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[ROM] 13/12 | Fulmics ROM 8.0 ◦ v30N ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ MM 6.0 ◦ All variants

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Ni FrAndroid, ni XDA, ni le Dev et ni moi ne peut être responsable en cas de problème important


La source, "ICI"


Je ne fait que présenter la Rom pour ne pas polluer les autres post.


Donations help A LOT during development, buying me a coffee you will keep me awake at night so I can add more tweaks and mods 



- @Cloudyfa, @6ril1, @Skin1980, @BlackSoulxxx, @ccass
- @renzetti.s, @piaoxue99, @AbbasM234, @spiderio, @auras76
- @loserskater, @Goldie, @MattBooth, @tdunham, @venkat kamesh
- @baadnewz, @lyapota, Team Venom
- @metalboy94, @hoangnova, @darkera13, @Morningstar, @big88moe, @Robshr, @zmeeed1
- AOSP, CM Team, MoKee, Euphoria-OS

XDA:DevDB Information
Fulmics ROM for LG G3 - MM, ROM for the LG G3 

Source Code: opensource.lge.com

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 6.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-08-16

Created 2016-01-30
Last Updated 2016-08-16





Full ROMs


Old downloads:


  • Fulmics ROM 7.6 - Mega - Google Drive - Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 (build made by @Deafening Roar, mirrors by @viking_vp3) (MD5: 07aeaec95436d0300d7469e55f5881d5)
  • Fulmics ROM 7.5 - Mega - Upera - Uploadboy (thx to @viking_vp3) (MD5: cc19bb19fc22aa43065882ba8894bea1)
  • Fulmics ROM 7.0 - Mega - Upera - Uploadboy (thx to @viking_vp3) (MD5: ff571ee193adfebc0017b112a7c54a57)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.6 - Mega - AndroidFileHost (thx to @MirzaAwais) - Upera (thx to @viking_vp3) (MD5: b451b064b4951256379ba70c174fa878)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.5 - Mega - Uploadboy (thx to @viking_vp3) (MD5: 7ccc5be78d48cd8921d37965062e2750)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.0 - Mega - Mirror 1 (thx to @AlbioB) - UploadBoy (thx to @viking_vp3) - AndroidFileHost (thx to @AngryManMLS) (MD5: d73c19c5034c00e1176a017d88d7eef6)
  • Fulmics ROM 5.1 - Mega (MD5: 9646b81d30616df6520384f0b175ffda)
  • Fulmics ROM 5.0 - Mega (MD5: ae0edb86bf77899089daf4a6b06a653c)
  • Fulmics ROM 4.1 - Mega (MD5: cc5b377e2925e66a3df668eae939a7f8)
  • Fulmics ROM 4.0 - Mega (MD5: da42a3ede0c5e801bcbdb68556ad7c36)
  • Fulmics ROM 3.5 - Mega (MD5: 6aca1ff281fd713288590c63eaf64995)
  • Fulmics ROM 3.1 - Mega (MD5: e72690b156afa220faaefb0ab7f59903)
  • Fulmics ROM 3.0 - Mega (MD5: e53d87b42a26a75c56d7f8830e959a56)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.7 - Mega (MD5: ddcb15500fe1d34de1c02b3ac640613a)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.5 - Mega (MD5: 7fb2cf0644750517678ded3405d0b021)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.0 - Mega (MD5: b3c05285ded2e450d2102218158cd0cc)
  • Fulmics ROM 1.5 - Mega (MD5: 293782f5c77a56e92abe80a368334708)
  • Fulmics ROM 1.0 - Mega (MD5: dbb1f7e756af47df3479cfc0ab208b95)





