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[SCRIPTs][TWEAKs]Fly-On Mod™V4.0 Alpha3/Feel The Smoothness!/Upd:03/07/13

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Salut, pour changer un peu, je propose un post sur un très bon script :


Fly On Mod

Caractéristiques :

-Min-Free and LowMemoryKiller enabled.

-Zip-aligning apps while Booting.

-Turbo Charged,Makes Your launcher very smooth!!

-system tweaks.

-Improved SD Card speed write/read!

-Autonomie amélioré.

-Better Multitasking.

-Sqlite and Database Tweaks.

-Network TCP tweaks.

-sysctl tweaks.

-Kernel and VM tweaks and improvements.

-file system speedup.

-Ext4 tweaks.

-Plein d'autre tweaks pour améliorer performance et autonomie!

Exigences :

-Android Gingerbread 2.3.x


-Kernel supportant init.d

-ClockWorkMod(4 or higher)

- 1MB d'espace libre in /system

Dans le paquet :

+/etc/init.d/ scripts:






-remountCM_fullext4(CM version only)





-libncurses.so(stock version only)

zip.gifFly-On_ram_manager_gamers.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.3 KB, 2511 views) zip.gifFly-On_ram_manager_multitasking.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.3 KB, 2448 views) zip.gifFly-On_ram_manager_Balanced.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.3 KB, 1730 views) zip.gifFly-On_ram_manager_Nexus.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.3 KB, 522 views) zip.gifFly-On_ram_manager_Hard_multitasking.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.4 KB, 1445 views) zip.gifFly-On_EXT4_tweak.zip - [Click for QR Code] (127.3 KB, 564 views) zip.gifSigned_Fly-On_Mod™_V4.0-Alpha2.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.49 MB, 654 views) zip.gifSigned_Fly-On_Mod™_V4.0-uninstaller.zip - [Click for QR Code] (126.3 KB, 205 views) zip.gifSigned_Fly-On_Mod™_V4.0-Alpha3.zip - [Click for QR Code] (3.03 MB, 13 views)

Change Log:

Fly-On V0.1:(8/4/2013)

initial release.

Fly-On V0.2:(16/4/2013)

-re-writed and cleaned script.

-New zip-aligning script based on Darky's zip-aligning script.

-Adjusted Values to be adapted to this device hardware.

-Deleted touch sensitivity tweaks(useless).

-Corrected Min-free values.

-Many other minor stuff...

Fly-On V0.3:(17/4/2013)

(If you are coming from an old version,below V0.3 you will need to delete all scripts in your /system/etc/init.d folder)

Now Fly-On Mod is a full package of scripts:

-Replaced the main Fly-On script with 3 scripts to avoid any functionality problem and ensure more stability (S98system_tweak,05LagFixer,09sdcardspeedfix)

-Added some useful build.prop Tweaks(for better performance and battery life)

-Fixed the Low memory killer bug with the new Lagfixer script.

Fly-On V0.4:(17/4/2013)

-New SQlite_optimize script .

-New Script For Network TCP optimizations.

-Adjusted Min-Free Values for better Multitasking!

Fly-On V0.5:(19/4/2013)

-Fixed permissions Via Updater-script to Make sure that scripts are properly working!

-Some cleaning to the S98system_tweak script!

Fly-On V0.6:(20/4/2013)

Delete all old Fly-On scripts before installing V0.6!

this update contains various improvements bugfixes and changes with a full new script:

-Deleted 05Lag_fixer script!

-Deleted S97network_tweaks!

-New 08Fly_engine script with a lot of tweaks and improvements:

+Full Memory management

+Sysctl tweaks

+Kernel and VM tweaks

+File system speedUp

+Ext4 tweaks

+Improved Wifi_Idle for better battery Life!

-Updated zip-aligning script for faster zip-aligning and short boot time!

Fly-On V0.7:(21/4/2013)

-added xbin to make sure that zipalign and fly_engine scripts are working properly!

