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mise a jour anti mort subite

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Ca dépend des ROMs, si tu roote ton téléphone tu perdras le fix, mais certains kernels/ROMs sont safe, voici la liste: ;)

Custom Roms (that include a ROM specific and dedicated kernel - including fixes):

These are custom ROMs that have their own kernel that is not flashable separately. This means it is not packaged with a kernel from the "Custom Kernels" section. If you have the version specified or newer, you are "safe"

Custom Kernels:

These kernels include the update 7 fixes. If you are rooted with a custom Kernel that is older than (or doesn't match) the versions below, you are not considered "safe"

Custom Recoveries:

Since the recovery uses a kernel too, to be "safe", the recovery's kernel must also be fixed.

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