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[ROM][WiFi/HSPA±][Aroma][4.2.2] Dirty AOKP v5.0 [Tablet UI][OTA]

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Caracteristique Dirty AOKP :

Date : 15 fevrier 2013

3 Mode UI : Tablette, Phablet et téléphone

Dual Panel On/Off added to ROM Control/General UI

Possibilité de cacher la barre de notif - Glisser vers le haut pour la montré et autre

Thunderbolt Script v3.0.5

SuperSU 1.0.4

Support des MAJ par OTA grâce a Goo Manager

Cible sur le lockscreen

Supporte le Dual Boot

KingBeatZ Audio Mod v3.0.5 Test2

Bravia Engine v2

App : Apollo, BeatZ, Camera Launcher, Chronus, SupeSU

Option dans l'Aroma

Kernels : Franco r4, Omega 3 V4, Trinity Alpha 4, Bricked v0.58, Lean Kernel 1.4, M-Kernel+ a37, Motley 246, Stock AOPK

App optionel : Apex 1.4.3, Nova 2.0.1 beta 4, Holo 2.0.2, Titanium Backup, GooManager, CM File Manager

Gapps : Case Yes ou No a cocher

Changelog Dirty AOKP :

Initial Release

  • based on latest AOKP PUB build(01-06)
  • 3 UI Modes - Phablet, Tablet, Phone - ROM Control/General UI - Added by me from by adding 2 cherry picks
  • added Flash Player
  • added Titanium Backup
  • added Theme: AlloyUI
  • edited aroma-config and updater-script
  • Ad-Blocking hosts files
  • build.prop tweaks
  • ThunderBolt Scripts v2.9.3
  • KingBeatZ Audio Sound Mod - thanks aznrice2k4
  • Apollo and DSP Manager(BeatZ, heavily modified)

Dirty AOKP v1.1 Changelog(Unreleased)

  • Bricked Kernel v0.58 added to Aroma!
  • Nova Launcher Updated to latest Beta - 2.0.1beta2
  • Added Chronus Clock Widget, Lockscreen/Homescreen, with Weather and Calander - New Options
    - New coloured weather icons
    - New bold options
    - New calendar options
    - New preferences interface (icons and lists)
    - Setting in App Drawer

Dirty AOKP v1.2 Changelog

  • Titanium Backup updated to 5.8.0
  • SuperSU updated to 0.99
  • Google Now, Gmail, Sound Search updated in Gapps to latest

Dirty AOKP v1.3 Changelog

  • Base updated to Jan-09 Build
  • KingBeatZ updated to 1.3.1, previous version was 1.1.0.
  • Titanium Backup updated to
  • added af.resampler.quality=34 to build.prop, better audio
  • Changed the Default Wallpaper(in screenshots)
  • 2nd Version including Dual Pane at 160 dpi.

Dirty AOKP v1.3.1 Changelog

  • Fixed Nova's latest beta not installing properly
  • (had to remove from /system/app so the aroma option works)

Dirty AOKP v1.4 Changelog

  • Built from AOKP PUB Source Code - Thanks stephen.k.spear
  • Build Date: Thu Jan 10 19:14:41 CST 2013
  • Added back Ab-Blocking hosts file
  • Default wallpaper now sticks on the 213 dpi build.

Dirty AOKP v1.4.1 Changelog

  • Added Trinity Kernel Alpha4(latest)
  • Updated M-Kernel+ to a29

Dirty AOKP v1.5 Changelog

  • Build Date: Fri Jan 11 22:31:44 CST 2013
  • Updated CM File Manager
  • Updated Nova Launcher to 2.0.1beta3
  • Updated Chronus(Dirty AOKP v1.4+)
    - Analogue clock now available
    - Translations updated
    - Text Shadow
  • New features I noticed in v1.5:
    - Landscape Lockscreen
    - Performance Control added to Settings Menu
    - Rom Control/Lockscreen - Hide initial widget page hints(when the screen is turned on can be hidden)