-Now with two versions:

+Stock version for Stock gingerbread samsung roms and roms based on samsung roms!

+CM version for cyanogenmod7/9/10 Based roms and AOSP GB/ICS/JB roms too!

Fly-On V0.8:(22/4/2013)

-Fixed errors on Fly_engine script.

-Added I/O scheduler tweaks.

Fly-On V0.9:(25/4/2013)

-Fixed sqlite3 bin permissions.

-Removed journalism on EXT4 partition(greatly increase I/O).

-added remountCM_fullext4 script for CM version.

Fly-On V1.0:(27/4/2013)

If you are coming from Fly-On V0.9 there is no need to delete the old scripts!

-deleted fly_engine script(contain a lot of errors,I will be working on rewriting it).

-added a new ram_manager script (Full memory fix and management).

-fixed proper permissions for all scripts.

Fly-On V1.1(29/4/2013)

-Deleted swapon tweak as it's only causing troubles!

-heavily modified updater-script to make the /system/etc/init.d folder clean while installing the Mod!(there is no longer need to delete scripts manually)

Fly-On V1.2(2/5/2013)

-added new script 02logdelete1 to delete logs+tombstones!Huge thank to -CALIBAN666- for the idea and the big help!

-updated the updater-script with more scripts to delete in init.d folder

-Fly-on mod is now more stable than before!

Fly-On V1.3(3/5/2013)

-Fixed sdcard readahead speed(need some testing)

-Under the request of some users the ram_manager script is now separated from the CWM flashable zip and It has it's own CWM package!

-Under the request of some users the ram_manager script is now with two version : one for multitasking and the other one for hard gamers!

-Some cleaning to the 98system_tweaks script(deleted unseful stuff)

Fly-On V1.4:(7/5/2013)

-New Ram manager config(Balanced)for people with moderate apps use!

-Tried to fix deletelog script(I'm not sure need testing)

Fly-On V1.5:(9/5/2013)

-Fully Re-writed Fly_engine script ensuring maximum compatibility with:

+I/O scheduler tweaks(choose noop for maximum compatibility).

+File system speedup.

+Various sysctl tweaks - Kernel, VM, file system!

Fly-On V1.6:(10/5/2013)

-Fixed Bug with 02logdelete1 script,thanks to -CALIBAN666- !

-Renamed 085Fly_engine to Fly_engine to provide any invalid argument!

-Added Openvpn binary.

-Some minor fixes to the Fly_engine script.

Fly-On V1.7:(11/5/2013)

-Updated 02logdelete1 script with new features and improvements thanks to : -CALIBAN666- .

-Added Default.prop which contains Extra fly_engine tweaks!

-Deleted some tweaks from Fly_engine script(the ones that could conflict with 98system_tweak script).

-Fixed proper Fly_engine script permissions through the Updater-script.

Fly-On V1.8(12/5/2013)

-New RAM manager config(Nexus)It's the original Google config!

-Updated sqlite3 binary

-Modified the CWM installation package to make It detect your android version and install the binaries according to it!

Fly-On V1.9:(13/5/2013)

-Modified Fly_engine script with some tweaks added:

+tune2fs feature(Disable journalism).

+Disabled normalize sleeper.

+Deleted I/O specific tweak for noop I/O scheduler.(Feel free to use any scheduler with Fly-On)

Fly-On V2.0:(15/5/2013)

-Added new RAM manager(hard multitasking)!

-Added new script to improve your touchscreen sensitivity !

-Delete 02deletelog1 for know(will be back after fixing bugs on It).

-Now you can install It over adrenaline engine/velocity directly(Edited CWM installation script).

-Fixed a small error in 98system_tweak script.

Fly-On V2.1:(17/5/2013)

-Fully reworked 98system_tweak script with:

+Lesser script size(from 23kb to 19kb).

+ Edited many values for more smoothness and better battery life.

-Some few modifications to the Fly_engine script.

-Added many info to the first post!

Fly-On V2.2:(18/5/2013)

-02logdelete script is back and it's working properly!

