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[Dorimanx Kernel][LP/\5.0.2/\4.7.2][KK 10.8][JB 3.7]

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!!!!Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel Pour Rom LG !!!!

!!!Incompatible Rom AOSP!!!


Pour les AOSP,

direction le thread de Vanir sur XDA



Global Credits!
"Big thanks to g.lewarne for helping me to start!
Savoca for many kernel mods
Cyanogen (rmcc@github) for many kernel mods
Faux123 for UV/OV, Sound Gain Control, Inteli Hotplug, Fast Charge support! and more!
Alucard_24 for AlucardHotplug and mods.
LG for Stock kernel base!
MyFluxi for kernel updates and fixes.
To all my sources in GITHUB!
Linus Torvalds for Linux source!"



kernel Basé sur le Kernel Stock

Kernel branche 3.4.108, + LG LP updates + tweaks et bien d'autres choses

    • Default I/O Scheduling: ZEN.
    • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: ROW, FIOPS DEADLINE, NOOP, CFQ, SIO, BFQ.
    • Default CPU frequency: 300Mhz-2.26GHz (MAX OC up to 2.8Ghz speed!).
    • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in Dorimanx App.
    • You can set MAX freq for screen OFF state!
    • Default CPU governor: Ondemand.
    • More CPU Govs present, conservative, performance, Intelidemand, Intellimm, Interactive, OndemandPlus, Nightmare, Hyper, Pegasusq, IntelliActive, Alucard, Darkness, Impulse, YankActive.
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Intelli HotPlug by @faux123)
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Alucard HotPlug by @alucard_24)
    • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (MSM HotPlug by @myfluxi)
    • Support Inteli CPU Temp control (by @faux123)
    • Support for Touch BOOST CPU'S code (by @alucard_24)
    • Support for Async CPU, every core can have it's own min/max + cpu governor! (by @alucard_24)
    • Support 4 GPU Govs! + Tuning in Dorimanx App. (by @myfluxi)
    • Support limit OC to 2.5Ghz / 2.7Ghz / 2.8Ghz (by @faux123)
    • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface (by @faux123).
    • Debugging is OFF by Default to save CPU cycles, and extend battery life.
    • Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes).
    • High performance, low latency kernel.
    • Compiled with -O2 flags and hardware neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled.
    • Built from official LG 30B kernel source.
    • File systems support: Ext2/3/4, FAT32, CIFS, USB OTG.
    • Support F2FS filesystem!
    • EXFAT, NTFS supported but need USB OTG APP! it's not native!
    • Sound Driver Control or via Dorimanx APP or via Faux Sound App.
    • Allowed forced fast charge! hack.
    • Sweep2Sleep! allow sweeping from right to left and backwards! on soft buttons to turn off the screen.
    • Kernel created using Linaro 2015.xx compiled by me, powerful ToolChain GCC 4.9.3 + all needed mods for it.
    • Running Scripts from /system/etc/init.d/ is SUPPORTED but OFF in Dorimanx App! if you need it, enable.
    • Dorimanx Kernel Control App will be installed with kernel.
    • Synapse Kernel Control/Status App will be installed with kernel.
    • Added UltraSound high performance audio hardware support.
    • Added support for MultiROM kexec-hardboot! (by patrik.KT ) (disabled! cant be used for now.)
    • Added support for relaxed CPU idle functions to save power.
    • Added GPU OC/UC to Max 650Mhz Min 100Mhz (by @neobuddy89)
    • Added support for KK BootLoader! "BUMPED" kernel (by @Cybojenix && @Thecubed)
    • Advanced Color interface + App (color control) (by @savoca)


Installation :


Pré Requis :


Etre Root

Avoir un Recovery / TWRP http://www.dorimanx.com/LG/recovery/ 

Avoir un BootLoader KK 


° Placer le zip du Kernel sur votre G2

° Redémarrer en Recovery

° Faite un Backup au cas où comme toujours  :) 

° installer le zip

° Et Reboot system


Changelog :


icon10.gif  LP Changelog :

Kernel 4.7.2 BETA

*Restored lost RAM for video driver. now all gallery and other apps will be OK.
*Merged lots of other RAM code updates, i am getting close to 3.10.y RAM code!
*Merged more memory optimizations and code fixes.
*Improved memory release after boot, to give all possible free RAM to user.
*Ram is auto growing when not used, releasing leaks and possible LOW RAM bugs.


