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[MOD] Auto Bloat Remover Tool For GS III

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Salut à tous,

Ce petit programme super sympa pour retirer toutes les applis inutile et même supprimer touchwizz launcher si vous utilisez Apex, Nova ou autres.

Ever Tired Of Samsung's useless Bloat Stuffed Up In Rom! Time To Remove Them!

Thanks To Faryaab For Apps List smile.gif

It De-bloats Stock Rom Automatically From GS III! cool.gif

Follow Instructions! (Included A Copy In zip too)


CWM Recovery w/ ADB

USB Drivers


Phone connected to PC with USB Debugging enabled.

What Does This Tool Do..........?

It Removes Bloatware From Stock Rom! Eg: Samsungs's Unwanted Stuff

How-To USE :

Click On Debloat.bat

Automatically Boot's Into Recovery biggrin.gif

Follow On Screen Instructions To Remove !

Reboot Phone When Prompted!

Download Link :


List Of Apps Removed! Refer #2 Post biggrin.gif

It Works On Stock Rom.

It Also Works On Custom Rom If Therez Any Bloat In It! wink.gif Don't Panic If Therz Some Error Regarding No Such File/Directory.It's coz of absence of specified app in System/app (Bloat-Free)

Hit Thanks If You Like ! Donate If You Want To! cool.gif

Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1667140

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