620, or simply for app developing/testing.

P.d.: I read some post that said wifi is not working... Wifi works fine for me =P.

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