KK Changelog :


Kernel 10.8 FINAL KK Kernel

Consider this as LAST BUILD, till other info from me.

*Removed useless CPU stats that no one read or need.
*Cleaned OnDemandPlus code.
*Merged updates to Alucard,Darkness,Nightmare CPU GOVS.
*Merged updates to all Hotplug drivers.
*Fixed bugs in USB drivers.
*Merged RAM protection code.
*Merged lots of Selinux updates!
*Merged lots of NET updates!
*Fixed force fast charge driver.
*Updated LINARO 2015.03 with auto FPU and latest libs.
*Updated all CPU GOVS to more stable per core defines.
*Merged updates to Modem driver and to main android rpm_smd code.
*Fixed MSM RQ STATS not to give ROM hotplug any info when kernel
hotplug is used.
*Merged updates to android RAM code and to LowMemKiller code.
*Merged updates to SOUND and to POWER Code (PM)
*Moved Dorimanx app and color control to kernel zip.
*Updated back light control code.
*Updates to main CPUFREQ code.
*Merged updates to GPU code.
*Merged update to F2FS code.
*Merged updates to MSM watchdog code.
*Removed useless logs spam from dmesg.
*Merged updates to Regulator and MM code.
*Merged updates to Binder code.
*Merged huge update to drivers core code.
*Merged update to BFQ v7r8 driver.
*Merged updates to DMA/CMA Buffer code.
*Merged Adreno Idler for GPU, will save power when screen is ON.
*Merged patch 3.4.108 and missing updates from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 i was missing them!
*Merged updates to android ashmem code.
*Merged big update to AIO FS buffer code that speedup the IO!
*Merged update to speedup IO by not using code for rotation disks. we have SSD.
*Merged fixed to ramdisk boot scripts and cortex. from my LP kernel.


JB Changelog :



Kernel 3.7

*Updated Busybox 1.22.2 custom patches and support for F2FS
*Merged New HotPlug driver by Myfluxi named MSM HotPlug!
It's very good replacement for OLD junk ROM binary! that is slow!
Kernel driver works 10x faster!
It's now DEFAULT hotplug. controls in STweaks.
*Fixed My scripts, removed not needed things.
*Tuned Ondemand CPU gov to be faster and removed LAG on wakeup.
*Updated Alucard Hotplug from DEV tree. (bit thanks to @
*Updated EXfat driver and allowed ROM vold to use it! (big thanks to @
*Merged MMC updates from new sources.
*Removed some HACK that i have added long time ago.
From what i have learned best not to use them.
*Removed ROOT install/uninstall by kernel. not needed.
Every one has ROOT already any way...
*Removed Touch Boost and replaced with LG CPU Boost code.


Pensé à avoir le Kernel Stock sous la main au cas où !

Disponnible sur la page de téléchargement

De Dorimanx

dont voici les liens direct


Pour Jelly Bean


kernel Stock LG 4.2.2 :



Pour KitKat


kernel Stock LG 4.4.2 :



Pour Lollipop


Kernel Stock LG 5.0.2 :



***Dorimanx Kernel !!!***


Attention à la version de votre G2,

lorsque vous télécharger sur la page de Dorimanx


Pour JellyBean 4.2.2




Pour KitKat 4.4.2




Pour Lollipop 5.0.2




Pour les BETA






Problème de Root ?

Pas de stress y a point S!

