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[DEV][ROM] [5.1] CyanogenMod 11.0 (Android 4.4.2)

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ROM: (Last Update 5-JAN-2014): DOWNLOAD

md5: 9932d512b535981b2b524345e93995e4



md5: 8321e647d6cfe35a1de4e4429cd340bd


Boot into Recovery, Clockwork.

Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Wipe Cache
Mounts/Storage > Format System (Mandatory if you're coming from any other ROM!)
Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
Install from zip > Select downloaded ROM
Install from zip > Select download GAPPS

Reboot (might take a while,pls be patient!)

Added most cm apps by default, rom + gapps should fit on a 180Mb TPT.
Fixes/Added features:
Fixed bluetooth native tethering
Enabled navbar by default
Add option to resize navbar
Enabled zRAM by default
Further UI improvements

No video recording
No wifi native tethering
Lock screen sound stutters
No FM Radio

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Pour la préparation :

CWM Touch



See last page for a working link



For partitioning, also includes CWM 5.0


A 180 MiB /system that shold work with the Blade


Les bugs:

Not working:

  • Wifi Tethering (use an external app for now)
  • FM Radio
  • ART
  • ...and anything else which I didn't come across yet.
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You'll need at least 180mb system partition for the ROM and gapps to fit.

Download ROM, GAPPS on your SDCARD:

ROM: (Last Update 11-JAN-2014): DOWNLOAD
md5: 4d9aa28743e80811e56200d641e56702

GAPPS (Last Update 11-JAN-2014): DOWNLOAD
md5: 98d8707b32b59da489cd978330071696


[5 JAN 14]
md5: 9932d512b535981b2b524345e93995e4
Initial Release

[8 JAN 14]
md5: a419cd0ecccee888fb38466574eeb1c8
Replaced UI sound effects with original kitkat sounds
Fixed lock screen sound
Fixed audio playback stuttering issues
Add battery status bar (Thanks KonstaT)
Add option to disable boot animation (Thanks KonstaT)
Make lock screen camera widget configurable (cm)
& other merged commits not mentioned in the changelog

[9 JAN 14]
md5: 7e919887be0b96b3b777ff42a9618967
Fixed camcorder recording & playback
Add whisperpush in build
Add BladeParts as a separate app
Add new gapps package
Fixed script in gapps package *
* Format system (install rom + new gapps) required for changes to take effect
& other merged commits not mentioned in the changelog

[11 JAN 14]
md5: 4d9aa28743e80811e56200d641e56702
Further camcorder fixes (focus,timelapse)
Enabled transparent status/navbar (1)
Add option to disable navbar
Add new gapps package
Further fixes in gapps script noticably calendar sync
* Format system (install rom + new gapps) required for changes to take effect *
& other merged commits not mentioned in the changelog

Edited by GEEKLY
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J' ai tester, quelques beug, ça rame un peut par moment mais moi mon tel il me sert que pour les sms, tel et reveil.


Pour le latinime.apk, il ne sert que pour la correction des sms, la rom est en Francais.


Sinon une très belle rom.


A tester.

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ROM: (Last Update 07-MAR-2014): DOWNLOAD

MD5: a4f246711a93dc3f4a4c08a54ec7e59f


GAPPS (Last Update 08-FEB-2014): DOWNLOAD

MD5: 6ebfabd1a0178b7062a626d2a6997269


eclaimed 6Mb more RAM
Further kernel enhancements
Camcorder: add pause option during recording
Camcorder: reduced video recording jittering (higher framerate)
reduced delay on incoming call
alarm: add option to play random song as an alarm
downloads: add download speed during downloads
compiled using linaro 4.9 toolchain
Tons of other fixes/commits from androidarmv6/CM upstream not mentioned in the changelog
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