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[ROM] [S4] Slim Fast

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ROM Slim Fast

(by Shiftedx)

lien vers post d'origine XDA : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1596716

Basé sur la virtuous 1.2

Features :

Currently based off of Virtuous 1.2

Extremely light weight, 300mb (hence the name)

Almost all bloat removed

Nearly all sense removed



Forced GPU Rendering

CM9 Trebuchet Launcher (thanks to xkonni for the remarkable and fast work he's done)

Stock ICS Gallery App (again thank you xkonni!)

Stock ICS Lockscreen.

Stock ICS Contacts App

Stock ICS Theme'd Status Bar (thanks to shnizlon)

Most apps should be up to date.

Multitask button re-mapped to menu button (thanks to the virtuous team)

Setup :

You may have to enable data connection on first boot.

You will have to drag the phone icon to the dock

Bugs :

- Lockscreen does not display album art while listening to music -- Currently Working on Fix

- After taking a picture clicking the thumbnail in the camera app does not take you to gallery -- Will replace sense camera with a better stock ICS version

If there's any others let me know!

Téléchargement version 1.1 : http://www.4shared.c...m_Fast_11.html?

!!! Bon Download !!!

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