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[ROM][4.2.2] JellyShot 3.0***FLUIDE*RAPIDE*STABLE***

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La ROM 3.0 :


Les Gapps :



1. Full wipe before flashing(For easy way, JUST FLASH THIS(Rom-Wiper.zip)! : http://forum.xda-dev....27&postcount=2 Thanks brainmaster.)

**You don't have to full wipe if you don't want that. But don't post here bugs if you did dirty flash.For Stableness, Full wipe is always recommended.**

2. Flash ROM and then Gapps, kernel(CM kernel is recommended).

3. Boot to System!

4. Don't touch anything for 5 mins.(I'm not sure if this really needed)

5. Reboot and enjoy.(login to gmail account..etc)

*Please READ*

-Use at Own your Risk.

-About the Reporting bugs,

-- Don't post bug here if you did dirty flash.

-- When you are complaining about Battery, post BBS Dump file here. (BBS app link- http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1179809 ; Thanks chamonix!)

-- Reboot? - post proc/last_kmsg in Kernel thread, and here. Before posting, Please READ once, if there is 'kalimochoaz', that's from cwm. Don't post it!!

-- FC? Provide logcat! Or tell me how to reproduce it......

--Don't quote OP

-Stock Kernel is included,(but I don't recommend it;it's performance is awful, imho)

but I recommend custom kernel which has "Highbigmem"(CM version recommended)

-Don't compare ROM and others' ROM. I don't like those things..

-Search before asking!!

Changelog :

v3.0(milestone3),(v2.12, v2.13, v2.14 was private release. Thanks for testing, androidphone2012)

-Merged android-4.2.2_r1 smile.gif JDQ39

-Completely rebased MMS.apk, Needs translations, again.

-Reorganized lockscreen Settings

-Little bit changed CRT-off related stuff. Hope you like it.

-Bunch of commits from aosp.

-Improved scrolling cache

-Added refresher to screen off tile.

-New "Mark Read" drawables (mms.apk) from Cyanogenmod

-Cleaned up unused lines

-Fixed Lockscreen Background stuff(anyway, thanks for the tip r_data)

-Fixed GPS tile

-Launcher2:Moved N4 Wallpaper to last

-Build busybox from source(Cyanogenmod)

-Allow muting camera shutter sound in certain countries(Or carriers)

-expose mod version in "about phone"

-remove incorrect summaries

-New icons for rom control(thnx to androidphone2012)

-some bug fixed



-Based on 4.2.1 + Greenblue's patch added

-Skip track via long press volume button

-Expandable volume panel

-3way reboot

-T9 dialer

-Back to kill app

-Expose Rotation Lock

-Volume Wakeup

-Some speed hacks + Tweak



-MMS features

-themed dialer

-rom control part(FC)


-integrate kevdliu's Quick toggle(temporary!)(sorry, haven't integrated to rom control yet)

-more performance improvements and optimization


-update to latest vanilla device tree by greenblue

-Bug fixed(Some FC)

-Statusbar stuffs

-etc...can't remember..;p


Bug fix


Updated supersu

Revert some tweaks

Bug fixes

Fix some build-errors

Change some icons in quick settings


-fix busybot stuff(Thanks androidphone2012)

-Allow all widgets in lockscreen(Thanks kevdliu)

-Revert greenblue's keylayout(fixing cropping); Set density to 220; I guess PIN doesn't cropping anymore.

-Some commits from aosp-More tweaks(No effect in battery, i guess)

-volume wake fix

-Fixed bootanimation delay

-Improved MMS.apk

-SystemUI: Statusbar Clock and Date actions



-revert to greenblue's layout fix; DPI is now 240.

-volume button to move cursor

-init.d fix


-Removed Greenblue's lockscreen layout fix

-New Layout fix;No more SIM PIN layout cropping.

-Solved FC in certain app(e.g. XDA app, Tapatalk...etc)

-IME Switcher ON/OFF

-Few Commits in MMS.apk

-Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service

-Little bit Code cleanup

v1.3(milestone 1)

-Now "Skip track via long press volume button" works in 3rd party music app

-Stock theme. except dialer

-Clock layout fixed

-Short pressing clock in notification panel opens deskclock.apk, Long pressing clock opens Alarm

-SystemUI: fix delay in applying am/pm setting for notification clock

-Disabled Rotation Lock/Auto brightness by default

-Use appropriate notify method instead

-Call to equals() comparing different types

-Few commits from aosp.

