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[MOD] Stock ICS sur Gingerbread baseband


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Toujours de Jsevi83, un mod qui permet d'utiliser n'importe quelle ROM stock ICS (B936, B944,infusion, B952, B952+ etc...) sur Gingerbread (baseband 109808).

Il suffit de flasher n'importe quelle ROM stock (ne fonctionne pas avec CM9 et CM10), puis de flasher juste derrière ce petit fichier http://www.solidfile...m/d/d9b114dd09/

The same way we recently got an addon to use GB roms on ICS baseband, here you have the opposite: an addon to use ICS roms on GB baseband (for those who want to avoid reboots caused by the unlocked ICS bootloader). This addon includes Ouch Kernel from kra1o5, since it has a patch that Daz made to be able to use ICS kernels with GB bootloader (so don't change the kernel). It only works for stock based ICS roms, not for CyanogenMod roms (Daz will take care of that).

INSTRUCTIONS: downgrade to GB (if you didn't already, look HERE), install any stock based ICS rom in recovery, flash this zip and reboot.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.solidfile...m/d/d9b114dd09/

NOTE: If you are using any stock based ICS rom (like Stock Plus, Lightning, Infusion, B952-slim, etc), you can install the zip to downgrade to GB (look HERE) and then install the zip to use ICS roms in GB. You don't need to make wipes or reinstall the rom, just flash those two zips in recovery and reboot. I think this method is better than relocking the bootloader.

Le thread en question: http://www.modaco.com/topic/361333-use-stock-based-ics-roms-on-gb-baseband/

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