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ROM - CM10.1 - 4.2.2, Novastar nightly KANGs + cherry picks + Harsh kernel [Halfbreed]

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Voici, une rom CM 10.1 avec l'ajout de cherry picks et en complément harskernel avec l'ajout des couleurs Halfbreed que personnellement je n'ai pas du tout apprécier.

La rom est vraiment sympathique, je l'ai adopté.

    Cherry picked:
    - framework: Battery bar (1/2)
    - Settings: Battery bar (2/2)
    - camera: add much more scene & focus modes
    - Fix FC when forcing Nexus 4 to specific radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
    - Custom Navigation Ring
    - Workspace and AppList Icon Tap/Touch (Trebuchet launcher performance improvement)
    - Trebuchet: fix uninstall app from shortcut
    - Camera: add exposure and JPEG quality settings to video camera
    - Added option to always pull down quick settings
    - libstagefright: support for disabling buffer metadata
  • Harsh kernel [Linux 3.4.34]
    - always up to date
    - no need for configuration apps, runs great by default
  • Hardcoded halfbreed screen calibration by molesarecoming
    - the best looking screen calibration for the Nexus 4, amazing improvement
    - automatically integrated into the kernel ('hardcoded')
  • Nexus 4 default boot animation
    - because I don't like CM-10.1 boot animation and of course we're all proud to be a Nexus owner.



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