-Fix RAM leaking

-Now LatimIME includes gesture typing. not alen1901's prebuilt, built-from-source.

-Clear All button(Recent apps)

-TTF Camera add-on; Not built from source. See 3rd post.

-Few optimizations.

-etc..Can't remember

v1.9[**Experimental Build**]

-Lockscreen Targets

-Re-enable magnetic targets

-Back-to-kill popup toast

-Don't raise volume on skip track

-Powerkey shutter(it doesn't work.Don't Enable it; it causes FC! DON'T HAVE TO REPORT, GONNA BE FIXED IN NEXT VERSION)

-Facebook Sync(romanbb)

-Some telephony Stuff

-Removed kevdliu's toggle

-AOKP Toggles.(Clock&LTE Toggle causes FC for now :/ - DON'T HAVE TO REPORT, GONNA BE FIXED IN NEXT VERSION)

-Fix possible NPE

-Add framework definition to include Torch

-Some MMS improvements

-Few Commits from aosp

-CM functions; Phone part - vibrate on answer, vibrate on call waiting, vibrate on hang up, vibrate every 45 seconds

-Few Speed improvements, not sure..

-Cleaned up codes(strings, etc)

-Bug fixes


-private release


-private release


-More improvements in MMS.apk

-Now Jellyshot supports TTF camera

-Fixed Gallery FC when Powershutter enabled

-changed source location of Quick settings

-Quick pulldown (CM logic, only right side)

-Removed CM clock stuff(Many people are suffering from layout issue.. :/)

-Aokp style clock.(No color settings, I removed it)

-Removed Busybox-installer script from update-script;Changed installer style(init.d)

-Removed Duplicated Ringtone

-Stop Debugging in some actions..

-Added some translations

-Fixed some NFC Related bug

-Gesture typing keyboard is no more "built-from-source" because that caused FC in some keyboard apps

-Removed Circle battery style(only Percentage style exists; I removed because NS is too small for reading that number)

-Changed some strings

-Fast scroll in Settings>applications

-Screenshot : Pass current user

-Update the JNI spec link, and remove a dead link.

-Little bit improved calendar(not function)

-Cleaned up source

-added power mode support

-GlobalActions: Fix possible race condition when showing dialog.

-enable copy/paste for google talk

-Quick settings Torch tile : Torch.apk doesn't needed anymore, it's included in framework.

-No more LTE Tile

-Added Screen off tile

-Fixed Bluetooth tile

-Fixed Wifi AP tile

-Fixed Wifi tile

-Fixed quick toggles layout(landscape mode)

-QuickSettings: fix vibrate and silence toggle not updating

-add "Turn Wi-Fi off" action to the "open networks available" notification

-SystemUI: refactor fast charge toggle(You must grant Superuser permission(com.android.settings) to use it)

-fix derp space/tab

-Fixed aapt warnings

-Fixed PLMN Stuffs

-Reduced stuttering

-Removes Settings from gallery

-Refactoring ResolverActivity.java

-Re-use existing thread

-Optimize drawHardwareAccelerated method in Editor class

-...More commits from aosp..


v2.1(milestone 2)

-Fixed init.d placeholder not installed

-Fixed busybox-installer script

-TIME_TICK was not occurred for one hour(commit from aosp)

-Fixed NPE in IME Selector method("FC in some keyboard apps" issue and IME Tile FC fixed)

-Fixed memory leaking when web browsing

-Send all types of file via bluetooth

-Re-enabled gesture typing keyboard because this wasn't reason for "FC in some keyboard apps(fixed anyway)" issue

-I forgot to add TTF camera in v2.0; it added in this version!

v2.2(private release)


-Support OTA via goomanager!(get goomanager in play store)

-Highlight the clear button in the recents view when clicked

-Give more permission to QS

-Added Sound/Vib/Silent tile

-Fixed GPS tile

-Fixed NFC tile issue

-Removed GB Remaining stuffs

-Changed background(?) location which is same as 4.1.x

-Changed translation error(portugese), thanks for reporting

-Fixed typo in settings part, thanks for reporting

-QS Pull down:Since 70% is too much for me, so changed to 80%

-Changed source location(QS)

-Fixed MMS.apk FC in chinese language.

-Changed "long press volume button to skip track" logic a bit

-Removed unnecessary behavior

-Optimization in lockscreen : little bit..