  • Fulmics ROM 6.8-6.9 - Download (MD5: 3a948f4b250049949ae45b6fb1ced0bb)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.7-6.8 - Download - Mirror (MD5: 9b96fac35ef532725b49543973ad6059)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.6-6.7 - Download - Mirror (MD5: a383ee5a3533b85a15bf4caf4214ccdb)
  • Fulmics ROM 6.0-6.1 - Uploadboy (MD5: e8399248f77a35da0e297a7398df88e6)
  • Fulmics ROM 5.2-5.3 - Uploadboy (MD5: 8ff9feb7e34c1f539783172ed26402d7)
  • Fulmics ROM 5.1-5.2 - Uploadboy (MD5: a7afc547b12b6ab3e5566a25bd81054c)
  • Fulmics ROM 4.1-4.2 - Uploadboy (MD5: d845e2b6361d5df043583a68861a6568)
  • Fulmics ROM 3.6-3.7 - Uploadboy (MD5: 3fc564565bbfed49e7c5ddcc0608f56d)
  • Fulmics ROM 3.5-3.6 - Uploadboy (MD5: c56ae2f98a49a83ef65e10ba169d522d)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.6-2.7 - Uploadboy (MD5: 4c449ae4e865906bb3756326db31bb9e)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.5-2.6 - Uploadboy (MD5: 8146e6e577029537d14f654a8f13c39e)
  • Fulmics ROM 2.0-2.1 - Uploadboy (MD5: 29d5cb9cce7b1d47199a66c4a6014d95)
  • Fulmics ROM 1.5-1.6 - Uploadboy (MD5: 9c4ae5d4fd3caebac83493c71465db6d)



Fulmics ROM 8.0 (December 13th)


  • Updated Magisk to latest 14.0 version
  • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.4.3 version
  • Updated aroma installation and GPS servers


  • Added 4K Video support for YouTube app


  • Some fixes and stability improvements
  • Old changelog:



    • Fulmics ROM 7.6 (June 27th)

    • Updated all apps to their latest versions
    • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.82 version

    • Additions
    • Added ability to uninstall LG Health and SmartWorld anytime
    • Added minor changes to some aroma options

    • Fixes
    • Fixed hissing artifact when listening to music with headphones
    • Fixed SuperSU root options in Aroma not working properly
    • Fixed some additional apps causing crashes

    • Fulmics ROM 7.5 (May 16th)

    • Updated to latest Security Patch from February 2017
    • Updated all Google system apps to their latest version

    • Fixes
    • Fixed all libs-related issues (all libs updated from latest base)

    • Fulmics ROM 7.0 (May 1st)

    • Updated Magisk to latest 12.0 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.3.3 version
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Additions
    • Added full Magisk & MagiskSU support
    • Added ability to select different rooting modes during installation:
      • MagiskSU (recommended)
      • SuperSU in system-less mode
      • SuperSU in system mode
    • Added ability to remove more LG apps during installation:
      • LG Health
      • LG Smart Settings
      • LG Weather

    • Fixes
    • Fixed mismatched libs, causing potential memory leaks and battery drain

    • Fulmics ROM 6.9 (January 30th)

    • Fixed LG Home force closing
    • Fixed disable widget blur not working
    • Fixed missing quick circle themes (again)

    • Fulmics ROM 6.8 (January 29th)

    • Added tweak to disable widget blur permanently

    • Fixes
    • Fixed usb tethering FC on AT&T D850 variant
    • Fixed LG clock daydream not working
    • Fixed network traffic not hiding properly in some situations

    • Fulmics ROM 6.7 (November 19th)

    • Updated to latest Security Patch from October 2016

    • Fixes
    • Fixed mobile network settings greyed out on Sprint variant
    • Fixed missing quick circle themes
    • Fixed bluetooth audio FC after enabling channel mode
    • Fixed wifi settings FC on certain circumstances

    • Fulmics ROM 6.6 (October 23rd)

    • Updated to latest Security Patch from September 2016
    • Updated QuickMemo+ app to latest 5.0.16 version
    • Updated VIPER4Android to latest version

    • Additions
    • Added ability to choose root mode in aroma (system/systemless)

    • Fixes
    • Fixed data while changing sim on Dual Sim variants
    • Fixed mobile network settings greyed out on Sprint variant
    • Fixed and reverted back to fully working LG G5 camera
    • Fixed speaker mic not working on some variants
    • Fixed login with google on QuickMemo+ app
    • Fixed MirrorLink FC
    • Fixed and updated Compatibility patch
    • Fixed mismatched and old LG Cell Broadcast app

    • Fulmics ROM 6.5 (September 18th)

    • Re-based on latest LG v30N base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from August 2016
    • Updated LG Camera app to latest 5.30.51 version
    • Updated LG Home to latest 5.30.7 version
    • Updated LG Easy Home to latest 4.70.20 version
    • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.78 SR1 version