-Fixed a small error in 98system_tweak.

-Reduced 98system_tweak size from 19KB to 17KB.

Fly-On V2.3:(20/5/2013)

-Heavily Edited 98system_tweak with:

+New governor Tweaks!

+Edited many values for better performance/battery life.

+Deleted few lines that are causing issue on some phones!

Fly-On V2.4:(23/5/2013)

-Fixed 02logdelete1 script!Now It's working properly thanks to :vampire: !

-New script 98fly_core It's the fusion of 98system_tweak and Fly_engine scripts(to avoid any incompatibility/stability issues).

-Removed "Disable EXT4 journalism" feature as It's incompatible with many devices that runs a system partition other than ETX4.

Fly-On V2.5:(27/5/2013)

-Fully reworked 09sdcardspeedfix script(reduced size from 3Kb to 1Kb).

-Some cleaning to the zipalign script.

Fly-On V2.6:(31/5/2013)

-Cleaned up 98Fly_core script.

-Some misc changes to the sqlite_optimize script.

Fly-On V2.7:(1/6/2013)

-Reverted back to old 09sdcardspeedfix script(compatible with more devices).

-Fixed a small bug with the 98fly_core script.

-Deleted s78sensitive_touchscreen script for now.

Fly-On V2.8:(2/6/2013)

-New zipalign data script used to zipalign apps on /data at every 48H.

-New sqlite optimizing system at every 48H.

-Deleted remountCM_fullext4 from CM version (another step to make Fly-On more universal).

Fly-On V3.0:(5/6/2013)

-fixed a small issue in 98fly_core script.

-Reworked the 02logdelete1 script.

-Reworked zipaligndata script.

-Reverted back to old sqlite optimizing script.

-Added partition remount tweaks for I9300 in a single package.

-Added Fly-on uninstaller for Version 2.4+ .

Fly-On V3.0 RC0:(9/6/2013)

-Added NOS entropy seeder generator engine,big thank to Exit_Only.

-Added hosts file for ad blocking.

-Fixed uninstaller(no more need to mount /system).

Fly-On V3.0 RC1:(18/06/2013)

-Added NOS entropy init.d script with light/moderate/aggressive profiles and sets moderate by defaults thanks again to EXIT_ONLY !

-Added new 99logdelete script to execute 02logdelete1 script properly at boot thanks to Erikeleria!

-Many minor changes.

Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha1:(30/06/2013)

-Renamed to : Fly-On Mod™

-Updated and Fixed Nos entropy engine,Now it has:

+Feature to switch Entropy on/off(Nos entropy engine is off by default).

+Two governors light and moderate.

-New 03kill_media_server which kills media server when unused to save battery!

-Redesigned the updater-script which will now:

+Wipe dalvik cache/boot cache while installing Fly-On Mod.

+Delete some old nos entropy parts.

+Fixes Nos entropy engine Permissions.

-Some other minor Fixes and changes.

-Redesigned the Thread with more info(Still a work-in-progress due to lack of time)

Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha2:(01/07/2013)

-From now on there will be only one version for AOSP based Roms(like CM) and stock Roms too.

-Added Uninstaller compatible with V4.0 only check the FAQ.

-Fixed a minor issue on NOS entropy engine.(fixed missing rngd_state permissions)

-Updated sqlite3 binary.

-Fully rewritten the updater-script with better look.

-Corrected some few missing permissions.

-updated scripts description in /system/etc/init.d/ .

-Deleted swap tweak from 98fly_core script and cleaned the script up.

Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha3:(03/07/2013)

-Now using hosts file from here with 283540 domains blocked (Adware/Malware/Spyware/Blotware) Big thank to BSDgeek_Jake.

-Fixed permissions for framework through the updater-script(might fix issues for some users).

-Delete network security related tweaks from 98fly_core script.

-Deleted some parts of default.prop that was conflicting with 98fly_core script.

-Some other minor changes.

source : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2226373

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