Euh non c'est pas ça!   :P 

Un petit Flash d'un Update Super Su ?

oui c'est mieux   :) 


Plus de Knock On ?
on va dans le menu "secret" du G2
802 ou le numéro de version de votre G2
on clique sur "settings"
puis enfin "update touch firmware"
on patiente un petit peu
" Et voilà! "
"Diechel", membre d'XDA à créé, une application pour permettre
la mise à jour par OTA du Kernel
voici son Topic sur XDA
Lien Google Play

Profils Tasker, Partagé par "johnbeetee":


ceux ci sont à extraire et à ouvrir dans tasker (je n'en sait pas plus, pas encore tester)


Source avec de plus amples explications :




°°°Source Dorimanx Kernel°°°


Thread XDA Jelly Bean



Thread XDA KitKat



Thread XDA Lollipop


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Son Kernel était parfait sur Samsung Galaxy SII, quand j'ai vu sur XDA qu'il était sur G2, je me suis dis qu'il fallait absolument que je Root mon G2, maintenant que mon G2 est rooté, je vais tester ce Kernel avec la ROM Rayglobe Flex 4.0 Beta 3 :)


Par contre il serait bien que tu ajoute la source en fin de post.

La voilà : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2614400

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Son Kernel était parfait sur Samsung Galaxy SII, quand j'ai vu sur XDA qu'il était sur G2, je me suis dis qu'il fallait absolument que je Root mon G2, maintenant que mon G2 est rooté, je vais tester ce Kernel avec la ROM Rayglobe Flex 4.0 Beta 3 :)


Par contre il serait bien que tu ajoute la source en fin de post.

La voilà : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2614400


La même, je l'avais sur S2  et je l'ai direct installé sur mon G2 !


Pour la source je croyais l'avoir mise merci de l'avoir précisé  :) je la rajoute de suite.

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Pas compatible cm 10.2 ??

J'ai security error

Nan seulement Stock

Mais je vais le grossir et mettre en Rouge  :)


Edit : post 1 mis à jour

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Rhaaaa, dommage qu'il ne soit compatible qu'avec les stocks :(

Le dorimanx et le siyah étaient des chefs d'œuvre sur le S2... Vivement que dorimanx adapte ça aux AOSP !!!!

Tapatalké depuis mon G2 !

Tout à fait d'accord, mais au rythme ou il va sa devrait pas tarder à moins que [color=red][b]sa[/b][/color] nesoit pas dans ces projets.

Sur S2 que du bonheur  :)

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Tu peux aussi rajouter que c'est compatible avec les roms g flex.

Envoyé de mon g2 flex en utilisant Tapatalk

Effectivement je n'y avais pas penser.


Edit : Post 1 mis à jour

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Kernel 1.8

*Rebased kernel source to LG JB v10k
This merge fixed many things in all wide rage of drivers!
*Removed WIFI wakelocks! wifi is less responsive at deepsleep but save x10 power.
Added NET Firewall that will block all noise including PING and IPv6!
*Updated Ondemand and Interactive CPU govs from LG KK Source.
*Added STweaks app to control kernel + advanced options + 5 profiles.
Need more work on cool addons and tuning for GOVS and much more...
*Added live AI script named by me, cortex_brain_tune that will handle extensive operations for PWR Save and CPU freq Boost on wakeup.
By default all CPU operations of max/min CPU freq can be tuned ONLY via STweaks! any other APP settings will be reset to STweaks value!
Now you get DEFAULT profile with max 2.29Ghz CPU.
You can tune the profile or select other from list in STweaks.
*Added NTFS driver for HDD over USB. my 1TB drive now mounted as should.
*Added SuperSU 1.91 ROOT app + SU to kernel, will be installed to system on boot. can be turned off via STweaks.
*Fixed too sensitive screen wakeup.
*Fixed Proximity delay on calls.
*Enabled Termo Control(over heat control by reducing max speed) for CPU by default.

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Punaise j ai installé le kernet et j ai perdu mes droits root que se passe t il 

Je vais devoir le root de nouveau bizarre

essai d'installer supersu et mise a jour a l'ouverture  de l'appli, ça me l'a fait une fois, oubli pas de redemarrer

sinon j'espère que tu avais un backup sous la main c'est plus simple  :)

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