    • Additions
    • Added full support to D856/7/8/HK/9 Dual SIM variants
    • Added tweak to hide sync toggle confirmation dialog
    • Added tweak to hide airplane toggle confirmation dialog
    • Added ability to choose GPS Supl servers (google or nokia)
    • Added more GPS region fixes (taiwan, russia, korea)
    • Added partition trimming on installation for speed boost

    • Fixes
    • Fixed airplane quick toggle not working on Verizon variant
    • Fixed SystemUI FC when using screen on pin option
    • Fixed triplicated clock on statusbar bug
    • Fixed fm radio recording not working for some users
    • Fixed missing Smart Screen option in settings list view
    • Fixed vibration pattern settings not sticking
    • Fixed and limited display DPI tweak to min 538
    • Fixed speaker microphone not working on some variants
    • Fixed mobile data not working on D850 variant
    • Fixed mismatched LTE icon on Sprint variant
    • Fixed Voicemail not working on Verizon variant
    • Fixed Bluetooth FC in settings on Verizon variant
    • Fixed daydream feature not working
    • Fixed and removed WifiOffDelayIfNotUsed wakelock
    • Fixed random emergency only message bug
    • Fixed some options in settings not sticking
    • Fixed notification blur not working properly on landscape
    • Fixed GPS region issues some users were facing
    • Fixed SuperSU ability to run into systemless mode
    • Fixed kernel ramdisks compression to gzip format
    • Various other fixes and improvements from LG

    • Fulmics ROM 6.1 (August 21st)

    • Updated Home & Menu app to latest 4.80.12

    • Fixes
    • Fixed missing Smart Screen option in settings
    • Fixed admin rights in Settings FCing
    • Fixed mismatched notification edit icon on ATT variant
    • Fixed Camera FC on hand gesture
    • Fixed missing option to add APN in settings
    • Fixed double tap to sleep on 3rd-party launchers
    • Fixed missing hotspot toggle on TMO and ATT variants
    • Fixed and removed ATT carrier label on statusbar
    • Fixed search FC in settings on Sprint variant
    • Fixed status bar date format not working
    • Fixed missing quick circle themes
    • Fixed Exchange email accounts not working
    • Fixed bluetooth layout in settings
    • Fixed some play store apps not compatible
    • Fixed missing global VoLTE support
    • Fixed missing favorie contacts widget
    • Fixed missing hebrew translations on some apps

    • Fulmics ROM 6.0 (August 16th)

    • Re-based on latest LG G3 v30J base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from July 2016
    • Updated UX 5.0 from latest LG G5 v10D base
    • Updated Q3D Engine to latest 1.00.05 version
    • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.76 version

    • Additions
    • Ported all previous mods and tweaks
    • Added Snap Mode in camera from LG G5
    • Added Video Editor with effects from LG G5
    • Added Miniview from LG V10
    • Added Autostarts configuration options in Settings
    • Added option for Sound Boost mod in aroma
    • Added option to remove Smart Doctor in aroma
    • Added ability to blur notification panel
    • Added blur tweaks for recent apps:
      • enable/disable blurred background
      • dynamic background depending on current app
    • Added ability to change navigation bar height in realtime
    • Added volume keys move keyboard cursor:
      • enable/disable
      • UP: left | DOWN: right
      • UP: right | DOWN: left
    • Added ability to remove persistent notifications
    • Added tweak to hide power saver notification
    • Added hidden pin lockscreen option back
    • Added random pin lockscreen option back
    • Added noise suppression option in call settings
    • Added voice clarity option in call settings
    • Added recording support to FM radio on all regions
    • Added seconds hand in clock app icon
    • Added LG celluar broadcast back