-SystemUI: show date on 2 lines in status bar

-Zygote: Restrict slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-wide volumes

-Fixed some MMS.apk issue, and more improvements

v2.4 ,v2.4.5, v2.5

-private release


-Fixed "Show date on 2 lines in status bar" shows strangely in Korean language

-Re-fixed NFC tile

-Revert "Zygote: Restrict slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-wide volumes"

-Quick QS pulldown:left/right/off

-Swipe the line in notification panel buttom bar to Switch between Notification center and Quick Settings(Video :)

-Cleaned up sources. Some lines doesn't need for features

-Long-pressing Settings button opens "app selection" popup, same behavior as "clock tile"

-Reverted "Remove remaining GB Stuff(theme)"; Gonna be added better one made by kindkenki

-Fixed Gallery/Camera Stuff(FC)

-extend PreferenceActivity for title text on a single pane mode

-Fixed Off-centerness of lockscreen handle when changing DPI

-Fixed Some FC and errors Settings app(commits from aosp)

-use holo style ic_grabber


-Fix some phone.apk issue when cpu is high-loaded(commit from aosp)

-Dismiss touch in "load network list" dialog(commit from aosp)

-NetworkSettings: Cannot dismiss progress dialog sometimes.(commit from aosp)

-Some mms.apk improvements

-Long pressing settings tile directs you to QS Rom control

-Long pressing display tile directs you to Display settings

-New power menu tile by rascarlo

-Settings: use DefaultContainerService for all file operations

-Launcher2:New N4 background

-LauncherModel: Optimize loading

-Fix Launcher2 FC(sometimes)

-Notification panel clock behavior(CM logic):clock->deskclock.apk(doesn't work yet), date->Calendar

-Revert "Re-implement magnetic targets"

-Korean translations by kindkenki

-More power-saving tweaks

-Bug fixed found by myself

-updated supersu/su binary to v1.0

-improved audio stuff(fix stuttering, memory leak, etc)

-Browser: Changed user agent location



-Updated to JOP40G(4.2.1_r1.2)

-Boosting tweak stuff(verified)

-remove long click clock stuff in expanded header(prevents clock tile fc for now)

-Brightness Slider

-Torch method::CM(doesn't work yet, do not report)

-Lockscreen Background(doesn't work yet, do not report)

-Auto retrieval MMS

-Few commits from aosp

-Fix gps tile

-CM circle battery, again!

-SystemUI: highlight quick settings and notification clear buttons Actually make use of the drawables bestowed upon us by the Google

-Fixes and additions for Korean translation(thanks kindkenki)

-Prevent audio players starting on startup.

-add missing lines for Category

-updated super su to v1.04



-fixed Torch tile

-More korean translations by kindkenki

-MMS improvements

-Lockscreen background::not yet. sorry

XDA : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2023699

Edited by benjiwolff
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Je vais réessayer. Je crois qu'une autre version est sortie. Par contre les gapps avec photosphère, etc... (2eme lien gapps sur le topic de la ROM xda) fonctionne ? Je ne vois pas de lien pour télécharger la dernière version. Merci.

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La version 0.3 est disponible http://d-h.st/pPY


-MMS features

-themed dialer

-rom control part(FC)


-integrate kevdliu's Quick toggle(temporary!)(sorry' date=' haven't integrated to rom control yet)

-more performance improvements and optimization


-update to latest vanilla device tree by greenblue

-Bug fixed(Some FC)

-Statusbar stuffs

-etc...can't remember..;p[/quote']

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J'ai installé la0.1 ce matin ...effectivement il faut redémarrer avant de flasher les gapps sinon bootloop ! Pour l'instant que du bonheur avec le kernel marmite ! J'installerai les mises a jour en rentrant ce soir

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Salut à tous,

je viens de CM10 et ai installé par curiosité cette ROM, plutôt bien pour l'instant.

Qqu'un peut me donner son avis sur le kernel a utilisé et un lien si pas trop demandé ; ).

Merci ...

Edit : Et oui quelles GAPPS faut il utiliser, celles qui sont sur GOO.IM ou celles qui sont XDA ?

Merci à tous ...

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Retour à miui. Trop de fc aléatoires et retour au code pin carte sim. Maintenant que j'en ai testé un paquet de ROM, je préfère rester sur des roms plus "connus" , moins bidouillée. Peut être après plusieurs maj je réessayerai, pour l'instant je me calme et reviens sur miui.

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oui c'est étrange, pour ma part je le trouve réactive, aucun fc, le seul soucis que j'ai eu c'est le bouton raccourcis dans la barre de notif qui a disparue, mais qui est revenue apres un reboot ! j'aime beaucoup !

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