Dirty AOKP v1.6 Changelog

  • Build Date: Sat Jan 12 22:42:39 CST 2013
  • Cherry Picks Added
    - Ia421e785: Replace CandyCane with TeamKang Cogs
    - I5d07c47c: Adjust hint colors
    - Ieba5e695: SystemUI - update nav bar keyguard logic
    - I3f1b4e74: RC - Allow User select Tablet Mode [1/2] - WIP
    - Ia8d8a7ec: FW - User select Tablet Mode [2/2] - WIP
  • Updated Stock AOKP Kernel to 01/12
  • Updated AlloyUI Theme to 1.4.1

Dirty AOKP v2.0 Changelog

  • Build Date: Sat Jan 12 22:42:39 CST 2013
  • Cherry Pick: Ia8d8a7ec updated to patch 13 - Tablet UI Mode is perfect now!
    - Re-vamp Notification Title Layout clock/date & buttons layout better
    - Notif Panel goes to Settings if no Clearable Notifications.
    - System Bar responds to NavBar size changes in both land/port
    - Date/Clock actions working
  • Updated Stock AOKP kernel to 01/13

Dirty AOKP v2.1 Changelog

Cherry Picks in Dirty AOKP v2.1

  • I0ffbd3f6 - grouper: enable USB OTG storage
  • Ib1811274 - Enable rndis support for USB Tethering(needed for OTG)
  • Works without StickMount!
  • I6458998c - Increase themeability of Clock, Signal, Wifi in statusbar
  • I3f1b4e74 - RC - Allow User select Tablet Mode {WIP} [1/2]
  • Ia8d8a7ec - FW - User select Tablet Mode [2/2] {WIP} [2/2]
  • Ia421e785 - Replace CandyCane with TeamKang Cogs
  • I5d07c47c - Adjust hint colors

Other Changes to Dirty AOKP v2.1

  • Added Noozoxoide EIZO-rewire PRO Aroma's Additional Apps Page
  • -(used to be the Lauchers page), will install to /system for now
  • Added Apollo and CM File Manager to Aroma's Additional Apps Page
  • -removed from /system, will install to /system for now
  • Many build.prop tweaks

Dirty AOKP v2.2 Changelog

New Cherry Picks in v2.2

  • RC - Lockscreen: option to use carousel animation when switching widgets (1/2) [NEW]
  • FW - Lockscreen: option to use carousel animation when switching widgets (2/2) [NEW]
    -adds 2 option to ROM Control/Lockscreen: Use wigdet carousel(working) &
    Minimize lockscreen challenge(not working, made for phones, don't use)
    -Toggle for Lockscreen Rotation (merged?)
  • Added flip and shake to snooze [NEW]
    -both the actions flipping the phone, and shaking the phone can do one of the following operations
    1. do nothing
    2. snooze the alarm
    3. dismiss the alarm

Other New Features in v 2.2

  • Updated AlloyUI Theme to v1.4.3 from v1.4.1
  • Updated Flash Player to 01-09(
  • Updated CM File Manager (from the CM build dated 01-15)
  • Updated Apollo (from the CM build dated 01-15)
  • Updated Stock AOKP kernel to 01-15

Dirty AOKP v2.3 Changelog

  • Build Date: Wed Jan 16 10:20:31 CST 2013
  • Cherry Picks in addition to v2.2
    -Lockscreen: Hide status bar clock on updated for Chronus
    -FW - NavBarColor (1/2)
    -RC - NavBarColor (2/2)
    -SystemUI: show date on 2 lines in status bar
    -FW - User select Tablet Mode [2/2] update needed to build
  • Updated Stock AOKP kernel to 01-16
  • Titanium Backup is now an Aroma option vs being automatically installed.
  • SwiftKey Flow Tablet Beta has been added to the Aroma options.
  • Pulled from Goo.im

Dirty AOKP v2.3.1 Changelog

  • Removed: SystemUI: show date on 2 lines in status bar
  • NavBarColor - Merged to AOKP git, no need to cherry pick
  • AlloyUI is now an Aroma options vs being automatically installed.