    • Fixes
    • Fixes for Verizon VS985:
      • Fixed 4G/LTE connectivity
      • Fixed LTE icon and Roaming indicator
      • Fixed missing APNs
      • Fixed Airplane toggle FC
    • Fixes for AT&T D850:
      • Fixed long boot issue
      • Fixed LTE icon
      • Fixed group messaging, VoLTE and hotspot
    • Fixes for T-Mobile D851:
      • Fixed long boot issue
      • Fixed LTE icon
      • Fixed group messaging and VoLTE
    • Fixes for Canada D852:
      • Fixed long boot issue
      • Fixed camera FC
      • Fixed missing APNs
    • Fixed clock color overlay not sticking
    • Fixed pocket proximity wakelock issue
    • Fixed statusbar clock randomly disappearing
    • Fixed Advanced Wifi in settings FC on some variants
    • Fixed TTS in settings FCing
    • Fixed lag when opening certain LG menus
    • Fixed mismatched qslide edit toggle
    • Fixed memory leak due to my mistake in code
    • Fixed reboot when changing APM style from classic to LG
    • Fixed status bar clock default font size
    • Fixed and patched LG SmartWorld for all variants
    • Fixed realtime ability to hide QS Wifi SSID label
    • Fixed realtime ability to disable wake up on unplug
    • Fixed duplicated Youtube data app
    • Fixed and removed unsupported FM Radio on some variants
    • Fixed settings security patch date format
    • Fixed various WiFi issues for some people
    • Fixed and removed LG applications manager
    • Removed debugging info from apps and framework

    • Fulmics ROM 5.3 (June 2nd)

    • Added Smart Doctor from LG G5
    • Added LED quick toggle
    • Added QSlide and QRemote quick toggles
    • Added tweak for setting up to 7 portrait QSlide apps
    • Added tweak for setting up to 12 landscape QSlide apps
    • Added ability to change battery saver color
    • Added ability to link volume ringtone and notification

    • Fixes
    • Fixed and removed recently uninstalled apps option

    • Fulmics ROM 5.2 (May 13rd)

    • Added tweak to longpress home for voice command
    • Added tweak to hide storage mounted notification
    • Added tweak to hide upcoming alarm notification
    • Added translation support to advanced power menu

    • Fixes
    • Fixed advanced WiFi settings FC
    • Fixed and removed qslide and qremote QS toggles
    • Fixed exchange email acoounts not working
    • Fixed mismatched SIM service app
    • Fixed dex2oat battery drain
    • Fixes and stability improvements

    • Fulmics ROM 5.1 (May 8th)

    • Updated and synced with latest LG G5 v10c base

    • Additions
    • Added Smart Settings from LG G5
    • Added Camera with 1080p 60fps support

    • Fixes
    • Fixed Bluetooth not working on D851, US/LS990 and F400
    • Fixed adding APN in Settings not working
    • Fixed Camera app not showing on homescreen
    • Fixed bootloop when turning on phone while charging
    • Fixed phone not charging while it is turned off
    • Fixed homescreen landscape rotation bug
    • Fixed Clip Tray on copy/paste not working
    • Fixed login with google on QuickMemo+ app
    • Fixed Vietnamese keyboard language numbers bug
    • Fixed Contacts FC due to unknown ringtone
    • Fixed mismatched LG Health
    • Fixed LTE connectivity not working on D851 variant
    • Fixed various issues on VS985 variant
    • Fixed data not working on boot for Sprint LS990
    • Fixed and removed LG AirDrive not working
    • Fixed a lot of code in framework and removed debug info
    • Various fixes and stability improvements

    • Fulmics ROM 5.0 (April 19th)

    • Updated to latest LG v30F base
    • Updated google security patch to 1/3/2016
    • Updated CTT Mod for 6.0 compatibility (props @Robshr)
    • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.65

    • Additions
    • Ported Full UX 5.0 and apps from LG G5
    • Ported 50+ tweaks to the new base
    • Added camera Timelapse Video feature from LG G5
    • Added ability to set custom longpress home actions:
      • disabled
      • recent apps
      • google now (default)
      • take screenshot
      • open menu
      • toggle torch
    • Added tweak to show/hide lockscreen weather effects:
      • show/hide rainy effect
      • show/hide snowy effect
      • show/hide thunder effect
      • show/hide clear effect
      • show/hide cloudy effect
    • Added ability to hide quick settings Wifi SSID label
    • Added tweak to disable flash on custom battery level in camera
    • Added tweak to disable dialog when enabling airplane mode in power menu
    • Added ability to read DFF audio file types

    • Fixes
    • Fixed ViPER4Android not working properly
    • Fixed various US carriers issues
    • Fixed and updated VS985 and D852 to latest v47a base
    • Fixed supports with exFAT/NTFS/vFAT partitions and sdcard
    • Fixed Fulmics Tweaks not showing in Settings
    • Fixed lots of issues and stability improvements

    • Fulmics ROM 4.2 (March 4th)

    • Added ability to set custom text in notification panel
    • Added ability to close recents view by pressing it when no apps displayed

    • Fixes
    • 6.0.1: Fixed long delay on floating toolbar appearance (copy/paste popup, etc)
    • 6.0.1: Fixed a bug where the panel could get stuck closing
    • 6.0.1: When the device boots up, netd works more than required
    • 6.0.1: Added SD type support
    • 6.0.1: Register for device shutdown notification (audio)
    • 6.0.1: Configure audio encode parameters only for valid audio codec
    • 6.0.1: Increase timeout to allow slow CPUs to compile GMS core
    • Fixed and disabled debug logs for BluetoothAdapter

    • Fulmics ROM 4.1 (February 29th)

    • Fixed bootloop on D850, D852, LS990, US990 and F400 variants
    • Fixed bluetooth issues on D851, LS990 and F400 variants

    • Fulmics ROM 4.0 (February 27th)

    • Added support for T-Mobile D851
    • Added support for Canada D852
    • Added support for U.S. Cellular US990
    • Added ability to hide carrier label on notification panel
    • Added tweak for setting up to 8 portrait QS toggles
    • Added tweak for setting up to 12 landscape QS toggles
    • Added tweak for setting up to 7 portrait QSlide apps
    • Added tweak for setting up to 12 landscape QSlide apps
    • Added Smart World, Capture+ and Quick Remote

    • Fixes
    • Fixed BT issues on Korean F400 and Sprint LS990
    • Fixed android wear connection issues
    • Fixed video editor FC
    • Fixed audio through bluetooth not working
    • Fixed and improved stability

    • Updates
    • Updated ViPER4Android to latest

    • Fulmics ROM 3.7 (February 19th)

    • Added tweak to enable/disable qualcomm assertive display

    • Fixes
    • Fixed Camera FC
    • Fixed Fulmics OTA for future FCs

    • Fulmics ROM 3.6 (February 18th)

    • Added disable camera sounds tweak
    • Added qualcomm assertive display (more info)

    • Fixes
    • Fixed LG update center not showing apps on all variants
    • Fixed LG Israel hack that resets hebrew language at boot
    • Fixed mismatched transparent weather widget

    • Fulmics ROM 3.5 (February 11th)

    • Added support for minimum of 3 taps on Knock Code
    • Added ability to add widgets to Smart Bulletin
    • Added tweak to hide IME notification
    • Added ability to show/hide call recording button

    • Fixes
    • Fixed 4g/data not working on D850 variant
    • Fixed bluetooth not working on F400 variants
    • Fixed WiFi 5Ghz frequency band not working
    • Fixed CTT 60°C w/changes not working properly
    • Fixed "Optimizing apps" showing at every boot
    • Fixed LG Smart Bulletin not working properly
    • Fixed mismatched camera back icon
    • Fixed 4G LTE option not showing on some variants
    • Fixed various carriers-related issues
    • Fixed DPI not changing in Fulmics Tweaks
    • Fixed Fulmics HUB wrong downloaded file path
    • Fixed double tab to sleep launcher tweak
    • Fixed and updated ViPER4Android not working
    • Fixed installation and bootloops for some people
    • Fixed lag and improved stability

    • Updates
    • Updated busybox to latest 1.24.1

    • Fulmics ROM 3.1 (January 31st)

    • Added statusbar battery bar tweak:
      • Show battery bar
      • Battery bar height
      • Battery bar color
      • Auto color while charging
      • Enable charging animation

    • Fixes
    • Fixed D850 variant issues
    • Fixed Xposed Framework not working
    • Fixed Messaging app FC
    • Fixed Google Play FC
    • Fixed statusbar clock max font size

    • Fulmics ROM 3.0 (January 30th)

    • Based on latest Marshmallow v30b base
    • Ported all tweaks from lollipop (50+)
    • Support for International D855
    • Support for Korean F400K/F400L/F400S
    • Support for AT&T D850 (beta)
    • Support for Sprint LS990 (beta)
    • Support for Verizon VS985 (beta)
    • Added ability to choose power menu style (classic, LG ui)
    • Added VoLTE support for Korean variants
    • Added global VoLTE support
    • Added ability to search preferences in Settings