Dirty AOKP v2.4 Changelog

  • NEW KingBeatZ Version: Updated to v2.0.8 with the new BeatZ DSP Manager, Huge Update!
  • Added Omega 3 Kernel r4 to Aroma options
  • Removed SwiftKey Flow as it doesnt like being installed to /system(I think)
    -Install on your own if you want it, I will wink.gif
  • Removed Flash Player for now till a fix comes, something in the build may be conflicting, no idea right now.
  • Updated Stock AOKP Kernel to 01/16

Dirty AOKP v2.5 Changelog

  • KingBeatZ Updated to v2.0.9 - Custom compiled audio libs.
    -Mod double in size with the additional libs.
  • Updated Apex Launcher to 1.4.2(latest beta) in Aroma
  • Updated Stock AOKP Kernel to 01-17 - compiled with base
  • Removed Flash Player for now

Dirty AOKP v2.6 Changelog

  • Build Date: Fri Jan 18 17:14:25 CST 2013
  • Added back Chronus
  • Added Camera Launcher for Nexus 7
  • New Cherry Pick
    -QS-Enable Themeing of user labels (WIP)

Dirty AOKP v2.7 Changelog

  • Build Date: Sun Jan 20 00:23:35 CST 2013
  • Added Bravia Engine v2!
    -Better photo/video processing, overall better picture quality
  • Updated M-Kernel+ to a31 (01-19)
  • Updated Franco Kernel to r39 (01-19)
  • Cherry Pick - Lockscreen: Add timeout & instant lock option to slide lock

Dirty AOKP v2.8 Changelog

  • Updated KingBeatZ to 3.0.0 - audio update and themed BeatZ and Apollo
  • Apollo added to /system and removed from the Aroma options
  • Added "lpa.decode=false" to the build.prop for KingBeatZ
  • Updated K-Kernel+ to a32
  • Updated Stock AOKP Kernel to 01-21

Dirty AOKP v3.0 Changelog

  • New Cherry Picks - Icon Color Tinting - FW & RC, also a RAM Bar tweak to show better free memory.
  • Now KingBeatZ v3.0.2 - FINAL
    Deleted Obsolete libs
    Replaced with executable SoX bin file.
    Symlinked Controls
    Skinned Apollo with a Light Holo Theme & Skinned BeatZ Icon
    Compiled with GCC 4.7
    Louder - be careful with the compression in DSP, and bass unless you have high quality headphones.
  • Updated Franco Kernel to r40
  • Custom SystemUI nav bar icons will be back

Dirty AOKP v3.1 Changelog

  • Lockscreen targets, and they work perfect from what I have seen.
  • SystemUI: fix long-press navring targets not opening in keyguard
  • Updated Bravia Engine 2, much better, not sure it if was working before, now it is.

Dirty AOKP v3.2 Changelog

  • Tablet UI cherry-pick Update: No need to reboot to switch UI Modes. On-the-fly UI!
  • Stock AOKP boot.img now located in root of the zip to support multi-boot flashing.
  • Added back Ad-blocking hosts file

Dirty AOKP v3.3 Changelog

  • Added Custom Nav Bar Option to Aroma
    -If not selected you will have stock Nav Bar buttons.
  • Updated Franco Kernel to r41
  • Changed Default Kernel option in Aroma to Franco r41

Dirty AOKP v3.4 Changelog

  • Re-Build:Tues Jan 29 09:07:23 CST 203
  • Lots of cherry pick updates/merges
  • Updated KingBeatZ to 3.0.3 - Huge Update once again
  • The sound is even better now! DSP more usable!
  • Franco Kernel Updated to r41 (REALLY!)
  • Add Blocking hosts file in all version from now on unless I say otherwise

Dirty AOKP v3.5 Changelog

  • Updated Franco Kernel to r42
  • Updated M-Kernel+ to a34
  • New Cherry Picks:
  • -Better Swagger Tile
  • -Lockscreen: Quick Unlock - Unlock password/pin lockscreen without pressing enter button
  • Possibly add wiping to he aroma installer...working on it.
  • Updated Titanium Backup to

Dirty AOKP v3.6 Changelog

  • +++5 New Cherry Picks+++
  • 3 - Dual Panel On/Off Added to General UI
  • 2 - Hidden Nav bat Feature, size, timeout, transparency
  • Merged with Android 4.2.1 r1.2 source
  • Updated to M-Kernel+ a35
  • Updated Stock AOKP Kernel to 02/02
  • Updated to Lean Kernel v1.3
  • Removed Custom Nav Bar option for now

Dirty AOKP v4.0 Changelog

  • Thunderbolt Script v3.0.1
  • SuperSU v1.04
  • Apex Launcher v1.4.3 beta2
  • Update to Hidden Nav Bar(big update plus bug fixes}
  • Added Status Bar hide toggle to Power Menu [Will not be in v4.0, has issues]
  • More!