    • Fixes
    • Fixed longpress back dual window tweak
    • Fixed longpress recents to open menu in real time
    • Fixed display of full kernel info in Settings
    • Fixed APM sound profiles button icons
    • Fixed wake phone on unplug tweak in real time
    • Fixed navigation bar size tweak default value
    • Fixed stock WiFi issues
    • Fixed and improved installation script

    • Updates
    • Updated all data apps to latest version

ROM Info

  • Android 6.0 (MRA58K) + some 6.0.1 patches
  • Based on LG v30N
  • Full UX 5.0 from latest LG G5 v10D base
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Root, busybox and init.d support
  • Sysro / Sysrw binaries
  • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
  • Improved ART verification and compilation
  • Stripped debugging info for improved performance
  • Sqlite support
  • Disabled logging & removed bloatware
  • YouTube 4K support
  • Knock ON with 3 taps minimum
  • LG G5 features:
    • Camera Time-lapse
    • Camera Snap Mode
    • Video Editor with Effects
  • Miniview from LG V10
  • Fulmics Tweaks - tons of tweaks!
  • Fulmics HUB - download mods/addons/kernels/etc directly on your phone!
  • Fulmics OTA - keep up to date with latest fixes!
  • APM (Advanced Power Menu: Reboot, Hot Reboot, Recovery, Safe Mode)
  • Camera: 60 FPS (FullHD), 64Bit (4k), 100% Quality (jpeg)

Aroma Installer

  • Model selection (F400S/F400L/F400K, D850, D851, D852, D855, LS990, US990, VS985, D856, D857, D858/HK, D859)
  • Sharpening Mod (Disabled, 25%, 50%, 75%, Stock)
  • CTT Mod
  • Custom LG apps removing
  • Custom Google apps removing
  • Custom addons installation (VIPER4Android, Sound Boost)
  • GPS Region fix
  • Custom apps removing

Désolé mais je ne me suis pas foulé, c'est vrai,  :P:P :P mais du coup tous le monde peut en parler ici  :)

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Mise à jour de la Rom
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Sur tous les fronts lol

Juste une precision si vous avez un D855 ne flasher sutout pas la version 3.0 sous peine de bootloop mais uniquement la 3.1

Envoyé de mon LG-D855 en utilisant Tapatalk

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Merci. je viens d'installer la 3.1. Dans les tweaks on peut modifier la taille de la navbar mais les icônes gardent toujours la même taille, c'est normal?


Edit: en fait après 2 redémarrages les icônes ont bien changé de taille.

Edited by siberian56
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Petit retour de galère....

Mise à jour du twrp en 3.0

Lancement de l'installation de fulmics 3.1 et blocage du tel. Obligé de retirer la batterie et repassage en twrp antérieur.

Donc lancement de l'install. Tout parfait.

Redémarrage et là après le logo LG, retour sur twrp.... ???

Donc retour sur laN&N...

J'ai loupé un truc ? Et twrp en 3.0 n'est pas compatible avec l'aroma installeur.....

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Apres un flash de kernel custom raté ( :rolleyes:) j'ai reflashé la Fulmics depuis TRWP3.0 et je n'ai pas eu de soucis.


Par contre j'ai des soucis de reboot avec cette Rom. mais c'est très aléatoire et je soupçonne une mauvaise combinaison d'applis plutôt que la rom elle même.

Edited by Holaf
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Donc tu as réussi à installer la fulmics.... Étrange... J'ai dû faire une boulette quelque part. Pour ma part, l'aroma ne se lançait pas sous twrp 3.0. J'avais un écran figé. Donc je retire la batterie et recovery. Puis passage en 2.8.7. Installation de la fulmics. Puis redémarrage du tel et après le logo LG, retour sur recovery direct.

Donc, je suis resté sur la N&N.

Si ça parle à quelqu'un, je suis preneur !


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Pour ma part un wipe cache/système /dalvik sur twrp3. 0 puis flash de la fumics3. 1.

Rom très stable. Kernel d'origine, pas de xposed. 57000antutuu. Tout est ok, une rom parfaite. Pas de bug, des tweaks fulmics utiles et sans excès. Good job !


57000 pts antutu !!!!

Whaouuu. T'es le seul ou d'autres aussi on le même score ?

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