Dirty AOKP v4.1 Changelog

  • Thu Feb 7 11:51:34 CST 2013
  • Update Apex Launcher to 1.4.3 stable
  • Update Holo Launcher to 2.0.2
  • Update Titanium Backup to 6.0.2
  • Add Camera Launcher
  • Removed LMT as an Aroma Option, for now, till I can install to /data with Aroma
  • Update to Hidden Nav Bar(will go away now)

Dirty AOKP v4.2 Changelog

  • Build Date: Fri Feb 8 10:27:35 CST 2013
  • RC & FW Update to Hidden Nav Bar
  • RC Update to Quick Unlock
  • [NEW] Vendor & RC Refactor options for tablets and phablets
  • Added Goo.im OTA Update Notifications

Dirty AOKP v4.3 Changelog

  • Build Date: Mon Feb 11 08:37:54 CST 2013
  • Updated Franco to r46
  • Updated Light Kernel to 1.4
  • Updated M-Kernel to a36
  • Updated Thunderbolt Script to v3.0.4
  • Updated KingBeatZ to the new 3.0.3 Evo Ed., it is much different and audio is insane, check it out. No more BeatZ(DSP), it now uses a Custom 10 Band Eq.
  • Titanium Backup Updated to latest
  • Navigation Bar portion of ROM Control is fixed, Hidden Nav Bar stable

Dirty AOKP v5.0 Changelog

  • Build Date: Fri Feb 15 12:50:05 CST 2013
  • UPDATED TO 4.2.2 JDQ39
  • Updated M-kernel to a37
  • Updated Franco to r47
  • Updated Titanium Backup to
  • Updated Alloy UI to latest
  • Updated KingBeatZ to 3.0.5 test2
  • Updated Nova Launcher to v2.0.1beta4

Coming Soon

  • Even More Aroma Options
  • Much, much more!

Etapes d'installation :

Wipe Data Factory Reset

Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Flash de Dirty AOKP

Choisissez comme bon vous semble dans l'Aroma

Une fois l'instal fini, rebootez.

Enjoy !

Screenshots :


Téléchargements :

ROM Uploader sur Goo.im

Grouper Téléchargement (WiFi)

Tilapia Téléchargement (3G) :

Lien du topic original :


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T'as enfin réussi ^^ :)

Bon courage à toi et longue et bonne durée à cette ROM.

Ciao ;)


N'empêche que c'est bien plus lisible comme ça, j'connaissais pas, merci pour la transcription 'made in Fr ;) '

Edited by jo_nathan
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Toutes les apps sont intégrer dans l'aroma, il suffit des les choisir a l'installation, bah cette ROM est super fluide, comparer a la CM10.1 Fusion qui ne comporte aucune personnalisation et qui bug dès le premier boot ... Avec le kernel Oméga 3 v4 elle est super fluide :)

Tapatalké depuis mon Galaxy Nexus

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Pour les thème écrit sur google : "CM9/10 Thème", tu devrais trouver un post xda référencent BEAUCOUP de thème, tu télécharge l'apk, tu l'installe et tu va dans paramètre puis dans thème :) généralement les icones changes avec, mais si ils ne changent pas télécharge apex et trouve des thème pour apex sur le play store :)

Tapatalké depuis mon Galaxy Nexus

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V5.0 Out

Pas grand chose de nouveau :

Passage en JDQ39 (4.2.2)

Update de M kernel+ en a37

Update de franco kernel en r47

Update de Ti Backup en

Update de Alloy UI a la derniere version (Theme a choisir dans theme chooser)

Update de KingbeatZ en 3.0.5 test2

Update de Nova Launcher en 2.0.1 beat4

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Est ce que quelqu'un a un problème de rotation en jeu sur la V5 ? Les jeux qui demandent le mode paysage ne se mettent pas en paysage, il reste en portrait ...

Tapatalker depuis ma Nexus 7

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